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RUSH: John Kerry, his confirmation hearings begin today for Secretary of State. I don’t know if you know this. He served in Vietnam, folks. He made that point in his opening statement.

KERRY: Senator McCain, as he mentioned, is a long-time friend. I will never forget standing with him in Hanoi, in the cell, in the Hanoi Hilton, in which he spent a number of years of his life, just the two of us, listening to him talk about that experience. I will always be grateful for his partnership in helping to make real peace with Vietnam. We were able to help heal deep wounds and end a war that had divided too many people for much too long. I can pledge to you that as a veteran of war I will always carry the consequences of our decisions in my mind.

RUSH: Who knew? Who knew? John Kerry served in Vietnam. What difference does it make, though? At this point, what the hell difference does it make that John Kerry served in Vietnam. Who knew? You know, I’m looking at these things in an entirely new… I’ve been watching this stuff all my life. And here I am, age 62 now. I just had a birthday, turned 62. And even now I see these things, like this hearing today, like Hillary yesterday on Benghazi. It’s a dog and pony show. It’s back scratch time. It’s people getting together in the same class, the ruling class in this case, the elites, and they’re praising each other and telling each other how wonderful they are. And how great they are and how much they’ve meant to themselves.

How much they’ve meant to the country and how much they’re going to mean to the country and aren’t we wonderful people and don’t we really care? And we’re really special. I’m really looking at all of this in a drastically different way now. This was a pure dog and pony show. There’s no question that Kerry’s going to be confirmed and there’s also no question in my mind he’s going to be a disaster. Because anybody who thinks like the people in this administration think, particularly as it relates to this country’s place in the world, this country’s history, has to be a disaster.

To these people, America’s always been wrong and they scratch each other’s backs while they talk about that. America’s always guilty. America’s always the one that’s made the transgressions. America always has to be the one to apologize. America has bullied people. And now we have people running the show who understand this. They’re going to make it right around the world. They’ll let everyone know we’re sorry for bullying them and we’re sorry for stealing their oil and we’re sorry for stealing their tin and we’re sorry for stealing their plutonium and we’re sorry for coming in and conquering their people. We understand how bad the United States has been and we’re all here to fix it. They get together at these confirmation hearings and basically tell each other how wonderful they all are.

They put these shows on knowing that the American people are watching, and the American people lap it up, think about how wonderful this is. Now, Lurch, our affectionate name for the haughty John Kerry, as you just heard, served in Vietnam. For those new to the program, it’s a standing joke. John Kerry, every time he opens his mouth, tells people he served in Vietnam. And so we simply make a joke out of it. John Kerry, who, by the way, you might not know, served in Vietnam. It’s impossible not to know because all he does is remind people about it. If you have to tell people how great you are, you’re not great. If you have to tell people what you’ve done, people don’t know or don’t care. If you have to constantly remind people about your achievements, they’re not very noteworthy then. And that’s John Kerry to a T. Anyway, he saw that it worked for Hillary. He saw that it worked for Oprah. He saw that Lance Armstrong should have done it and didn’t do it. So old Lurch worked up some tears over the great sacrifices made by America’s diplomats.

KERRY: Nearly 42 years ago, Chairman Fulbright first gave me the opportunity to testify before this committee during a difficult and divided time for our country. If you confirm me, I would take office as Secretary proud that the Senate is in my blood. But equally proud that so, too, is the foreign service. My father’s work under presidents both Democrat and Republican, took me and my siblings around the world for a personal journey that brought home the sacrifices and the commitment thr men and women of the foreign service make every day on behalf of America.

RUSH: Oh, wow, so you heard him crack up there. You heard him cry. Yes, I’m a cynic, folks. I think a lot of this is phony baloney plastic banana good time rock and roll. I’m sorry, I don’t think any of it is genuine. I think it’s all for show. This is a preordained thing. It’s a fait accompli.


