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RUSH: Do you know that the president thinks it’s okay to ask him questions about his drone strikes? It’s okay. Nothing will happen to you if you ask questions. At the White House press briefing today, Jay Carney, the White House spokeskid, actually said this.

CARNEY: He thinks that it is legitimate to ask questions about how we prosecute the war against Al-Qaeda. It is something that he has discussed internally. It is his belief in these issues, his belief that we need to move forward with more transparency, as well as create, in his words, a legal framework around how these decisions are made.

RUSH: Wow, how big of him. Folks, do you realize this is really magnanimous. President Obama thinks it’s perfectly legitimate to ask questions about how we’re gonna prosecute the war against Al-Qaeda. I guess there had been some question about whether or not questions were permitted. But now I guess it’s okay. Some people wondered whether or not it was permissible to inquire. Now the regime has said that they will permit inquiry. Permission is given to ask questions about this. And furthermore, do you know Obama has discussed internally, as he believes it’s necessary to do, he’s discussed internally his belief that we need to move forward more transparency.

So Obama has told people in the Oval Office (paraphrasing), “You know, we need to make sure people have a better idea of what we’re doing here.” His belief is to be more transparent? This memo was leaked. They didn’t put this out. This drone strike thing didn’t get announced. This memo was leaked. Well, somebody leaked it. I mean, probably purposefully, obviously, but they were still trying to keep this under wraps. But now that it’s out there, because Obama’s perfectly fine and his belief that we move forward with more transparency has created a legal framework around how these decisions are made. I thought that had been done. You know, I’ve just been assuming too much. Well, I know the legal framework was done during Bush’s time, but I don’t think so, Snerdley.

See, here’s the thing that gets me about this. It wasn’t all that long ago that the New York Times and all the rest of the libs — it was during the campaign — were praising Obama for personally picking the targets on the kill list. Do you remember that? They were doing these stories to show us how brave and courageous and tough Obama is. He’s not your typical liberal softy. He’s not your typical liberal pansy pantywaist when it comes to the military. He is personally picking the targets on the drone kill list. They told us that. Now the same news organizations are doing stories about how dangerous it is that the president has reserved for himself the ability and the authority to just kill anybody that they think might be involved with terrorism, Al-Qaeda and all that, that they think.

Now there’s a little concern. What happened to all this praise for how gutsy, no nonsense, brave, and courageous President Obama is. You know, Congress had asked for this memo and others, and the White House had refused, while talking about all this transparency. They’ve been asking for this, these memos on the kill list, for years from Obama. And now we got a big 180 here. Oh, yeah, perfectly fine to ask questions. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna get any answers, by the way, but at least we won’t send you to the firing squad for asking. That’s the message here. We will not punish you for asking. You’re perfectly entitled to ask. You’re gonna get diddly-squat, know that going in, but we’ll entertain the questions, and you will walk out alive. You will not be imprisoned. We’ll not throw you in the dungeon with the rest of our political prisoners, like the guy that did the video who’s still in jail.

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