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RUSH: We have randomly selected the three winners in the last Two If By Tea sweepstakes of the year. These are the six people who get to come here and watch the show live. We bring ’em here for three days and two nights at a fashionable seaside resort, all expenses paid. They get to come by and watch the show. Now, we haven’t called them yet. We’re gonna be calling the winners today or tomorrow at some point.

We always try to time the phone call when we think people will be home.

We want to talk to ’em.

But quite naturally, we block our number so as not to give it away, and most people when they see “blocked,” don’t answer. They’ll let it go to voice mail. So we leave voice mail messages. Kathryn and I call, and we leave a message announcing that they’ve won, and then they kick themselves for not picking up the phone. So I just want to let you know that we’ve got the winners. I’m not gonna announce the names here, but we’re gonna be calling either today or tomorrow to announce it to these people.

So keep a sharp eye.

You never know.

It could be you!

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