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RUSH: Kathryn and I last night went to a dinner here in Palm Beach that honored Navy SEALs. The place was sold out. There were 400 people there, tables of ten and 12, and we went with a bunch of friends. You know, we at TwoIfByTea.com, we sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, and they have an annual big dinner at the Waldorf Hysteria and a number of other satellite events. And every time, particularly with where the country is now in a pop culture sense, every time I find myself at one of these events I feel like I’ve gone back in a time warp. Honor, dignity, trustworthiness, all these great character traits that you find in the military. The dignity, the honor, integrity, devotion, patriotism, the respect the uniformed military personnel have for the military, for their own institutions.

It really reminds me a couple, three years ago we went to a Horatio Alger dinner, annual dinner, where this is people who have come up from nothing to make something of themselves. They really started from nothing and become the pinnacle, the best at what they do. And I was listening to every award winner, every recipient make a speech, and it was in Washington, and Obama was present since it was in his first term. And what I was hearing all these people say, you don’t hear anymore. Talking about the route to success, hard work, what it took, respect for and love for their families and so forth, and greatness of America residing in freedom and liberty and the opportunity for people to invest in themselves however they wish and be the best they could be.

I remember telling you when I heard that I felt like I was in a time warp ’cause a few blocks down the road is the White House where Obama is, and we don’t hear anything like that from any American leader. Except we did hear it from Rubio yesterday, which is one of the reasons that I was praiseworthy, because he has this kind of story, his family, immigrants, in fact. But this dinner last night which honored the Navy SEALs and benefited the Navy SEAL museum, which is in Fort Pierce, Florida, which I didn’t know. You can arrange a tour. The Navy SEAL museum is in Fort Pierce.

It was just uplifting. The honor guard came in and I took my picture with the honor guard, and they had this great entertainer, this guy walking around. He gave me his business card in the bathroom. The Singing Sailor. And you can hire this guy and he runs out, he does rat pack impersonations. He sings like Sinatra and Dean Martin and these guys. It’s uplifting and inspiring whenever you attend a military event like this, and I’ll tell you it was packed, and it was great. It’s a sobering thing to do because it’s a great reminder of what’s still possible because of what still is in a few pockets in our country and what was once the majority of the country.

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