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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s some very unsettling celebrity news. KStew and RPattz, it isn’t working. You You remember the problem that they had. These are the two stars of the Twilight series. Have you seen those movies, Rachel? (interruption) You’ve seen one? (interruption) Well, what happened was that Kristin Stewart is 21 or 22. She went out and she had an affair with the director/producer of some other movie that she was in, and RPattz, Robert Pattinson, was crushed. He was devastated. He was destroyed! He sold the house that they shared together somewhere in the Hollywood Hills and he moved out.

She moved in with her biker mom, and it was heartbreak, folks. It was. Hollywood was turned upside down. I mean, people were distraught. So after some time they put it back together, at least publicly. By the time their latest Dracula movie came out last November, they went out and did their joint red carpet stuff and looked like they were back together, and Hollywood was relieved. Everybody was happy that KStew and RPattz were back together. She forever swore off that director. That director’s wife has since divorced him, Liberty Bell or whatever her name was. And now comes this news. It’s from Radar Online.

By the way, I looked at Radar Online. I couldn’t find anything about economic growth there. There was nothing. There wasn’t anything on the Hagel nomination. There was nothing on economic growth on the Radar Online, nothing on the fourth quarter contracting, nothing about gun control or immigration. The lead story at Radar Online is this exclusive, that Kristen Stewart is fuming at Robert Pattinson ’cause he’s not being attentive enough. He’s neglecting her. He’s over in Australia. He’s filming a movie.

With the time difference, he’s not texting her, not calling her, and she’s distraught.

She thinks that he’s neglecting her, according to the source here, and she’s told him he better check in more often, and that she misses him and she thinks that he’s messing around and ignoring her, not paying attention, playing hard-to-get. She’s already been through enough. The source here says, “With Robert out the country, a thousand miles away working in Australia, Kristen has been missing him badly. The time difference is 18-and-a-half hours … so it’s proving a difficulty for them to speak to each other regularly and easily.”

Hollywood’s terribly distressed about this. Very, very upset. Justin Timberlake. Oh, no! You know Justin Timberlake, he married Jessica Biel. That was supposed to be heaven on earth. Hollywood was ecstatic about that (all except for Cameron Diaz is jealous, but she said no). So Timberlake, he went dormant when it comes to singing and putting out albums. He is out doing other stuff. He’s doing movies. He’s opening southern cooking stores, restaurants, dating Cameron Diaz and other women. He finally settled on Jessica Biel, then went back to the recording studio for his first album in six years: 20/20 Experience. It comes out on March 19th.

He released a premiere single to promote the album. The name of the single, Suit and Tie. It has Jay-Z On it, and it’s bombing. Now everybody’s wondering why. Is it because Jay-Z’s on there or because of the six-year absence or is it because everybody wishes he’d married Cameron Diaz? This is the stuff that low-information voters are consuming today and it’s got ’em all in a tizzy, folks. Between the KStew and RPattz now and now Timberlake’s single not doing well, the low-information voters are gonna be tuning in tonight, Entertainment Tonight and TMZ to find out if these people put it all back together.

Plus, Sharon Stone! Sharon Stone, who’s now 54, was dating a guy 27 and she’s broken up. It was Martin Mica. They dated eight months, and according to Radar Online again, where you found nothing about the economy, nothing about gun control, nothing about immigration, but I found this. Sharon Stone said (paraphrased), “No, it’s not the age difference. I had no problem with that. I like 27-year-old guys. They got all kinds of energy. I mean, I’m made for 27-year-old guys. The problem is that my bags are philanthropy, politics, and activism and this 27-year-old kid’s not into that. All of his energy doesn’t do me any good ’cause I’m interesting in philanthropy, politics, and activism.”

Sharon Stone and the 27-year-old guy broke it off after the holidays. Sharon Stone too busy with her three sons and her professional life now to carry on a relationship.

This is this stuff that has the low-information voter on edge today.


RUSH: I don’t know about you, folks, I just hate to see politics end such a beautiful relationship as Sharon Stone and Martin Mica. I mean, she’s 54, he’s 27, exactly half of her age. He’s got plenty of energy for her, that’s what she likes, but not activism and politics and such. Don’t you just hate it when politics ends beautiful relationships? I don’t know if this guy doing yard work would help, Mike, mowing the lawn, could be, but too late now. It’s just a shame. Not too late, maybe RPattz could tell KStew that’s what he’s doing over there and that’s why he can’t text her. It might help. Never know.

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