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RUSH: President Obama today is taking action that a majority of Americans disagree with. He’s going down a road a majority of people disagree with. He knows it. The question is, why? Why is Barack Obama literally trying to push people to snap? Why is he doing this? It’s as though in some way he’s attacking the very sanity of people in this country. Why is he doing this? Why is he deliberately making people so upset? What is driving him? Anybody got any ideas?

I’ve been watching the children-as-human-shields show that is now going on at the White House. Boy, these guys are somber. Biden was very somber. You would have thought that eulogies… (imitating Biden) “I’ve worked with this guy 27 hours a day, President Barack Obama.” (clapping) Yeah! Kids cheer and the president starts out reading some letters from the kids. Gotta do what the kids want. Gotta answer all their letters to Santa Claus. Gotta do everything they want. It’s stunning. You look at the what’s happening in the country.

By the way… I’ve got the 23 executive orders here. There are 23 executive actions. I have them here. I got the PDFs earlier this morning. They were embargoed until the president started speaking, and a summary of these 23 as well. It’s called the Gun Violence Reduction Executive Actions. You go through this, and there isn’t one of them that would have stopped what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Not one of these would have stopped this. You couple what the president’s talking about today with Governor Cuomo and what he did in New York. Governor Cuomo has now told therapists that they gotta be on the lookout for strange behavior, and they gotta analyze potentially dangerous behavior. If they think somebody might use a gun in a dangerous way, they gotta report that person. And this has been ramrodded through.

I’ve got a story here about how the Democrats think — and this is what I mean when I ask, “Why is Obama doing this?” There’s nowhere near popular support for this. Nowhere near it. The actions of the American people indicate that. You don’t need me to tell you. And yet he is continually doing things, deliberately making people upset, deliberately driving people batty, attacking people’s sanity. They are scratching their heads, “Why is he doing this? Why is the president doing this? Why is the president so against us? Why is the president blaming us?”

People are asking this, and they are taking action, because the question they’re asking perplexes them. They don’t understand this. They’re running out and buying guns. They don’t know what to do. And the NRA’s got this ad that the left is just fit to be tied over. The NRA doesn’t back down like the Republican Party does. The NRA doesn’t back down at the first sign of criticism like most Republican and conservative institutions do. And I think they’re surprised. I think the regime thought the NRA would back down. Instead the NRA’s got an ad where they talk about the hypocrisy of Obama making sure that his kids are protected by armed guards everywhere they go, but that your kids can’t be.

The NRA is calling Obama an elitist, and the left and the media are up in arms over this and they’re asking, “Does everybody think that they’re in the same situation as the president? Of course the president needs to be protected. Of course the president’s kids need to be protected.” I got a column here from a leftist blog asking the people of the country, “Do you really think you’re in the same situation of the president?” Let me tell this leftist blogger something. As many kids are being shot on school campuses today, and as much senseless law is being passed about guns, I mean, if you actually proclaim a gun-free zone, you are providing a road map to somebody with a gun to go and take action. You’re telling somebody where to go, where they can’t be stopped.

My point here is, in answer to this leftist blogger, Paul Waldman is his name, and prospect.org is the website. The title of his piece is: “The NRA Opens Fire — They’ve obviously decided that the most effective strategy is to rile up their base.” This is a column critical of the NRA and critical of you. The NRA riling up their base? What is Obama doing? Obama is riling up the country. And why? What’s in it for him to do this? Why is he deliberately in people’s faces making them upset? What is driving him?
Anyway, Mr. Waldman, let me join his piece in progress here just to make my point.

“This does actually reveal an important aspect of the NRA’s world view. As far as they’re concerned, all of us should act as though we exist in the same security situation as the president of the United States. You may think you’re just the assistant regional manager of a widget company, but in fact, a terrorist commando strike force could be coming to lay siege to your home at any moment. Which is why you need to be prepared not just with a gun, but with enough weaponry to hold your own in the two-hour firefight that’s just inevitable.”

The guy is mocking you. Let me tell you something. I don’t know if this guy’s a parent or not. I’m not. But I know plenty of people who are. Try being one today. Is an average American parent’s concern for his or her kids any less than the president’s for his? Should any parent be less concerned for their kids than the president is for his? Is this what we’re now being told that we’ve gotta understand? The president needs a $4 million a year entertainment budget? The president needs limitless flights all over the world on Air Force One with his wife on a different plane? The president needs countless Secret Service agents, countless armed weapons to protect him and the White House and his kids.

But you don’t, because you’re not nearly as important as the president. You’re not the target the president is. Well, in fact, I don’t see the president’s kids in danger. I don’t see the president’s kids going to Sandy Hook elementary. I don’t see the president’s kids living in Chicago. Other people’s kids do. And they love them just as much. And they want to protect them just as much.

So now the NRA ad calling the president a hypocrite by trying to deny parents the same thing he provides his kids has got these pundits all upset. They’re “framing” this. Who’s “framing” this? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Obama is out there saying “pundits” who frame this as an assault on liberty… I wonder who he has in mind when he says that? Obama said pundits who frame this as an assault on liberty just want to gin things up to cause fear.

My friends, I’m here to tell you: It’s the president ginning things up. It’s the president creating unrest and fear and instability and I don’t know why. I mean, I know the president’s political leanings. I know what his ideology is. I know why and what about this country he doesn’t like and wants to change. I understand all that, but I don’t understand why he wants to get in people’s faces and irritate them.

I don’t understand why he wants to make people so upset. I don’t understand what drives him on that. Now, I can understand some underwear-clad, pajama-clad, unhappy, sniveling little liberal in the basement blogging about why he would want to make you mad, because he’s miserable and he wants you to join him in it. But the president’s not miserable. (interruption) What? You think the president is miserable? No, he’s not.

