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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, we do not require a photo ID in selecting or voting for the leader of the free world, but you cannot adopt a “Dear Santa” letter at the post office without showing an ID. It’s just mind-boggling. As you know, ladies and gentlemen, over the years, as host of this program and others and as a participant on many other programs, I have had my share of run-ins when I’ve engaged in discussions involving women. From the early days of feminism to the realization that there were feminazis, and even to just innocent, everyday discussions of women and women and men, relationships, I seem to always find myself in boiling water. It’s never eventless.

And one such time — and I forget when I first articulated it — must have been Kansas City back in the 1970s, I was either hosting a show or guesting on one, and I made the observation that guys never notice it, but women spend more time inspecting other women than men do. I said women are inherently more judgmental of other women than men are, and you wouldn’t believe the hell that raised, among women. “How dare you? Everybody knows that men don’t do anything but ogle and inspect and approve.”

And I said, “Yeah, but, you know what? Men never notice it because they’re busy looking, too.” But I said this is my example. Go walking down the street. If you as a guy happen to see an attractive woman, you’re looking at her. What you’re not noticing is every other woman looking at her, and if they disapprove of her, they’re staring daggers at her. “How dare she wear her hair like that? How dare she wear a skirt that short, who does she think she is?” Well, I’d offer this opinion based on intelligence guided by experience, and all hell would break loose. I was violating some sort of convention or custom. I know I’ve been right about this from even before I talked about it.

UK Daily Mail. The story is from December the 5th, a couple days ago. “When it comes to checking out competition women should not worry about men checking them out — but women instead. Women spend more time ogling other females than their male partners do.” Now, why is that? Okay, do you want me to get into further trouble? I’m not trying to. This is just one of these things you better not be right about or you’re gonna be in big trouble. But I’ll tell you what’s going on and I’ll tell you right now whether or not I’ve hit or scored by virtue of Dawn’s facial expressions, the only woman here I can use to judge this.

Women are checking to see if there’s any plastic surgery, and if it’s any good or not. They’re looking for fake boobs. They’re looking to see if there’s any Botox, any extensions, any liposuction, any plumping. Because women know the tricks, and they’re looking for all the signs in other women. And the more attractive the woman, the more interesting the inspection is, to find out if what they’re looking at is real or whether it’s fake. So they are looking at the construction job. That’s right, just like men, they’re looking at the surface. They’re looking at what’s on the outside.


That’s true, too. Absolutely. Oh. Oh. That’s absolutely true. They could also be looking at the shoes. “Ooh, those are nice shoes. I gotta get a pair.” Might be looking at the dress. “Is that Chanel or is that Ralph Lauren?” All of that, yes, that’s exactly my point. All of that’s going on. And there will also be disapproval. “How dare she think she can wear pumps that high, who does she think she is? Has she looked at her legs? Who does she think she is?” All of that is going on. But men are the ones who get hit on for doing that. Men are the ones that pay the price for this. Men are said to be predators and oglers and inspectors and so forth. I just find it fascinating. It’s no big deal. I just find it fascinating.

“University researchers discovered that while men stare at the faces of people in photographs and fine art paintings, women are more interested in looking at their breasts,” and that is from the research. “Men, on the other hand, made many more eye movements, scanning the entire image, but paused only to stare at faces.” Now, that’s conditioning. Men used to look at breasts, too, that’s back when men were men. But you don’t dare get caught doing that. That’s sexist. Now you look at other stuff.

The report concludes men and women are different. Really? Remember that was on the cover of TIME Magazine? Stop and think of this. This is 1995 or 1996, TIME Magazine actually did a cover story on men and women are born different. Now, if that was news to the editor at TIME, what must that person have thought? The fact that men and women are different was big news, that was worth a cover?

And Camille Paglia has a column out in the Hollywood Reporter: “Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Hollywood Are Ruining Women.” It’s about all the female heroes in movies and television shows, the kind of women they are is disgusting. Rotten role models. I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time and details here. But let me give you a pull quote from Camille Paglia’s piece.

“But middle-class white girls, told that every career is open to them and encouraged to excel at athletics, are faced with slacker white boys nagged by the PC thought police into suppressing their masculinity — which gets diverted instead into video games and the flourishing genre of online pornography. The emotional deficiencies in sanitized middle-class life have led to the blockbuster success of the five Twilight films as well as this yearÂ’s The Hunger Games. Their stars are nice white girls thrust into extreme situations and looking for strength. But the movies are set in abnormal environments of supernatural vampirism or dystopian survivalism. Romance is peculiarly intertwined with bloody atrocities and the yearning fabrication of foster families.”

This is noted feminist Camille Paglia ripping into Hollywood. “Middle-class white girls, told that every career is open to them and encouraged to excel at athletics, are faced with slacker white boys nagged by the PC thought police into suppressing their masculinity.”
And because of that, they find vampires as heroes, or dystopian renegades. Anyway, this is all about the culture, folks. I find this stuff fascinating, listen to what people think about why we’re headed where we are and why certain things make an impression and why certain things don’t, and why what used to be traditionally strong and masculine is now old-fashioned, predatory and barbaric. And it is. But I have a profound disagreement with Ms. Paglia on this. I’m not so sure that it’s Hollywood that’s ruining women so much as it has been feminism which has.

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