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RUSH: Robert Griffin III, the quarterback of the Redskins, surgery today. James Andrews, the noted orthopedist, performed the surgery. Nobody yet knows what the recovery time is. Apparently RGIII blew out an ACL, in addition to the LCL, which is worse than the ACL. Apparently he just blew out the knee. The surgery today is essentially reconstruction of RGIII’s right knee, and so the recovery time, normally for an ACL is a year, and then even after the year, the fist couple months back are rather tenuous because the player obviously is not fully confident that the surgically repaired knee, in this case, is gonna hold up.

Adrian Peterson of the Vikings is a really rare exception. Peterson came back in less than a year and with no ill effects whatsoever. Peterson came back, to all appearances, stronger than even before. That is highly unusual, and Adrian Peterson of the Vikings, no doubt, will become a role model of sorts for RGIII and his attempted comeback. But already, people are saying, “Oh, yeah, if he can be back for training camp, he can certainly be back for opening day.” That’s a stretch. In the normal history of ACLs alone being blown out he’d miss the season. This happened in January. It’s usually eight to 12 months. And that’s what they’re saying this is.

But I was reading the Washington Post today, and do you know why RGIII blew out his knee? Washington Post, I’ve got it right here, in a column by the noted Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy. And the reason RGIII blew out his knee is because of the racist nature of the name of the team, the mascot, Redskins. It’s an insult to Indians. And the bad karma that surrounds the Redskins is due exclusively to the fact that their team name is racist and bigoted. Right here. That’s what blew out the knee. As Mr. Milloy writes, and I join it in progress. “Besides, WashingtonÂ’s professional football team has raked up one disappointing season after another since 1992.”

Now, why does Mr. Milloy focus on 1992? Well, 1992 is “the year D.C. resident Suzan Harjo became the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit seeking to change the teamÂ’s disparaging name.” Suzan Harjo sued the team in 1992, and that’s why we start with 1992 in terms of the Redskins historical pathetic performance.

“Although Harjo lost that legal battle on a technicality, a group of younger Native Americans have filed a similar lawsuit — Blackhor se et al v. Pro-Football, Inc. Justice may yet be served. ‘The term “redskins” is the most vile and offensive term used to describe Native Americans,’ Harjo told the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs in 2011. ‘It is most disturbing to the overwhelming majority of Native Americans throughout the country that the professional football team in the nationÂ’s capital uses a team name that demeans us.'”

Mr. Milloy writes, “Does anyone really believe that the name ‘Redskins’ will survive the 21st century? Other than the people who probably thought white actors in blackface would survive the 20th? The genocide of Native peoples, like AmericaÂ’s other original sin, slavery, cannot be forever masked with caricatures of the dead.” This is in the sports pages of the Washington Post. So name is Redskins is an example of the horrible past of this country. The genocide of native peoples is on par with slavery, and the name Redskins, so upsetting, so abhorrent, so racist, has created a karma around the Redskins, and this is why they haven’t won anything since 1992, and it’s why RGIII blew out his knee.

“Next month, on Feb. 7, the National Museum of the American Indian on the Mall will hold a day-long symposium and ‘community conversation’ about the use of racist stereotypes and cultural appropriation in American sports. In a recent news release about the event, museum Director Kevin Gover wrote: ‘What better place to address this issue. .?.?. The Smithsonian Institution is the ideal forum to bring people together to ask tough questions.’ … For those who claim that ‘Redskins’ is an honorific to Native peoples, as team owner Dan Snyder does, representatives from several Indian nations will be on hand to tell you what they really think about that name. By the way, while Washington was weighed down with that tired old caricature of an Indian head on their helmets, Seattle was sporting a lighthearted Seahawk based on an ancient Northwest Coast Native carved totem design. They didnÂ’t just score more touchdowns; they won on style points, too.”

By the way, do you realize there’s no such thing as a seahawk? There isn’t. There’s no such animal as a seahawk. So now we learn that the Seahawk mascot is based on an ancient northwest coast native carved totem design. Can I set this up for you? The Redskins are playing with this racist horrible icon on the helmet, the Redskins — bad karma — they’re playing the Seahawks, who have as their team name mascot a caricature of an Indian head, a northwest coast native carved totem design, meaning native peoples in the northwest carved the icon, the logo of the Seahawks. So they got good karma. They are being celebrated by the gods. The Redskins are being punished by the gods. And that’s why the Redskins lost, and that’s why RGIII blew out his knee. And it’s right there in the Washington Post, Courtland Milloy.

