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RUSH: So I see that Algore has sold his TV network to Al-Jazeera. I wonder, does this mean that Joy Behar and Jennifer Granholm are now gonna have to wear burqas and veils over their faces? If they do, it might help actually raise audience levels, burqas and veils on their faces. It could help. Never know.


RUSH: Algore. Algore has sold his TV network to Al Jazeera. Now, Al Jazeera, that’s Qatar. (“Cutter.” “Cater.” However you pronounce it.) They made their money from oil, which Algore hates — ostensibly hates. He actually doesn’t, but that’s, again, the theatrics. I do wonder if Joy Behar and Jennifer Granholm and the others are gonna have to wear burqas now. Do the females on Al Jazeera wear burqas?

I have never seen the Al Jazeera network. I’ve seen individual reports. Glenn Beck says he offered money for it. He says he offered more money than Al Jazeera did but that Algore took the oil money as opposed to the Beck bucks. Did you see that Algore wanted the deal done before the end of 2012, before Obama’s new taxes kicked in? So all these Democrats that talk about the moral value of paying higher taxes, when presented the option, never do it. They always go for the lowest.

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