What? Oh, no, I didn’t think of that. That is interesting. I just got an e-mail: “Given what Dick Gregory said, should Hillary thank the civil rights movement?” Dick Gregory said old, fat, ugly white stewardesses got the job, when you get on an airplane you’ll see that, the civil rights movement. This guy in the e-mail said, “Do you think Hillary –” (chuckling) Some of you people out there can be so mean. Some of you people out there can get me to say some of the most insensitive things.

Well, it’s kind of like the Academy Awards. I don’t know. When you sit around and listen to people talk about all their achievements and accomplishments and when you sit around listening to people talk about how great they are, it’s one thing. But when you realize these people are drinking their own Kool-Aid, I mean, John Kerry really thinks he’s the greatest thing strutting the earth. Probably even better than Obama. These people all think they’re special. They all think they’re a cut above. That’s why they’re in this elite club of the ruling class.

Anyway, he got heckled. John Kerry got heckled. As he once was a heckler, John Kerry got heckled and he appreciated it.

KERRY: I know there’s a lot of ground to cover. (heckler shouting) When I first came to Washington and testified, I obviously was testifying as part of a group of people who came here to have their voices heard. And that is, above all, what this place is about. So I respect — I think the woman who was voicing her concerns —

RUSH: Wow, man, he’s reminding us he was even a protester one time, too. He served in Vietnam. He was a war protester, and therefore he thanks the woman who showed up and heckled him. I wonder if he gave her the ticket to get in. That’s just the cynic in me asking the question. But what difference does it make at this point? What difference does any of it make?

Let’s go back to the archives, the Grooveyard of Forgotten Sound Bites. Let’s go back to April 22nd, 1971. That is, admittedly some decades ago, but these people don’t change. Once they’re liberals, they are, for the most part, these guys especially, are always liberals. Let’s go back and here is your next Secretary of State speaking on Capitol Hill during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Vietnam.

KERRY: They told the stories of times that they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power. Cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians. Raised villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan. Not isolated incidents, but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with a full awareness of officers at all levels of command.

RUSH: You see, ladies and gentlemen, this country is bad. This country, if left to its own devices, will always choose the bad thing to do, the wrong thing to do. And that is, again, I want to remind you of this — I think this is part and parcel of what being a leftist is or a liberal or a progressive or whatever. You don’t look out over the country and see people as good and decent. You see the opposite. You see incompetence. You see incapability. You see mean spiritedness, racism, bigotry, extremism. You’ve got to control it if you’re a liberal. You’ve got to control people.

Left to their own devices they’re always going to do the wrong thing. Left to their own devices people are always going to disappoint you. Left to their own devices people are always going to choose the wrong thing. Left to their own devices they’re always going to spend their money in the wrong way. You’ve gotta do it for them. You’ve got to give them their health care. You’ve got to get them to join the Army. They won’t do it on their own. Whatever it is, you have to control it. And that’s your next Secretary of State, John Kerry, here describing things that were, by the way, refuted with evidence shortly after these highly charged comments. Now, December 4, 2005, it was Face the Nation. And the guest, John Kerry, who, in case you don’t know, once served in Vietnam.

KERRY: There is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, women, breaking sort of the customs of the historical customs, religious customs, whether you like it or not. Iraqis should be doing that.

RUSH: Right. Iraqis ought to be doing the terrorist stuff. Iraqis ought to be raping, terrorizing, scaring the women and children, not Americans. It was never established. These were bogus charges. Remember the Marines at Haditha? All of those were bogus charges. The moment the charges were leveled, the Democrats raced to the microphones to accept the charges, to believe the charges, because their natural inclination is to believe the worst of this country. Their natural inclination is to believe the worst of the people. Some anti-military activist goes on television, accuses the Marines of raping women, scaring and terrorizing children. Must be true. Democrats race to the microphones to condemn it. That’s your next Secretary of State, John Kerry, who will divest his holdings to avoid conflicts.

