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RUSH: Not long ago, ladies and gentlemen, there were a rash of deaths within the political ranks of the Democrat Party. And for every one of them the Clintons showed up. Bill and Hillary showed up at every one of these famous Democrat funerals and made the whole funeral about them. And we produced a little bit called The Funeral Crashers.

(playing of spoof)

You know, that reminds me, it was the Coretta Scott King funeral, and Bill Clinton showed up. He was one of the eulogists, and it took him 45 or 50 minutes before he even mentioned her name, and we put that in the bit you just heard. (imitating Clinton) “And, by the way, I just want to make sure everybody knows, there’s a woman in that casket.” He said that. He honestly said, “There’s a woman in that casket.” It’s a closed casket, I guess. His speech was all about him and Bush and weapons of mass destruction.

Well, it happened. The Clintons crashed another funeral, this time in New York this morning. The memorial service for the former mayor, Ed Koch.

CLINTON: He really weighed in when I was trying to pass the crime bill in 1995. He supported more police on the street, the limitation on the size of ammunition clips, the ban on assault weapons, and governor, he’d be very proud of you today.

RUSH: So Clinton basically was eulogizing Koch by saying, “Hey, he supported my agenda, and that’s why I’m here.” And he wasn’t through. Somehow Clinton worked Viagra into the routine.

CLINTON: He said, “You know, we’ve gotta do something to convince these young people to quit smoking, and there’s just been a new study saying that it impacts virility.” And he said, “You know, this Viagra is a big deal.” This letter is hilarious. He said, “Now, politicians don’t like to talk about this, especially among young people, but young people are way more sophisticated than older people and they get this, and it doesn’t work to tell people they’re gonna get cancer or respiratory diseases, go after the virility argument.”

RUSH: So there you have it, the class indignity, Ed Koch memorial service, Bill Clinton crashing the funeral to praise Koch’s allegiance to Clinton’s agenda and then somehow working Viagra into the routine.

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