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RUSH: Since Hillary Clinton has arrived on the scene and called for everybody to calm down, Hamas has executed — this is after Hillary shows up and asks for calm — Hamas has executed alleged Israeli spies and kicked and spat on their bodies. They dragged one of them through the streets of Gaza behind a motorcycle, and then they celebrated. Then Hamas blew up a bus full of Israeli civilians in Tel Aviv, and they celebrated that, too. Maybe that’s how Hamas calms down. Who is Hamas? What is Hamas? Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t get it. Hillary said she talked to Morsi. Well, what happened? I don’t understand, why don’t Obama and Hillary just tell Hamas if they don’t behave they’re gonna tell Morsi and get ’em in trouble?

Well, of course Morsi knows. Morsi’s probably behind all this. Mohammed Morsi in Egypt, Hamas an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, if Obama and Hillary don’t have any pull with this guy… the only thing we haven’t given this guy that he wants is the blind sheik. We have given Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood untold billions of dollars. We put the filmmaker behind the video that caused all the problems, put him in jail for a year. You would think we would have some pull with the guy. But I guess we won’t ’til we give him the blind sheik.

By the way, it’s becoming a broken record. I purposely watched CNN’s coverage for just 20 minutes this morning, and I’ve seen it my whole life. The latest outbreak of violence in the Middle East, the Israelis minding their own business, not doing anything, and all of a sudden rockets start landing. The next thing that happens is the media gets over there as fast as they can and shows Hamas suffering. The Hamas people, they have mastered the art of creating the photo-op of grievance and suffering, and of course the media is a sucker for that every time.

The media is never sympathetic to self-reliant people. The media is never sympathetic to people they think are in the majority because anybody in the majority therefore has an unfair advantage. And so Hamas and the Palestinians at large are the minority, and Israel’s the big, bad wolf. So the fact that innocent Israelis are wiped out in an attack, that they’re dragged through the streets on the backs of motorcycles and then spat on, it’s understandable because of how mean they treat the Palestinians. And the Palestinians, as I say, have perfected creating a scene of misery and grievance and destruction for the media cameras. They’ll let Wolf Blitzer take a tour of a house supposedly destroyed by an Israeli rocket, all complete with the sobbing, crying children afraid to even breathe the air.

It hasn’t changed. All my life, the way this story plays out hasn’t changed. Ceasefire? The last thing that needs to happen is a ceasefire. Folks, they’re blaming me all over the media again today, now for just basically being alive. The problem with America is that I’m alive, that I’m breathing. It’s all over The View. It’s all over CNN. It’s all over MSNBC. I may be the most likable, lovable hated figure in this country right now. And one of the reasons why is that I am the mayor of Realville. And I’m gonna tell you, this conflict is like every other: There isn’t going to be a solution, there isn’t going to be a winner until one side militarily defeats the other. This is a world governed by the aggressive use of force. We do not live in a world governed by speeches and words and doctors and clean water and all that.

Now, in America we may think we can live in a world like that. Touchy-feely, but the rest of the world doesn’t operate that way, as we are seeing wherever we go. I know people will accuse me of being cynical, but I thought Obama was going to be able to stop all of this. I thought the election of Obama, and certainly the reelection of Obama, was about unity and love and peace and all of that. Oh, yes, you can accuse me of being a cynic. Maybe I am. But people believed it.


No, it’s not that he hasn’t had a chance to work his Nobel magic yet, Snerdley. See, you’re missing it. I’m still so far ahead of the game here it’s embarrassing. It’s not that he hasn’t had a chance. This is all the Republicans’ fault or it’s the Israelis’ fault. It’s the fault of the powerful. And Obama can only do so much. It’s much worse than he knew when he was elected, including this. He thought he knew what was going down, but no, I mean, Mrs. Clinton… when was the last time she was home? Two days after Benghazi? When did she flee?

Speaking of that, as we mentioned yesterday, the White House is now claiming that it was the office of the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper’s office, that edited any mention of terrorists from the talking points that was given to Susan Rice. And then she went on the TV shows. The only problem with that is that almost a week ago last Thursday Clapper told the Senate that he had no idea who edited the talking points, but the White House said yesterday that he did it.

I almost feel for this guy. A, he looks like Ed Rollins. B, he’s being dumped on here. You know, I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I said last week, but I am not the top officer of the entire intelligence community. I’m also not testifying under oath when I speak here on the EIB Network. I always do try to tell the truth. There’s nothing to gain by lying, and I don’t do that. I speak to the best of my knowledge. We all know that the orders that Susan Rice got came from the White House, and the White House is dumping on Clapper. But what’s anybody gonna do to Clapper?

