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RUSH: Sylvia, Clinton Township, New Jersey, great to have you up first today. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You know, the thing is, I don’t think that Karl Rove and that party are trying to get rid of the Tea Party. I think they’re trying to get rid of the idiots that just splash over onto everybody else and make you look like the stupid party, as Bobby Jindal says. And realistically Rush, you don’t help. I mean, when you call a law student a slut, that just offends a lot of people, and when you, like, say all these — you know, the stuff about no common ground, et cetera, when the president puts forth a health plan that is basically the Heritage Foundation plan and Mitt Romney’s plan and no Republican will work with him and get additional things, like, you know, tort reform —

RUSH: I’m sorry, Sylvia, I’m sorry, you’re misrepresenting who you are obviously. If you can’t call here and be honest about who you are, it doesn’t make any sense for me to talk to you. You and I have no common ground, and you are illustrating my precise point. You mischaracterize things I say. You mischaracterize what’s going on in the Republican Party. You’re an Obamaite, which is fine and dandy, but you and I don’t have any common ground, and there isn’t any right now between the Republicans and Democrats. And that is just the way the Democrats want it.


RUSH: Sorry about that, folks. Sylvia is a seminar caller. She’s from Rutgers. She’s from New Jersey. She’s well known. But you see Snerdley is a sucker for people who tell him they love me. He thinks I’m so underappreciated. He thinks that people don’t have enough appreciation for me, so when a caller tells him that they love me… I’m giving you,,, (singing) Seminar Caller… because I want to use the tune, hoping to hear from more of you. That’s how you get past Snerdley, just tell him you love me and you don’t think I get enough recognition.

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