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RUSH: This is hilarious. I have CNN on one of my monitors here, and you may have heard that Hugo Chavez — the dictator and communist leader in Venezuela — is nearing room temperature. And this has the CNN people distressed. I mean, he’s a great socialist leader! He’s done great things to impoverish his people, but everybody’s equal down there. It’s cool. And, of course, with Chavez nearing the great reward, the Great Socialist in the Sky, they’re bringing on (in advance of his expiration) a bunch of tributes.

Normally they wait ’til people die to do tributes, but I guess they want Hugo to see this. Oliver Stone, who did a documentary on Hugo Chavez three years ago now, or two years ago, was very laudatory. Oliver Stone, who doesn’t like America much, is telling a very interested CNN all about Hugo Chavez. It’s just — I don’t know — fascinating to me. You have a major television network celebrating the life of a socialist-Marxist dictator as he nears death, with an American movie director on to sing his praises.

It’s a network that’s in last place and is supposedly making vast moves to become more mainstream. And who knows? This may be it. Hee-hee-hee.


RUSH: I mentioned Oliver Stone was on CNN moments ago as Hugo Chavez, the great socialist Marxist dictator nears the end. Oliver Stone was on CNN singing his praises and having a discussion there. He did a documentary in 2010, Stone did, called South of the Border. And the ever-rapt, glued-in-admiring-fashion to-Oliver Stone Suzanne Malveaux asked (impression), “How do you think it will change Venezuela moving forward if, in fact, Chavez is not able to take the oath of office and dies? What does it mean, Oliver? What does it mean? What does it mean for the people of Venezuela?”

STONE: As I say, the majority of the people truly benefited. The standard of living went up. Not all. There’s a very vocal minority that is against him but they never won the elections. In fact, uh, I think Chavez won… He won 13 of 14 elections. I think he’s gonna be mourned as a national figure who change Venezuela forever. You have no idea how bad it was before him. The per capita income dropped for like 20 years straight. People were fed up. He represents hope and change, the things that Obama stood for in our country in 2008.

RUSH: There you have it. Chavez raised the standard of living in Venezuela just like Obama is doing in the United States, and the low-information viewers watching CNN? That’s the message that they got. “What a great guy Hugo Chavez is!” There is expanded poverty. The standard of living in that country is plummeting. He’s nationalized oil wells, oil businesses. He’s nationalized as much as he can.

The opposition is about as worthwhile as the Republicans in this country. He’s getting everything he wants, and here’s Oliver Stone telling how life has so improved under Marxist socialism in Venezuela, and it’s exactly what Obama is doing here: Raising the standard of living in America. And Ali Velshi of CNN says that the American people totally understand economics and that’s exactly what they think.

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