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RUSH: This is Natalia in Odessa, Missouri. Great to have you on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hello. I want to make a comment, a message to everybody sitting on Capitol Hill right now. (crying) I have two sets of twins under the age of three. My family is about to do without! (sobs) Obamacare’s $135 is gonna come out of our paycheck and hit us, plus the Social Security taxes have risen another $80 per check. (sob) That’s almost $300 my family, four kids under the age three, is gonna do without. We just filed Chapter 7 a few months ago! The economy is still recovering. How are we gonna survive when they are hitting us with these tax rates?

RUSH: You know, Natalia, I’m gonna tell you the truth. I don’t think… It’s what I just said. I don’t think the people in Washington have the slightest clue what you’re going through. If you go to Washington, you know what? Every restaurant’s open. Every restaurant’s profitable. All the shops are open. The unemployment in Washington and the surrounding environs is 3%. Washington’s where all the money is, and everybody in Washington is doing well, and nobody’s being fired. Nobody’s being laid off. They’re getting raises, in fact.

They don’t have the slightest clue in Washington what this economy is actually like for people like you.


RUSH: Now, to our caller from Enid, Oklahoma. She was crying. This woman has four kids, two sets of twins.

She can’t afford the additional $130 that the payroll tax increase is costing her. She can’t fit that into her budget, and it’s not just that. She talked about the new costs related to Obamacare. She’s got four kids, two sets of twins. She needs assistance with health care. And see, Obama was gonna make all this fine! Obama was gonna take her tears away. Obama was gonna fix this. It’s getting worse, folks. She calls here in tears.

Did you hear what she said? She started off her call saying, “Would people in Washington please listen to me?” Her instincts are that people in Washington have no clue what really is happening to her and her family and people like her, and I firmly believe that.


RUSH: Now, back to the caller from Enid, Oklahoma, in tears. So $130 a month is wrecking her family’s financial security. I don’t know if she believed it or not, but Obama was telling everybody their premiums are gonna go down $2,500. Everybody’s premiums, if they’re gonna be able to maintain insurance, are going up, as are their taxes. Everybody’s taxes are going up. In fact, the UK Daily Mail has a story talking about how workers making $30,000 a year are going to take a bigger hit on their paychecks than those earning $500,000 under this new deal, and I’ll give you the details on how that’s true in a moment. But it is true.

RUSH: The real money in this country is still in the hands of all those people in the middle class. There aren’t enough rich people to balance the budget. The rich people’s taxes are gonna generate $60 billion and Obama just gave ten billion of that away for Sandy relief.

People are falling for outright lies. But I don’t think Washington is in any way aware of how $130 — oh, they talk as though they are, and they go through the motions. This woman says $130 is destroying her family’s financial, $130 a month. Have you been to Washington lately? It’s a boomtown. The economic meltdown did not touch them. The unemployment rate’s 3%. All the restaurants are open and they’re full. All the boutiques and all the shops are open. Cheap little condominiums are still selling for $800,000 and up. There is no housing crisis in Washington.


RUSH: All of our money is being redistributed to Washington. It’s a boomtown. There’s no evidence of the economic collapse in our nation’s capital. In fact, I think the ZIP codes around Washington happen to be now in the top five wealthiest ZIP codes in the country. Stands to reason. That’s where all the money is. That’s where it goes to be redistributed. It’s where all the people get their mitts on it. They don’t have the slightest clue. Look at Obama. He goes off to Hawaii, what is a trip out and back, four million bucks on Air Force One? Not to mention what it’s costing us to rent his home when he’s out there. They haven’t the slightest idea.

Obama couldn’t pay for one one-hundredth of the lifestyle that he’s living on his own, never. He couldn’t do it. But he’s living it. And a lot of people in Washington, there is no real estate problem. There is no restaurant closing problem. There are no shops closing. There are no vacancies in the malls. Everything’s open and booming and buzzing. Meanwhile, what’s everybody in Washington thinking they gotta do? Reach out to Hispanics. Reach out to minorities. That’s where the problem is. So it’s one of a situation of relatability.

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