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RUSH: “Gov. Chris Christie paid tribute Thursday night to President Barack Obama,” once again, “thanking him for his help in successfully passing the Hurricane Sandy aid bill in January, and continuing the unlikely public alliance between the Republican and Democrat. Delivering his keynote speech at a New Jersey Chamber of Commerce dinner, Christie thanked Senators Bob Menendez and Frank Lautenberg, also in attendance, before he added, ‘I will end the political portion of this program by thanking the President of the United States.'”

Now, the last I heard (and I admit that I was surprised by this) there were still millions of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans without electricity and without heat. I don’t think a Republican president would be getting accolades, certainly not from a Democrat. I know that would be the case. Don’t forget Governor Cuomo saying, “I have never seen any president work faster and do more and accomplish more than President Obama in the aftermath here of Hurricane Sandy,” and it seems nothing’s gotten done. So everybody’s patting each other on the back here.

“Christie’s praise for Obama was met with a round of applause from an audience of as many as 900 New Jersey lawmakers and political operatives from both parties, gathered in the Marriott Wardman Park ballroom for the Chamber’s annual ‘Walk to Washington’ event in the nation’s capitol. Christie told the crowd [he] was invited to the White House to discuss the Sandy aid package about three days before the president was set to send his proposal for the bill to Congress.

“‘I won’t talk about how our conversation went — that’s between me and the president,’ said Christie. ‘But I’ll let you all know it was a lot of fun.'” See, folks, it’s this kind of stuff, I’m telling you, that made me think that they had fixed everything. Again, I really want to assure you: I’m not trying to stir anything up. I’m actually embarrassed. I feel kind of foolish for allowing myself to believe that they’ve gotten most of the repair work done, or that they were well enough down the road that success signs were all over the place, progress was all over the place.

It turns out there hasn’t been anything done, and yet they’re still praising Obama!

We just got the bill, and of course nothing can be done ’til we get the bill.

The bill is filled with pork, by the way.

I mean, there is money for states that the hurricane didn’t even touch.

Christie said, “I want to thank the president again. He has been extraordinary.” See, it’s quotes like that that made me think that a lot of progress had been made toward turning electricity back on, rebuilding, or starting the rebuilding process down on the beach, on the shore, and some of the devastated homes. Now I know that there hasn’t been much happen at all, and yet they’re out there thanking each other left and right.

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