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RUSH: Okay. We’re back. What do I want to do here? H.R., is Janet in Manhattan cool? Is she cool with holding on to the next segment? Okay, make sure. Make sure. She’s been on hold for a long time. I really want to talk to her.

RUSH: Here’s Frank in Chicago. Frank, great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, you don’t know what an honor this is. I spent ten years trying to get on your show at different times with different things that have invoked my interest. Please allow me to thank you for many, many years of guidance, support. My grandfather and I, when I was a kid — he’s passed now — but we used to sit on our porch before the Cub games would come on, we would flip over to you, and we would listen to you. And some of my best memories, some of the things that get me through —

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: — times now in my life are because of you.

RUSH: You know, I remember conversations like that with my grandfather. I’m honored that you and your grandfather sat around and listened to me. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Some of our best memories. Rush, let me say this. I’m a kid who grew up in the eighties; I’m a Reagan kid. My political sort of awakening came under him, and I was very fortunate that that happened for me. Today, watching this — and it’s what I called about — today watching this thing disgusted me. I don’t know what has happened to our party. I don’t know what’s going on, but all I know is, people like yourself, people like Reagan, I mean, they’re just gone. Our leaders are horrible. This was like a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton, for God’s sake.

RUSH: Now, I’ll tell you again what this was today. I’m very serious, folks, when I say this, and I mean this. At age 62, I’m still learning. I’m a babe in the woods on a lot of things, and, you know, idealism crashes every day with me. I still do have idealistic desires, tendencies, hopes, when it comes to the country, the people who run it, and every day I learn a lot. I’ll tell you what happened today was, what I call, what others call, the ruling class, the political elite saw a vulnerability.

Any time a ranking member of the government who is already in the protected class, which is the Democrat Party, is in the crosshairs, they’re gonna circle the wagons and protect that person because they’re protecting themselves. And they’re protecting the institution of the government, in this case the State Department. They are not gonna permit a black eye. The purpose of this, not only to cleanse Hillary and her record and setting up her future, but this was about cleansing the oversight people and cleansing everybody in Congress, from the Senate or whatever that was supposed to make sure this kind of stuff didn’t happen and held people accountable, that didn’t happen. This was circle the wagons time and put on a dog and pony show to make the people think it’s been dealt with.


RUSH: Let me put this another way, folks. Very simply, what was the consensus of this hearing? What did Mrs. Clinton ultimately say was the problem in Benghazi? They needed more money. The real agenda here — the real objective at the end of the day of this hearing — was the State Department needs more money. The consulates need more money. The CIA stations need more money. We need more funding. At the end of the day, at the end of the Senate version of these hearings today, everybody was on that page. We need more funding. The attacks happened and we were unprepared. We didn’t have enough money.original
Our resources are spread thin after the two wars that Bush started in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have Al-Qaeda running loose in Iraq and so forth. So, in truth, what happened this morning and what’s gonna happen this afternoon with Hillary over at the House is really the ruling class staging a performance so that they can once again make the case for growing government. “We need more money. We need more consulates. We need more people, more security. It’s a terrible lesson that we’ve learned! We’re sorry that this happened. Four brave Americans are dead, which I take very personally. I know these people very, very, very well.”

But at the end of the day, the ruling class makes a pitch to expand the ruling class. The political elites, at the end of the day, have laid the groundwork for greasing their own skids, and that’s what this was today. This is not a cynical view. I’m just telling you what I heard everybody say. “The State Department, government, needs more money.” That was the consensus. When Mrs. Clinton said that it was a funding problem, that we need more resources, there wasn’t one senator who stood up and said, “Oh, I think we got plenty of money here, Mrs. Clinton!” That wasn’t said. I didn’t hear it said. Now, I don’t know. Rand Paul went into it pretty good and so did McCain.
But McCain let it drop after he got his statement in with the questions. Rand Paul said (paraphrased), “If I’da been president, I’d have fired you,” and that was as tough as it got, but that’s one guy. One guy. Every base was covered, and as far as those of us that are considered low-information people are concerned, our concerns were dealt with and now they move on, and there will now be the appropriate requests for additional funding to ensure that this kind of tragic event never, ever happens again. Because one time is one time too many. We can’t afford to lose American treasure in this way, and with additional funding and additional resources and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
So the political elites take care of themselves.

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