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RUSH: Do you know that name “Jerome Boger”? You don’t? Okay, get ready.

Jerome Boger has been named the referee for the Super Bowl. Jerome Boger — not that it matters; I’m just a believer in providing all the information possible — is African-American. It turns out that a whole lot of NFL officials (“over a hundred”) are really upset about this. There are a couple stories about this, one on the NBC Pro Football Talk blog. “Several officials told Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports that they believe the league office first decided it wanted to give the game to Boger, then changed his grades so that he would come out as the top-rated referee in the league for the 2012 season and therefore earn the Super Bowl assignment.”

In other words, the allegation is out there that Boger did not have a good year as a ref, that he had a lot of “demerits,” if you will. The officials are rated every week. The thought is that the league, for some reason (I don’t know what it would be), wanted Jerome Boger to ref the game. I’m just telling you what’s being reported. Here’s a quote for an official in this story: “It’s disheartening, and you never think at this level that would happen.” It’s the NFL, the creme de la creme. You wouldn’t think this kind of stuff would happen.

“It’s the individuals running the show,” i.e., the league office “that have created this mess. If you talk to 121 guys, there will be 100-plus who say the system is horrendous.” So the allegation is out there that the league wanted Jerome Boger. I have no idea why. I couldn’t possibly guess.
The league wants Jerome Boger, but he didn’t grade sufficiently well to earn the assignment, and so other people are alleging that the league went back in and gave him better grades than he actually had earned so that he would get the assignment.

Folks, it’s just another slash at the NFL. I don’t know if any of this is true. I’m just telling you what’s out there in the news today. So you got the family of Junior Seau suing for the fact that nobody told Junior he could get hurt playing the game. And anybody else that played, they never told ’em they could get brain injuries, never told ’em that they could get hurt. They hid that from all the players.

All these players who have been playing this game never knew that they could get injured. So they got that lawsuit; you got thousands of other NFL players in a class-action lawsuit saying the same thing. Now you’ve got this Jerome Boger thing. I don’t mean to pick on him. Look, folks, I didn’t write the story. It’s just out there. Oh, and then they got these two guys, Tim Brown and Jerry Rice, accusing the coach of the Raiders throwing the Super Bowl ten years ago.

They say the Bucs really weren’t gonna win that game and Bill Callahan, the coach, threw it; sabotaged his own team. Now, this story at NBC, the blog, says, “In fairness to Boger, it should be noted that we don’t know if these anonymous officials have an axe to grind themselves. And if it’s really true that more than 100 of the 121 officials think the system is broken, then the officials themselves deserve some blame:

“They shouldn’t have voted to ratify their Collective Bargaining Agreement at the end of the lockout in September if that CBA didn’t fix a broken system. … NFL spokesman Michael Signora, however, told Yahoo, ‘There is no merit to the suggestion that Jerome Boger’s grades were treated differently from those of any other official.’ Right or wrong, it’s clear that some officials don’t believe that.” (interruption) No, I’m telling you: I don’t know why. I have no idea why the league would want to pick one official over any other to referee the game. I have no clue. I couldn’t possibly tell you that.


RUSH: Okay, here’s the latest on the Jerome Boger situation. Jerome Boger, he will be the second African-American official to referee the Super Bowl. I think Mike Carey was first. Wild guess. But I think it was Mike Carey, who is a great official, but the controversy is that Jerome Boger did not grade out high enough to win this assignment, and this allegation is being made by other officials in a Yahoo Sports story. These other officials are upset that Boger got it. They claim that his grades were revised upward after the fact by the league.

No, I have no idea why the league would want to put Boger in there over anybody else. How can anybody possibly know that? What possible reason could anybody come up with to explain that? Anyway, the league is saying, “No, we didn’t go in after the fact and change Jerome Boger’s grades.” Now the league is saying, “Wait a minute, the top graded official does not always get the Super Bowl. That’s something misunderstood by people. It’s not true that the highest graded referee every season gets the Super Bowl assignment.” So the plot is thickening on this story as details come out.

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