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RUSH: Do you all realize how we’re being played on this whole Susan Rice thing? Susan Rice has not even been nominated to be secretary of state, and she’s already withdrawn. She wasn’t even nominated. This is all such a smoke screen. All this is, is an effort to get an old white guy in there, which has the babes at the White House a little ticked off, by the way. But they’re still angrier at the Republicans.

Of course, everything is the fault of Republicans. Republicans derailed Susan Rice because all they care about is getting to the bottom of what happened to four Americans being killed at Benghazi. The American people don’t care about the four American people. Obama doesn’t care about it. Susan Rice, Hillary, don’t care about it. Only the Republicans do and so we’re not gonna get to the bottom of it.

Do you realize Mrs. Clinton’s not gonna testify, either? By the time testimony’s taken she’s not even gonna be secretary of state. She’s gonna be long gone setting up her 2016 coronation. So Susan Rice is withdrawing, not even nominated. I mean, it’s amazing. This is a great example of the DC media bubble. They create it, everybody gets in it, play ball according to the people that set the template, and it’s never been real. I don’t think it has ever been real. Oh, there might have been some distant hope on the part of Susan Rice to be secretary of state, but Obama’s always wanted to put John Kerry in there. And guess what? Speaking of that — and that’s who McCain wants, by the way.

If anybody does not want Susan Rice, it’s the old white guys club in the Senate, Republican and Democrat. You got Chuck Hagel reportedly being considered for secretary of defense. There’s not people of color anywhere. And, by the way, I just want to make it official. I am withdrawing my name for consideration for secretary of business. I’m not gonna allow the regime to create another bubble, and put me in it, have everybody comment on that as another feint or distraction from what’s really going on, which is the fiscal cliff and where we’re gonna end up. Which is also pretty predictable.

So I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but Eric Schmidt turned it down. I also am withdrawing my name from consideration for secretary of business.

And what’s Obama doing? Obama’s singing, folks. He can’t believe his good fortune, he’s so excited. We got the fiscal cliff. It’s all going his way, in his view, and this is his way.

(playing of song)

RUSH: That song has it all. Ho-ho-ho, let it grow, shrinking government doubtful ’cause Republicans can’t say no.

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