I’ll tell you, environmentalist wacko picks on the money. Environmentalist wacko pick involving the Redskins and somebody like the Seahawks or something, the bird always beat the Indian. It was a tough call, because the environmentalist wackos love Native Americans. They’re on a par with blacks, having been slaughtered, genocide, and all that as far as the leftists are concerned. But then again the Redskins is a disparaging name. Anyway, this is offered seriously here in the sports pages — I think it’s the sports page — in the Washington Post. And you say, “Well, Rush, how do we combat this?” You tell me. This is so absurd, I’m afraid that if I treat it seriously I’ll lose IQ points. To assert that there’s bad karma around the Redskins because of their racist mascot name and that’s why RGIII blew out his knee, or deserved to have it blown out, and why the Redskins deserve to lose, and why the Seahawks deserve to win, because they honor native peoples with their mascot.


RUSH: So apparently RGIII took an arrow to the knee. That’s what happened on Sunday. Bad karma, says Courtland Milloy. I received an e-mail: “So, Rush, what are we gonna do about this?” There’s nothing we can do. Folks, the Redskins are gonna have to change the name of the team. That’s what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna have to acknowledge that that’s the direction everything’s headed, and the pressure is now being brought to bear.

This is just gonna kick off a new round of this, and the Redskins are ultimately going to cave and change the name of the team.

That’s my prediction.


RUSH: It’s Casey in Seattle. Thanks so much for waiting. I appreciate your patience. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, yes. Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: First-time caller, long-time listener. Yes, I’m calling because of that article that you read about RGIII blowing out his knee in Washington in the game against the Seahawks, and I was wondering if the sports reporter there happened to mention that Chris Clemons of the Seattle Seahawks blew his ACL out as well during the game.

RUSH: That’s a fascinating point, and I’m glad you called. Let me reset the table. Courtland Milloy is not, by the way, just so you know, a sportswriter. I don’t think. I think I’ve seen his name on the editorial pages as a columnist. It may be sports. I’m not sure. But something tells me he’s not just a sports reporter. Anyway —

CALLER: Well, he was talking about the Redskins name and —

RUSH: Yeah, he had a piece today saying the reason RGIII blew out his knee and the reason the Redskins lose is because of bad karma —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: — due to the fact that “Redskins” is racist. It’s derogatory to Native Americans and so forth —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: — and so what Casey from Seattle here wants to know, is you have a… He’s a defensive tackle, right?


RUSH: He’s a great defensive tackle, a great part of that team. He blew out his knee.

CALLER: Yep. He blew out his knee on the same raspy Redskins field.

RUSH: Yeah, see?

CALLER: And he’s out for the playoffs. I’m a Seahawk fan.

RUSH: There’s the answer to your question.


RUSH: It was the field, the rotten Redskins field —

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: — that caused Clemons to blow out his knee, and why do the Redskins have a rotten, lousy field? Bad karma. Because they are using a racist mascot name: Redskins.

CALLER: (laughing) Yes, that’s it.

RUSH: Well, if you want to follow it through, anything bad that happened for anybody in Washington on Sunday night in that football game, Sunday afternoon, is because of the bad karma associated with the Redskins name. That field was in bad shape. The Seahawks went out there… I forget which player, a Seahawks player, took his iPhone out during the pregame and shot a video of the field, and it did look bad. The Redskin players said, “This is horrible. This field is gonna be gone during the pregame. The pregame’s gonna chew it up.”

By the way, speaking of that, in the sportswriter community there is now – a push for federal control over football fields. The league has a rule that the head of playing surfaces must certify every field 72 hours prior to every game. That rule does exist. Sportswriters are convinced that nobody’s paying any attention to it; the rule isn’t being enforced, otherwise something would have been done about FedEx Field. So naturally the solution being called for is federal control if the owners won’t do it.

If the owners don’t care enough about their own players, if the owners are willing to spend all this money on other things and raise all this money but not spend it… A quality, first class field ought to be demanded and part of the expectation of every NFL game. The best field possible. And if the owners don’t care enough to protect their players, don’t care about their players’ knees and injuries or what have you, then you gotta get the federal government involved.

That’s the sportswriter community.

It’s the solution to everything, folks!

The solution to every problem is get a federal task force, a federal commission, a federal committee, federal safeguards, what have you.

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