“Secretary of State nominee John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry will divest in their holdings in dozens of companies.” Do you know that John Kerry via his wife is invested in private equity funds? Yeah, do you know that John Kerry is invested in hedge funds? You’re not supposed to do that. Those are evil people. Wall Street people. You’re not supposed to do that. You can’t have any of your Social Security invested there. They’ll steal it from you. John Kerry is — well, John Kerry doesn’t have anything. It’s his wife’s money. He also has stock in Big Oil.

We really have to stipulate, it’s Teresa Heinz Kerry that has the money. He glommed on to it via marriage. He might own his windsurf board but that’s it. She owns the cars, the planes, the houses. Anyway, they have investments in Big Oil. Big Oil. Yes, John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry. These are among the fattest fat cats in the country. In addition to Big Oil, Teresa Heinz Kerry is invested in the biggest defense contract. How can this be when these people run around and tell us we shouldn’t do that. We shouldn’t be investing in propping up the military industrial complex. We ought not be investing in Big Oil. We should be investing in wind, solar. We ought not be doing this, investing in hedge funds.

His wife has stock in Comcast. That’s NBC. Is that a conflict of interest? Where is the outrage? Of course there isn’t any outrage. How come Kerry never recused himself before. He’s been in the Senate 28 years. Not even when he was running for president. How come the watchdog media never questioned Kerry or even report on his tremendous wealth or extensive — they never do, because in truth it isn’t his. That’s their out. It isn’t his. So they’re out there running around bashing everybody else who is rich except those who are members of good standing in the ruling class.


RUSH: I also have to correct myself. John Kerry has a net worth himself of $193 million, independent of his wife’s. I did not know this. He has almost as much money as Mitt Romney. And he tried to escape taxes on his boat by putting it in Rhode Island. I wonder how he treats his dog on vacation.


RUSH: I really do need to correct this John Kerry stuff. I have to tell you, I was wrong. I still don’t know how this happened. I’m not aware that John Kerry has ever earned more than a Senate salary. But, according to this story from the Politico, John Kerry has an estimated net worth of $193 million. We know this because that’s mentioned in a letter to the State Department’s Office of the Legal Advisor. And this is where Kerry announced his intentions to divest from Big Oil, from Big TV, from Big Hedge Fund, Big Pharma. All these places that good liberals are not supposed to be invested in. Well, I know he had a bagel shop. But, really, I’m being serious, when I saw this just now, I was literally stunned. $193 million.

Here’s the kicker: If that $193 million net worth for Kerry who, by the way, served in Vietnam, if that number is true, it means that he’s lost a lot of money lately, because, according to the Forbes 400 survey, in 2004 Kerry himself was worth about $240 million. His wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is worth anywhere from $500 million to 1 billion on her own. I didn’t know. I didn’t know that Kerry had anywhere near that kind of money. Well, I’m not going to go there. But $240 million in 2004.

Now, for the record, Mitt Romney’s estimated net worth is $250 million. Or, to put this in perspective, Mitt Romney’s estimated net worth, is anywhere between one-third and one-fifth the wealth of John Kerry and his wife back in 2004. And yet we can’t have Romney be president. He’s rich. He’s a stinking rich fat cat. We don’t want Romney. He hides his money in the Caymans. He has Swiss bank accounts. Now, Kerry’s investments are in family trusts. You know why Kerry’s investments are in family trusts? To avoid paying taxes. It’s a trick that Kerry and the Clintons learned from the Kennedys.

So I just wanted to pass that on, because I don’t want people getting mad at me for saying that Kerry didn’t have any money until he married his wife. Apparently, he did. I don’t know where he got it. I don’t know how this happened. I don’t know how long he’s been married to Teresa. I don’t know if it’s gifts from her to him, payoffs, I have no clue. I don’t know what job he’s ever had. I don’t know what kind of investment or series of them pays off like that other than if you are a member of the ruling class, and they end up taking care of you.

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