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RUSH: Let me grab Todd here. Port Clinton, Ohio. I’m glad you waited, Todd. You’re on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos for the most lovable El Rushbo.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir, appreciate it.

CALLER: Gosh, for everything that I’m calling you on, I’m calling you on this. The TMZ outreach and your low-information outreach is worthless. First of all, they’re not listening to Rush Limbaugh between 12 and three.

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: They’re not coming home from a fast-food job and getting on the computers to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s show.

RUSH: Now, see…

CALLER: (garbled)

RUSH: Todd? Todd, hang on just a second. Two weeks ago, three weeks ago, a month ago, you might have been right. That’s what “outreach” is about. We’re trying to show them that we know what they know and care about what they care about, too. And, by the way, the whole show is not about that stuff. But I must admit to you, Todd, I enjoy talking about it!

CALLER: I disagree.

RUSH: I love talking about this stuff.

CALLER: Sir, I’ve been listening to you for 17 years, and for the last 16-1/2 years you have not been talking about it and I did not miss one thing. All these people you talking about, half of them I don’t know who they are, and the only reason why I know anything about ’em is because of you.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: I just found out who Lady Gaga was ’til six months ago.

RUSH: You don’t know how right you are. You are so right! In the old days, if I don’t talk about it it’s not worth you knowing about it. So you didn’t know about it if you didn’t hear it from me. That’s exactly the way it was.

CALLER: But you’re using your own words against yourself.


CALLER: It’s not worth talking about.

RUSH: Oh, yes, it is. We have a different challenge now.

CALLER: Why are you talking about it?

RUSH: We have a different challenge. Todd. We just can’t speak to the choir here. We just can’t.

CALLER: I know, because I have friends that if they even knew —

RUSH: And, Todd, I’ll tell you something else.

CALLER: — I was on the phone with you —

RUSH: It’s not wall-to-wall. We mix it in. It’s not even 5% of the program content measured over the course of a week. We only talk about the really important and really cool low-information stuff.

CALLER: Most of these people —

RUSH: We provide serious analysis of the low-information stuff, too.

CALLER: Most of these people, they have one way of thinking. What they think, it is.

RUSH: You know what Jesus said, Todd?

CALLER: You cannot tell them it’s wrong.

RUSH: Todd, do you know what Jesus said? “Go where the sinners are.” I heard the same message when I did my first Rush to Excellence appearance in Reno. I had people say, “You can’t go to Reno! That’s not family values territory.” I said, “Jesus said, ‘Go to where the sinners are.'” Not that the low-information voters are sinners, but we’re trying to change them. We’re trying to bring them up to your level. We gotta go get ’em somehow, Todd, and there’s better equipped than me to do it.


RUSH: One measure of the success of our low-information outreach is that now everybody’s using that phrase, “low-information voter.” We started that. It’s taken off out there, Todd. Just stick with me, Todd. You haven’t gone wrong yet.

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