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RUSH: Last Friday on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she interviewed the singer Christina Aguilera, and they were having a discussion about her October meeting with the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. This is Ellen DeGeneres and Christina Aguilera discussing it…

DEGENERES: Let’s talk about this next picture of Hillary checking you out.

AUDIENCE: (laughter and applause)

AGUILERA: It kind of looks Photoshopped or something.


AGUILERA: It’s not. It was a real moment.

DEGENERES: Could you feel her gazing down on your…

AUDIENCE: (wild laughter)


DEGENERES: Breasteses?

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

AGUILERA: Um, she’s such, like, a force in a room. She’s just got that, you know, star charisma and everything about her, I just… (breathlessly) I couldn’t take my eyes off her, either.


AGUILERA: So it was mutual.


AUDIENCE: (laughter)

AGUILERA: Is that bad?

DEGENERES: No, it’s — it’s — it’s —

AGUILERA: (giggling) I donÂ’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

DEGENERES: No, it’s not bad at all.

AGUILERA: (giggling) I’m so inappropriate!

RUSH: All right, so what are we to ascertain here? What happened was that Christina Aguilera found herself in the same room with Hillary. Hillary came in and couldn’t take her eyes off Christina Aguilera’s boobs. Christina Aguilera was proud. Christina Aguilera was… She was excited. Hillary has the kind of “charisma” that she walks in a room, and she’s just “a force in the room.” That’s “star charisma and everything about her… I couldn’t take my eyes off her, either.” So she was looking at Hillary. She was looking at her breasts and it was a mutual thing.

I’m telling you, folks… (laughing) I’m telling you! (laughing) We were just talking about how women check each other out unknown to the men, while all the men in the room are doing their own ogling. So Hillary is checking out Christina Aguilera’s “breasteses,” as Ellen DeGeneres said, and what do you think she thought?

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