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RUSH: All right, folks, time for my Super Bowl pick. Now, in the past, as you know, we’ve sometimes spent close to entire hours analyzing and picking the Super Bowl winner with Ken Hutcherson, affectionately known as The Hutch in Seattle. Frankly, my interest in this year’s Super Bowl is not nearly as great, not even close as it has been in the past, and there are a number of reasons for it, and you probably are shocked to hear that, but if you’ve listened carefully, you also know what the reasons are.

Here’s the way I look at this game. Both teams are pretty equal on the rap sheet. The 49ers are obviously on defense. They’ve been embarrassed, and they’ve got some explaining to do on gay rights, gays in the locker room and gay marriage. The Ravens are very confident on that score. The Ravens had to make no apologies, make no excuses about that, but the 49ers have been asking for forgiveness all week. They’ve been making excuses, the coaches had to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Terrell Suggs says, “Ah, we got no problem, we’re hip to it.” But the 49ers, they’ve been knocked off whatever momentum they had. They’ve been knocked off the pace they were on. And as such, they may face a tougher obstacle, bigger row to hoe when Sunday comes. Brian, do you know what the points are? I think I saw three-and-a-half, but I don’t know who’s getting the points.

I’ll have to go with the Ravens in this case — especially since you have a team from San Francisco that really has been knocked off its game here on the issue of gays in the locker room, gay marriage, gay rights. They ought to be leading in that score. And they’re not. The Ravens are clearly dominant. It just means the 49ers don’t have their minds right. Ravens do. So I don’t think it matters, Ray Lewis’ last game, although it might, but I don’t think that’s really one of the deciding factors. So take the Ravens and either lay the points or give the points, whatever you need to do.

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