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RUSH: How about Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton… Have you heard? Two things.

He went out to the Consumer Electronics Show, which is in Las Vegas. He was on the Samsung guest roster, one of the attractions Samsung used. To be honest about the Consumer Electronics Show, Apple isn’t there, so nobody really expects big stuff there. And software is where it’s at in high-tech now, and the Consumer Electronics Show is basically a hardware show. So we’re in a period where time is sort of passing the Consumer Electronics Show by, and they know this out there.

So they bring Clinton in to draw a crowd. Clinton goes on an anti-gun rant at the Consumer Electronics Show, and the people at CNN express amazement and shock that you and I are actually thinking that people on the left want to take people’s guns away from them. They have said that they want to do this! (impression) “No, Obama doesn’t want to usurp the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is not being discussed here!” I’ve got these people on tape saying it.

“The Second Amendment? Nobody wants to change the Second Amendment!” The hell they don’t want to change it. If they could write it out, if they could erase it, they would. Everybody knows this. Where do these people live? It’s not just alternative universe stuff. I think it really is the fact that they’re just not anywhere near as aware or informed as they think they are. And while they sit there in their comparatively ignorant state, they think everybody else is who’s stupid.

It’s breathtaking to behold.

So Clinton’s out there with his rant on guns at the Consumer Electronics Show. I mean, you maybe could have used the occasion to talk about the dangers of violent video games, but, nah, he wouldn’t do that! He’s got too many friends and donors in Hollywood and the high-tech community to talk about that. So what Clinton did is he went on a tear about large gun clips. I wonder if Bill Clinton ever asked his Secret Service detail what size clips they carry.

Do you think he did? Do you think he cared, or did he just trust that the people guarding him had what was necessary to keep him alive? And do you think he cares what kind of clips they were carrying? There he is at the Consumer Electronics Show going on and on and on about gun clips, and then he’s named Father of the Year. Speaking of the War on Women, Bill Clinton named Father of the Year by the National Father’s Day Council.

You know, this guy down in Atlanta with the new show, All My Babies’ Mamas? The rapper, Shawty Lo? This guy probably thinks he was in the running. I mean, this is a guy with 11 kids from 10 baby mamas. He’s got a TV show on the Oxygen network where they’re gonna follow him around as he goes through his life dealing with his enlarged family: 11 kids, 10 mamas. All My Babies’ Mamas is the name of the show.

You’d think this guy may think he’s Father of the Year, but they’re giving it to Clinton. Clinton’s running around all excited about it. Do you realize who was the Father of the Year in 2007? John Edwards, the Breck Girl was the Father of the Year in 2007 with the same group. Everything is corrupted. Everything! Father of the Year, something as simple as that. Bill Clinton, Father of the Year?

RUSH: I have a question on the Junior Seau story. If an organ — a human organ, a bodily organ — is more susceptible to debilitating disease after repeated blows, should Bill Clinton be concerned with the Junior Seau news?

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