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RUSH: Bill Clinton, by the way, Father of the Year, don’t forget that. Snerdley, did you know that? Did you hear about that while you were gone? Bill Clinton was named Father of the Year.


The national Father of the Year people. There’s this Father of the Year group.


I don’t know. Well, he was named Father of the Year. Anyway, Bill Clinton, as you know, was at the Golden Globes, and he was backstage asking actresses to meet him in a special room. We know this because the actress Claire Danes, she won the Golden Globe for best actress in a drama. She was on Access Hollywood, one of our favorite shows here at the EIB Network. You don’t miss it. The host, Billy Bush, Access Hollywood, said to Claire Danes, “You came straight back here, you haven’t stopped anywhere since you got the award? We’re your first stop, right?”

DANES: President Bill Clinton asked if I would come and meet him in some special room, so I just hung out with Bill Clinton. That’s where I came from.

BUSH: What kind of room was it? (laughter)

DANES: (laughing) Uhhhh, actually, he was talking to Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson, and I thought, wow!

RUSH: Well, so Billy Bush was not her first stop. The secret room, special room with the Father of the Year, Bill Clinton.


RUSH: Claire Danes of Homeland said this about meeting Bill Clinton after the Golden Globes, and I quote: “I was very touched.” I’ll bet she was. In that secret room. I’ll bet she was “touched.”


RUSH: Now, I cracked a little joke. I’m trying to remember that people just do not get jokes, particularly in the media, people on the left. Those who would qualify as my critics literally have no sense of humor. I am sure that an innocent little laugh line probably just royally offended a bunch of people who are now on the warpath writing that I am a sexist, misogynist, extremist, kook all because I said that Claire Danes was asked about her meeting with Bill Clinton after the Golden Globes, and I quoted her.

She said, “I was very touched.”

And I said, “I’ll bet she was!”

Now, normal people would laugh themselves comfortably over that.

The righteously indignant and the perpetually offended, of course, will be mad, angry, and upset, in addition to offended. So I want to give you the full Claire Danes quote here and put it in a little context. Claire Danes said, “[H]e very sweetly said that he appreciated how the character is kind of shedding light on mental illness, which is still a taboo subject. So, that was very flattering and I was very touched.” We strive to be fair here and balanced in our approach at the EIB Network, and I wanted to give you the full Claire Danes quote in a fair, balanced, and unthreatening way.


RUSH: Somebody at the Golden Globes asked Bill Clinton, “Hey, how’s Hillary’s head?” He said, “Not as good as…” Oops! Ran out of time.

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