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RUSH: Jim Avila this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America as they divulged the latest medical research into Junior Seau.

AVILA: A giant in the game, Junior Seau, is now perhaps the biggest name in football linked to severe brain damage from taking too many hits to the head. ABC News and ESPN learned exclusively that before his suicide, Seau suffered damage to his very brain cells.

RUSH: No! No. Did you hear that? Did you hear that? “Seau suffered damage to his very brain cells.” That’s what Jim Avila said. “Seau suffered damage to his very brain cells,” and now he’s obviously the highest profile NFL player scientifically linked to suicide because of repeated blows to the head. You watch the fallout from this now. This is the greatest fuel that the people who want to change this game could get.

They’re gonna now be on the warpath out there.

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