I don’t understand this. So here we have this authoritarian president and his acolytes in the media who now want us to think that he is deserving of special treatment. His kids are more important than your kids are. And when you think that your kids should have the same kind of protection his do — or at least the same type of armed protection — you somehow are being unreasonable. You somehow are suffering from grandiosity.

You’re thinking you’re as important as the president! That’s what this Mr. Waldman is saying. You gotta get a little perspective here. You know, you’re the regional manager of a widget company. There aren’t as many people who care about wiping your family out as there are who want to wipe out the president of the United States and his family. You gotta get sense of proportion here, is what you’re being told.

You’re just asking too much.

But the NRA ad has got a bunch of them in a tizzy here. So they’re not backing down at the NRA. People all over the country are buying weapons and ammunition in record numbers; joining the NRA in record numbers. The president’s up there and he just said that 70% of the American people and a majority… He just said this: 70% of the American people and a majority of NRA members favor universal background checks.

And he’s constructing his straw men. “Economists from both parties agree…” “Most Americans agree with me when I say…” blah, blah. He offers no backup or statistical support for any of this. But he wants universal background checks, and he admonished Congress (paraphrased): “You can’t just sit there and continue to do nothing. You’re gonna have to join us,” and the fact that “everybody” wants universal background checks means we have to do this, Congress. You can’t not do this.

He said that 40% of gun purchases today are purchased by people whose backgrounds are not checked. And he’s gonna fix that. He’s gonna take care of that. Twenty-three executive actions on gun violence. Oh, and that’s another thing. “Gun control” has been renamed. Just like “global warming” was renamed to “climate change,” “gun control” has now been renamed to “gun violence.” We are going to eliminate “gun violence.”

That’s what everybody wants to do, and we all agree on that. Who could disagree with eliminating gun violence? Therefore we all agree with gun control, because how else are we going to do it? So the exploitation of children, the exploitation of the country is occurring today because of what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. None of what’s being proposed today would have stopped it.

It’s simply an opportunity. The occasion has presented itself for the left to advance another aspect of it’s nirvana agenda, and that is as much gun control as they can get away with. This Paul Waldman at Prospect.org… Do Americans living in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California, have anything to worry about from being attacked by terrorists, drug cartels? What are drug cartels but terrorists?

I don’t think Mr. Waldman understands the NRA’s point. The NRA was specifically talking about having an armed person at a school, one armed person for hundreds of kids. That’s not quite the same thing as the armed protection Obama’s kids get, and yet they are upset because the NRA dared call the president an elitist hypocrite. The NRA does not back down. Grab sound bite number one. We have time to squeeze this in. I want to take you back to October of last year.

This will revive memories, I’m sure, that many of you have of other instances like this. The Future Children Project released a new ad. It was an ad for Obama featuring several unidentified kids singing a song about Obama. Remember all these “Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” songs? Kids immediately started paying homage to Dear Leader shortly after he was immaculated. To say that kids are not exploited and used? The children are writing letters to their president saying, “We don’t want to die! We don’t want to die!”

How can we not listen to them?

We must listen to the children!

Just to take you back, just to remind everybody of the lengths to which this regime goes…

CHORUS OF PRETEEN KIDS: (upbeat music) Imagine an America. Where strip mines are fun and free. Where gays can be fixed, and sick people just die, and oil fills the sea. We donÂ’t have to pay for freeways! Our schools are good enough. Give us endless wars on foreign shores and lots of Chinese stuff. WeÂ’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country. And weÂ’re kinda blaming you. We havenÂ’t killed all the polar bears, but itÂ’s not for lack of trying. The Earth is cracked, Big Bird is sacked, and the atmosphere is frying. Congress went home early. They did their best we know. You canÂ’t cut spending with elections pending, unless itÂ’s welfare dough. WeÂ’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country, and weÂ’re kinda blaming you. Find a park that is still open; take a breath of poison air. They foreclosed your place to build a weapon in space, but you can write off your au pair. ItÂ’s a little awkward to tell you, but you left us holding the bag. When we look around. The place is all dumbed down. And the long termÂ’s kind of a drag. WeÂ’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country. And yeah, weÂ’re blaming you. You did your best. You failed the test!

LITTLE GIRL: (dramatic music) Mom and Dad, weÂ’re blaming you!

RUSH: There you have it. Mom and dad, you’re destroying our world. Mom and dad, you’re destroying our country. But we’re gonna turn to Barack Obama to save it! We’re going to turn to our government! Barack Obama, our Dear Leader, and our government will save our world and our planet and our future from you, mom and dad, because we’re blaming you for destroying it. Supporters of Barack Obama write the lyrics, gather the kids, record the song, and have them singing it.

How many of these kids have any idea what they were singing, the “au pair” and all this stuff?


RUSH: House Democrats have proposed the elimination of the national debt ceiling. House Democrats say, just get rid of the national debt ceiling. Get rid of it! All told.

We’ve got lots to discuss on the program.

By the way, here’s the answer to the question. Matt Yglesias at Slate.com actually said it. Want to hear his tweets? Matt Yglesias, Slate.com. Here’s one: “Pretty comfortable saying that the president’s children are in fact more important than yours[.]” (sic) I read the excerpt from Paul Waldman, Prospect.org: Who do you people think you are, thinking your kids are more important than the president’s?

Of course the president’s kids need armed protection! But you’re just a middle-level widget factory manager! You think anybody cares about your kids? More Matt Yglesias: “And, yes, I know your kids are more important TO YOU. But they’re less important to the country. That’s the point.” “Sorry[,] haters,” he writes, “a kidnapping of the First Kids would be a way bigger deal than a kidnapping of your kids.” So Matt Yglesias, thermometer of the left, barometer of the left, explains it.

Your kids don’t count.

Obama’s do.

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