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RUSH: Here is Marianne, Vista, California. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. What a pleasure to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Anyway, this is about my daughter and Obamacare for her started in November. Her insurance doubled and she works at the Goodwill of California making $11 an hour, okay? Her husband is a truck driver and he has his own policy through the trucking company, and he pays $97 a week just for his own medical, dental, and prescription. He went to the doctor on Monday with a sinus infectious and was charged $75 for the prescription and $25 for the office visit. My daughter was told two days ago she’s no longer eligible for a yearly Pap smear. It will now be once every three years. So I don’t know where this money is going, $97 a week for him and hers doubling, what’s it going for? I just don’t get it.

RUSH: Let me see if I can help you understand this. Let me start off by telling you the following: We are, as a nation, $16 trillion in debt, and we as a nation spend over a trillion dollars a year that we don’t have. The largest percentage of the deficit is health care spending. Barack Obama and the Democrats have wanted to gain control of health care and insurance. Democrats, liberals have wanted this for decades because it allows them to totally control all aspects of life. Because they can relate every behavior to health, and they could either deny you coverage, deny you treatment by virtue of the fact you haven’t lived right. It is actually an opportunity to deny people treatment, deny people insurance, deny people coverage while selling it as the exact opposite. It is an opportunity to make a serious dent in some deficit spending.

But everything you’ve heard in selling Obamacare — well, most everything that you’ve heard in selling Obamacare, has been misleading. It’s not going to be cheaper. It’s not going to be more plentiful. You’re not gonna be able to keep your doctor. Everything is not going to be covered. Every malady that you have will not necessarily be guaranteed to be treated, because there isn’t the money for it. And now in a few years there will be a penalty if you have your own money and can pay for it and decide not to insure yourself or not to get insurance, you’re going to pay a penalty for not doing that and join the whole government control system.

So health care benefits, Marianne, what’s happening is, your daughter, husband, son-in-law, whatever, benefits are being spread around now. There are limited resources being spread around under the guise of fairness. And what that means is, it’s just like people that live off government now; they’re not prosperous. They get by, but they are not becoming wealthy. And it’s gonna be the same with health care. Your health care is not gonna become more plentiful, just like your income doesn’t, if you depend on government.


RUSH: Nothing is. It’s not gonna become more plentiful. It’s not gonna become better.

CALLER: Do you think, Rush, that I should wait for my granny pills in the mail, or what?

RUSH: They’re not gonna mail it to you. They’re gonna make you drive to pick it up.

CALLER: My granny pills — (laughing) — okay —

RUSH: Mail you your granny pill?. You’re talking about when Obama told the woman, just tell your mother to take a pill, it will be cheaper?

CALLER: Exactly. Yes. And since I’m 70 but not senile and I live in California, maybe I should be really worried about my granny pill.

RUSH: Well, you’re laughing about it, but that actually happened. The president of the United States actually told a citizen — in fact, I can’t believe that whole thing. It was an ABC television show primetime on Obama and health and America. And a woman shows up — I couldn’t believe this happened in my country — a citizen showed up to ask of all people, the president, whether or not he would permit her mother to get a pacemaker, or a hearing aid or some such thing, whatever it was. Since when do citizens of this country think they have to go ask the president whether or not a member of their family will be treated for a medical need?

The mother is over a hundred or getting close to a hundred and had a real will to live. And the woman asked the president, “Would that factor into your decision with your health care plan? My mother really wants to live.” And Obama said point-blank (paraphrasing), “No, we can’t take that into account. I mean, that’s a tough thing to assess. But we can’t use that as criteria.” And he said, “Sometimes it’s just gonna make more sense to give them a pill and try to enjoy what’s left, rather than engage in treatment that might not work or might not be successful to the degree everybody wants. It might just make more sense to…” I was stunned. It’s part of so many things that happened during the first term that made me wonder how would this guy ever get reelected.

It’s shocking to think that there are a lot of people like that woman who think nothing of — I mean, it’s as normal as turning on the water faucet, ask the president if my mother get a pacemaker, ask the government, ask central authority. That’s not the way I conceive of living, it’s not what I call life. It’s just boggles my mind, the fact that the question was asked and the fact he took it seriously. In fact, he enjoyed the question. I’m thinking, who is this guy? He’s a community organizer. He’s never been in medicine. He doesn’t know a thing about research and development, coming up with drugs and therapy, doesn’t know anything, never went to medical school. He’s never managed a business. What is happening? Who the heck is he to tell this woman, “No, your mom will probably be given a pill.” I was speechless.

So when this woman calls and jokes about it, it’s reality. It’s not some concoction of some extreme right-winger making a prediction, some conspiracy theory. The president of the United States has already deemed that course of action to be likely. So if you happen to be elderly and you need a pacemaker or surgery or something, I guarantee you, there will be an advisory board, call it a death panel or whatever, that will assess your case, and you are nothing but a number with a dollar value assigned, and the dollar value is what it’s gonna cost to treat what’s wrong with you. And if this advisory board, in the opinion of the Department of Health and Human Services secretary, deems that it’s too expensive and not worth it, they’re not gonna spend it, and you get the pill. Figuratively speaking you get drugged up so that you don’t feel the pain in your last days. And that got reelected. I know how you feel about all this, folks.

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