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RUSH: One thing, folks, about ceasefires in the Middle East. Whoever calls for ’em is losing. And generally a ceasefire is to benefit Hamas. Hamas is getting creamed here again. Don’t forget Hamas, they’re also allies of the Iranians, and they said early on, they launched all of this, the Hamas forces did, missile attacks into Israel, the Israelis responded and took out, Hamas said, their Osama Bin Laden, their leader. So we had a ceasefire declared, peace coming up here in 26 minutes. Yip yip yip yahoo. And traditionally ceasefires in this region are for the losing side, which is always Hamas or the Palestinians to rearm, to reorganize. It’s the purpose of them, to stop successful Israeli operations. By the way, our e-mailer was correct. Here’s the Jennifer Griffin story, a report on the ceasefire actually being reached 24 hours ago. They had to wait for Hillary to show up.

GRIFFIN: It’s interesting to note that Hamas and Egypt were ready to agree to this ceasefire agreement exactly 24 hours ago, but remember, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was still en route to Tel Aviv, she still had yet to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This delayed the ceasefire by a complete 24 hours. It’s not clear what she gained in the process in terms of what Hamas and the Egyptians are agreeing to that they weren’t ready to agree to 24 hours ago.

RUSH: That’s not it. It’s not clear what she gained? What she gained in the process is that the ceasefire didn’t happen until she got there. Who cares what the truth is. I saw it on TV. She shows up and then the ceasefire happens, and that’s what happened. “No, Rush, the ceasefire was 24 hours –” No it wasn’t. I saw it on TV. Hillary Clinton shows up and announced the ceasefire. The ceasefire happened because of Hillary, not because of Hamas and Egypt. “Yes, it did, Rush, that’s what Jennifer Griffin just said, that Hamas and Egypt were ready to agree to a ceasefire 24 hours ago.” Yeah, that’s true ’cause they were losing, but it didn’t happen. I saw it on television. Hillary Clinton shows up and announced a ceasefire. In fact, we’re counting down, got about 23 and a half minutes to peace breaking out. It’s our peace update theme.

(playing of song)


Slim Whitman with the vocal portrayal.

(continued playing of song)

And mortars.

(continued playing of song)

What Hillary gained is the credit, is what she got.

(continued playing of song)

Yeah, Slim, you got another thing coming on that.

(continued playing of song)

It’s called Obamacare.

(continued playing of song)

Peace in the Middle East in 22 minutes.

(continued playing of song)

Counting it down.

(continued playing of song)

On the EIB Network.

(continued playing of song)

Slim Whitman, in a great peace update theme song from all the way back in the mid-eighties, Una Paloma Blanca.

RUSH: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, in addition to Hillary securing the credit for the ceasefire, you know what else I think she gets? A get-out-of-Benghazi jail card free. Since Hillary brokered the ceasefire, we can’t really bring the hammer down on her on Benghazi. It just wouldn’t look fair.


RUSH: Peace broke out six minutes ago. I want you to take stock and pause and reflect and remember just how you’re feeling now. And remember how dramatically different you feel now than you did just six or seven minutes ago. Because the peace has broken out, and it broke out because a deal was reached with Hillary Clinton. That’s what it’s being reported as. A ceasefire deal has been reached via Hillary Clinton. And no more firing ’cause they ceased it. Peace has broken out in Israel and Gaza and the region. Benjamin Netanyahu this afternoon in Jerusalem.

TRANSLATOR: I would also like to think the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and to express my appreciation for the efforts of Egypt to attain a ceasefire. In the talk that I held this evening with President Obama, I agreed that it was a good idea to give an opportunity to the ceasefire in order to enable the situation to be calmed and to enable Israeli citizens to return to their day-to-day lives. At the same time it is self-evident that Israel cannot sit and accept as our enemies continue to arm themselves with terrorist arms, and so I have agreed with the president that Israel and the United States would work together to prevent the smuggling of arms to the terror organizations, the vast majority of which comes from Iran.

RUSH: So you see, Hillary and Obama have brought us peace. It broke out eight minutes ago now in Gaza and in the Middle East. It does raise a question, though. Why did it take so long for Hillary to show up and get the credit she deserves? The peace was announced 24 hours ago. Now, this isn’t gonna be reported, and I don’t want anybody getting mad at me. I’m not trying to do anything here. I just heard that they actually had a peace deal 24 hours ago but they had to wait for Hillary to arrive to make it official, and in those 24 hours there was all kinds of violence and death, mayhem, murder that took place. But I guess it’s just the cost of war.

Netanyahu, Fox News: Hillary brokered the peace, the ceasefire. It’s over. There’s peace now. It reminds me of all the times that we’ve fixed the budget deficit. We’ve done that, let’s see, I remember at least since 1992, six different times that we’ve eliminated the deficit problem. It’s great. It really is. And now after, well, how many years, 50, 60 years, peace in the Middle East with Hamas. Well, you heard Netanyahu. We’re gonna be working with Obama to make sure that the Iranians don’t smuggle any weapons in there to Hamas. Yeah. I assume the Iranians have agreed. Hillary and Obama told ’em what-for just like they told Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood guy, “Look, stop this stuff in Gaza, we’re not gonna put up with it anymore.” And it stopped. They say stop, it stops.

So this probably means Congress will give Egypt that extra $400 million that Obama and Hillary have been asking for that the Muslim Brotherhood wants. It’s a great day. The day before Thanksgiving, peace, ceasefire, wonderful. I’m happy to have been here when it happened. To share this once in a lifetime world moment with you. I’m sure you’ve got a wave of warmth oozing through your body, realizing what is happening.


RUSH: (laughing) Folks, is there peace where you are? Here’s what’s going on. Fox News is reporting rockets mortar fire from Gaza into Israel after the ceasefire. So there’s no peace. CNN says it’s celebratory gunfire, can be heard all over Gaza city. So CNN, the official network of Hamas, says it’s celebratory gunfire. It’s being reported at Fox as rockets and mortar fire into Israel from Gaza. It’s kind of like the weather. Call somebody, “Is it raining where you are?” “No, it’s totally beautiful here, not a drop.” “Any peace where you are?” “Well, no peace here. They just started launching the rockets again. Gas masks out here. But that’s good that you’re cool. No rockets. We got no peace, you got peace.”

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