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RUSH: Paul in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I’ve got about 35 seconds, but I wanted to get to you. Hello.

CALLER: Awesome to speak with you, Rush. As quickly as I can, there was a path to victory for Mr. Romney, and as was discussed on your program during the primary season, that path to victory was through the South. Since 1972, no Republican has been elected president who’s lost more than one southern state. McCain lost three, and Romney lost two. All Romney had to do to win, he had the path to victory, was mend fences with the Tea Party and meet with the evangelicals and get their support, and he had a path to victory. The reason being, Ohio and Colorado always come along with the South, check the electoral records, they had a path to victory —

RUSH: Well, that’s true, but there were some other factors too, but you have to be conservative to want to do all that, and I don’t mean to be cutting or critical.

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