You could go get videotape of any Israeli, Hamas conflict, war, whatever, from ten years ago, five years ago, play those tapes today, they’d be no different. The coverage would be no different. The cameras, the pictures would be no different. The commentary would be no different, and the never-ending incessant calls for a ceasefire would be no different, because that always happens, too. “We must stop the violence, Mr. Limbaugh, it’s something that we all must work together on.” Yeah, we’ve been trying to stop the violence my whole life. In fact, we’ve been trying to stop the violence before I was born. We’ve been trying to stop it. It’s not gonna stop until one side can’t perpetrate any anymore, and who knows if that would be allowed to happen.

I think these Hamas guys, I think they have perfected playing the victim better than Democrat voters have. And that’s what this is all about. They are experts at playing the victim. They are experts at playing the aggrieved. You have to understand that war is the Hamas source of income. When they attack Israel, they know that the US is gonna rush in with bags of money. A ceasefire is Hamas’ way of demanding more money from the US in exchange for the ceasefire. I’ve seen this. There’s nothing new about this. In fact, there’s a real danger in that, too, because real people are losing their lives, real terrorism is taking place here, and it’s made to look like an ordinary, everyday occurrence, which over there it almost is.


RUSH: Great news, folks, great news from the Middle East. The war is over, Hillary Clinton has just announced a ceasefire. The ceasefire happened when Hillary went to Egypt and told Morsi that there is gonna be a ceasefire, and Morsi said, “Okay, okay, okay,” and now there’s a ceasefire. It goes into effect at nine o’clock Eastern time in the region. So Hillary flew into Egypt and told Morsi the way it was gonna be, and that’s the way it is. We got a ceasefire. Very important. And now the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt are gonna assume, I just heard Hillary say it, are gonna assume their rightful position as stability makers in the Middle East.

See, all it took was Hillary showing up, folks. The take-away for me is that the war was going on, the acts of terror, the two sides were like little children except they were killing each other, they couldn’t come to an agreement, they just wouldn’t stop. And then Hillary decided that she was just gonna have to go there herself and take care of it. And she did. She went to Egypt and told Morsi what-for, and it’s over. It’s a beautiful thing. It took Mrs. Clinton to do this, and it’s now done. I think I’ve got this down pat. I think that’s how this is gonna go. Very important, how it’s being portrayed now.


RUSH: You know, it’s interesting. I’m watching the media, and there’s a whole bunch of cynics that don’t really believe the ceasefire is real. How can you disrespect Mrs. Clinton that way? Look, she stopped what she was doing, she saw a crisis, and she flew into Egypt and met with the Egyptian leadership, Muslim Brotherhood — I don’t know if she met with Morsi or not — she called a press conference, and then a ceasefire, in an hour and ten minutes. And there’s some people that are doubting this.

Do you believe the level of cynicism out there at our beloved secretary of state? I’ll throw my two cents in the ring here. I’m being serious here, without being sarcastic, I’m telling you, this is gonna keep happening. Even if there is a ceasefire, it’s gonna happen in a week or two or a month or two. Until Hamas is militarily defeated, this is going to continue. It’s just the way of the world, folks. Military conflicts do not end with negotiation until after one side’s beaten into oblivion and unable to conduct military operations. It’s just the way.

Now, I know many of you who are under 40 may not have been taught that, and that may sound too mean and angry and militaristic, but it’s really been the way of the world. Now, the Japanese, we had a thing called World War II, and it involved fighting in Europe and fighting in the Pacific. And we won in both places. For example, we beat the Japanese. I mean, the people who make PlayStation, you might have trouble believing we were at war with them at one time. And we beat ’em, and there was a surrender. It took place on the USS Missouri. You can visit the USS Missouri now. It’s a museum ship.

The Japanese surrendered. But it wasn’t because there were negotiations between us and the emperor of Japan. It’s because we wiped them out. You might have heard about this. We dropped a couple of nuclear bombs on them. I’m sure you’ve been taught that. We dropped a couple of nuclear bombs. You probably have been taught that we did this for the fun of it, ’cause we’re mean-spirited extremists. But it was in a war when we dropped those bombs, and back in those days, you won wars by killing civilians. The same thing in Germany. When we bombed Germany, we were not bombing military targets. There wasn’t any conflict resolution 101 back then. I know this is gonna be shocking news to some of you, but we actually — and not just us. Everybody targeted civilians, and that’s how you won a war, and the Japanese then surrendered and they signed the terms of surrender, and they also pledged to form a new government.

