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RUSH: You see this, and you just throw your arms up and say, “What do you do?”

“For the first time in Gallup trends since 2000, a majority of Americans say it is not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have healthcare coverage. Prior to 2009, a majority always felt the government should ensure healthcare coverage for all, though Americans’ views have become more divided in recent years.” So the first time in 12 years, after the American people reelected a guy who wants single-payer health care coverage, Gallup says that a majority of Americans don’t think the government should be in charge of it.

Now, what are we to make of this? Because a majority of voting Americans just voted for single-payer health care coverage. Whether they know it or not, they voted for Obamacare. They voted for the guy who wrote it, well, sponsored it, what have you. But now we have a poll — when was the poll taken? I don’t know if this was before or after the election. I’m scanning this very quickly here. I can’t tell. Anyway, what do you make of this? I mean, all you can do is laugh at it. Okay, a majority of Americans oppose federal health care guarantee for the first time. Too bad. You just voted for it, you idiots — ahem.


RUSH: That Gallup poll, by the way, was conducted after the election, the one where a majority of Americans don’t want the government running health care. It was conducted November 15th through the 18th, after the election. Go figure. It just goes to show. The polling sample did not reflect the turnout sample, is what that means.

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