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RUSH: Here’s a story right up Snerdley’s alley. Twin Cities. “The University of Minnesota –” I’m not kidding here “– is set to hold an event this spring designed to help its female undergraduate students achieve more and greater orgasms. The universityÂ’s official online description of the event entitled, ‘The Female Orgasm,’ describes it as open to both male and female students. ‘Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,’ reads the description posted on the schoolÂ’s official events calendar. ‘Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help you girlfriend, Kate and Marshall cover it allÂ…’ it adds. ‘Are you coming?’ it asks.

“The description of the event, which is hosted by the universityÂ’s Office of Diversity and Equity’s Women’s Center,” it’s a university sponsored event “does not say whether there is an age requirement. While the average age of undergraduates at UMTC is 21, it is not uncommon for students to enroll at the age of 17.” By the way, batteries are not included at this event. You have to bring your own.

“A university spokeswoman, Patricia Mattern, however, suggested there is in fact no age requirement in an e-mail statement to Campus Reform on Monday. ‘This educational workshop is open to the full university community and participation is voluntary,’ she said. … The program is costing the university $3,406 and is part of the universityÂ’s mission of ‘research,’ she added.”

Now, I don’t think that this is a satire piece. It could well be. The website is called Campus Reform, and it’s ostensibly from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Orgasm aficionados attending an event designed to help female undergraduate students achieve more and greater. Dawn, if you’re daughter attended this school and that thing, what would your reaction be? You wouldn’t be happy, right? How many of you guys hearing this say you volunteer to be professor? (laughing) How many — he-he-he — how many, “Hey, I’ll show up and teach. No charge. I’ll do it gratis, I’ll comp it.” This sounds like a thing made to order for Shawty Lo, the guy in Atlanta, the rapper, 11 kids with ten baby mamas. I’m not making it up, folks. The university’s Office of Diversity and Equity’s Women’s Center

I don’t think this is a prank post. There’s a poster for it. I heart the female orgasm.


RUSH: You know, the press release here on the orgasm seminar at the University of Minnesota doesn’t say anything about lessons on faking it. Well, I assume it’s hands on experience. How else are you gonna do this? But there’s nothing here about fake orgasms. And I don’t know whether they’re gonna be giving away cigarettes. Everybody knows an orgasm leads to smoking. Everybody knows that. I’m assuming that orgasms are covered under Obamacare.

The cost of this thing, $3,406. That’s what it’s gonna cost the university. Why is this gonna cost anybody anything? It must be. The 3,000 bucks must be for the cigarettes, the postcoital tobacco bliss. Exactly right.


Here’s Jennifer in Columbia, South Carolina. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. We are really proud to say that here at the University of South Carolina we evidently have pamphlets all over about the female orgasm course that’s gonna be taking place at 8pm tonight here in Columbia. So I just wanted to make you aware that it sounds like it’s not just one university that has it.

RUSH: Wait a second. Are you telling me that this is nationwide?

CALLER: Well, I can say that it’s here in South Carolina. And, you know, honestly I think President Obama should weigh in on it, because for some people, sex and orgasms can be deadly. It could be very dangerous for our universities to be teaching this, and he needs to weigh in on it.

RUSH: Well, you’re talking about the concept of orgasm fairness.

CALLER: Well, sure. Absolutely.

RUSH: Orgasm redistribution.

CALLER: And as a married woman of 19 years and 41 years old, a successful executive here in Columbia, I mean, I am not offended at all, let’s just say it that way, by having to be told what to do with my husband. And for young women not to be able to figure that out with the person of their choice, is just ridiculous. I have two sons. They might need to have the class for the sons, too, because I’m not sure they can figure it out, So, you know, let’s be fair about it.

RUSH: You think there’s some guys that may — okay. Well, we’re learning things. It’s not just the University of Minnesota where the orgasm seminar, female orgasm seminar is taking place.

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