It all happened ’cause we beat them with guns and bullets and rockets and missiles, battleships and airplanes. And that’s been the way of the world. There hasn’t been a military conflict successfully ended without one side being run out of town, humiliated, defeated, or beaten down to the point they have no will to continue. And it’s the same thing here. So this ceasefire means nothing in the long term. Now, in the short term, the way it’s gonna be reported, Hillary Clinton stopped the fighting, which means Obama stopped it because the way it will happen, Obama got tired of this, he had asked the participants to stop it. Since Israel wasn’t wiped out overnight, okay, mission face, you gotta stop this and send people over there and make ’em quit. And they weren’t quitting, so Hillary had to actually personally go to Egypt, and she was carrying the instructions from Obama, and the Muslim Brotherhood guy was quaking in his boots when Hillary carried the message from Obama.

And that’s how it happened. You will continue to be told that it was words and negotiation and diplomacy and statesmanship which solved the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, and it isn’t solved. And it hasn’t been stopped, and nobody’s won it yet. Snerdley’s looking all confused in there. (laughing) This is outreach to the young, outreach to the youth. You’ve gotta talk to ’em on a level they understand, Snerdley, and then you build on that. That’s how it’s done.


RUSH: Man, folks, it’s so exciting. At two o’clock we are going to all be able to live through the breakout of peace in the Middle East, a ceasefire. At two o’clock, peace will break out in the Middle East. We will actually be able to see it. Oh, it’s exciting.


RUSH: Oh, folks, this is so great, it is so exciting. It hasn’t happened very often here in the history of this program. We are actually going to live through, we’re going to be alive when it happens. I mean, peace, we’re gonna see the big difference. While this show is going on, we will remember this day for the rest of our lives, because peace is gonna break out in the Middle East in 53 and a half minutes, roughly. I have to account for the delay in our broadcast signal. But that’s right. There’s a ceasefire. Folks, peace in our time in the Middle East, right here. I mean, at 1:59 there will be war. And at 2:01 there will be peace, and we will be able to see the difference. The children will be saved and safe. The vibe that will vibrate all over the world from this, it’s never happened. It’s the fastest three hours in media, but this hour is gonna be really slow in my eager anticipation, because peace…

Now, there’s just one little problem. This is Mrs. Clinton this afternoon in Cairo announcing all of this.

HILLARY: This is a critical moment for the region. Egypt’s new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace. The United States welcomes the agreement today for a ceasefire in Gaza. For it to hold, the rocket attacks must end, a broader calm return.

RUSH: The rocket attacks are still happening. You would expect that. They don’t have to stop. Peace doesn’t have to happen for another 50 minutes or so. So between now and two o’clock, Hamas can fire all the ammo they want, it’s okay, because we don’t have peace yet. But we’re gonna have peace at two o’clock. I can’t contain myself.

I got a note from a subscriber at RushLimbaugh.com: “Rush, you’re wrong about something. Fox News is reporting that the ceasefire was already agreed to but they had to wait for Hillary to arrive to announce it.” I missed that. Now, anybody can send me an e-mail and say anything, just as a caveat. But it’s from a woman, and women don’t lie. Fox News reports that the ceasefire was already agreed to but they had to wait for Hillary to arrive, which means there was a 24-hour delay which allowed Hamas to kill the six spies in the streets of Gaza that we talked about in the first hour, and drag them through the streets behind a motorcycle. They blew up the bus in Tel Aviv.

So the ceasefire was announced and then all hell continued to break out. They had to wait for Hillary to show up. So she says that Fox News is reporting the ceasefire was agreed to but they had to wait for Hillary to show up to announce it. So obviously this is all done for Obama and Hillary to claim victory. Or to say that they did it. And they did. Folks, we have peace breaking out in 50 minutes and 35 seconds. I fully expect CNN to have a countdown clock, just like they have an all-day countdown clock before a debate or whatever is happening. I don’t know what they’re gonna call it. But we’re gonna be able to see… do you realize how exciting this is? We’re gonna go to our news break at 1:59, at war, and 30 seconds after two o’clock or even sooner, there will be no war. There will be peace. And you and I will be able to say we were alive when it happened.

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