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RUSH: Here’s Mark in Aliso Viejo, California. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, it’s such a pleasure to speak to you.

RUSH: You know, I’m really glad to hear this. I expected after the election people would say, “What’s the point of talking to you?” (laughing) And you guys are always so nice, you tell me how great it is to talk to me, and I figured what I was gonna hear was, “What’s the point of talking to you anymore?”


RUSH: Anyway, I’m glad you are here. What’s up?

CALLER: It’s about continuing on. Can you put me in a Mason jar, and my last name may be that, and put a little wax on it and preserve me for four more years? My question is, when you look at the generals that are involved in a scandal in the United States, why aren’t the women being —

RUSH: Why aren’t the women being what?

CALLER: The women need to be —

RUSH: See, this is what’s wrong with the Republican Party. We got a guy here who wants to savage innocent women for this when it’s evil white men who perpetrated — this is why we’re losing the Hispanic vote.

CALLER: No. What I mean is, you have a general’s assistant who hasn’t resigned. He’s resigned. She hasn’t resigned. There’s another woman involved, and why isn’t the press investigating all of this down to the bottom of the earth saying, “What is the women’s part in this?”

RUSH: What I want to know — I mean, those are valid questions. What I want to know is, why is the investigation of General Allen being made public? Whatever happened to the FBI’s sacred protocols? Why is the Allen investigation having been made public now? There’s a lot of questions. But, see, your take on this is exactly why the Republican consultants are telling us that we’re in trouble. All you want to do is blame the women. You call here to blame the women. You know how that’s gonna make women feel? You think Gloria Steinem is gonna ever vote for us if you’re gonna keep talking like that? Powerful men get in trouble and you call here and you want to blame the underling women. That’s why we’re not getting the Hispanic vote, by the way.

You know, I gotta be careful, because as humorless as there are people in this country, people will believe I mean that and I can just see it tomorrow: “Limbaugh agrees Republican treatment of women is a problem.” I can just see it, just ’cause I’m having a little sarcastic fun with this caller who still doesn’t know what hit him, by the way. “No, no, that’s not what I’m saying.” He was speaking so slowly, I had to save the call. I had to do something with it. You watch, somebody, “Limbaugh admitted it. He admitted the Republicans don’t like women, he admitted it.” That’ll happen. Because people on the left are humorless, particularly things about them.


Where are the husbands of the two women? Well, interestingly, they’re both doctors. One is a surgical radiologist. That would be Broadwell’s husband. And then you have Jill Kelley’s husband is a cancer doctor. The question is, where are they, aside from cuckolded.


That’s when your wife cheats on you.


What, are you thinking it’s some obscene term because cuckolding instead of coo… holding? You can look it up there on your iPad. At any rate, I assume that these husbands are pretty devastated. I would assume these husbands are trying to hold it together and make some sense of this. I don’t know.


Heard that Petraeus is what? Oh. Oh. Petraeus’ wife is very angry. I don’t know. Snerdley, in years past, I could confidently answer the question. Yes, these husbands are livid, but with men today, I really don’t know. Probably blaming themselves and asking for forgiveness and who knows what the hell. I don’t know. I don’t know anymore. Thirty years ago I coulda told you what these guys are doing. Today, I don’t know how they’ve been educated. I don’t know how they’ve been sensitized. I don’t know if they’ve been chickified. I don’t know who runs the show in the relationship.

I can’t tell you what they’re doing. I don’t know if they’re mad or not. I don’t know if they’re feeling sorry themselves. I don’t know if they’re leaving, walking out, or if they’re gutting it up and putting this back together, “I’m gonna win my woman back.” I don’t know what they’re doing. We haven’t heard. No idea whatsoever.

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