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RUSH: We talked yesterday about Chris Dorner, the renegade former cop in LA. They think he mighta gone to Mexico. They’ve also learned that he knows how to fly an airplane. So they may be droning the guy if they can find him. But you have to hear this. This is on CNN this morning on Newsroom with the anchorette Carol Costello, and she’s talking to a satellite radio host about how some people are seeing Chris Dorner as a hero, as a vigilante hero, as a guy who was getting away with what needs to be gotten away with. He’s a guy who’s calling attention to the racial discrimination and discrepancies in this country, to the racial inequities.

He’s got a cheering section on Twitter and Facebook. This guy’s a modern-day hero. He’s being called “a modern-day Django.” He’s being urged on. He’s being supported wildly by hundreds of thousands and it may number in the millions of people. So Carol Costello said, “Okay, Dorner fan sites with titles like ‘We’re all Chris Dorner’ and the ‘Christopher Dorner Appreciation Society’ are popping up on Facebook, and on Twitter the hashtag GoDornerGo. Now, let’s review: Chris Dorner, a disgruntled LAPD officer fired from his job, accused of killing three people. He taunted the father of one of his victims saying he shoulda done a better job protecting his daughter. Why do some see this guy as a vigilante hero? Where’s this coming from?”

PETE DOMINICK: It’s coming from an exclusive ignorance, uh, for those of you who are born — privileged to be born — white in America. I mean, if you don’t understand with some perspective the history of this country and racial violence, um, oftentimes perpetrated by those in law enforcement — or “the owner,” if you will. If you don’t understand that history in this country, and if you don’t understand specifically the history of the LA Police Department and black folks, uh, then you won’t understand this. Black folks in America have been targeted by law enforcement. And I don’t want to generalize here at all, but specifically by, of course, law enforcement for generations in this country.

RUSH: So you see?

This is simply decades-old grievance finally being addressed — and the LAPD is the modern equivalent of the slave owner. That’s what he said here. “[T]he history of this country and racial violence, um, oftentimes perpetrated by those in law enforcement — or ‘the owner,’ if you will,” meaning the slave owner. “If you don’t understand that history in this country, and if you don’t understand specifically the history of the LA Police Department and black folks, uh, then you won’t understand this.” So we’re supposed to now understand now that the guy is smart. Yesterday what did we hear from Steve Roberts, former Newsweek reporter and now a professor of journalism somewhere?

(paraphrased) “We have to understand this man. He’s very bright. This guy is extremely smart, and he’s black, and because of those two things, we can’t make hasty judgments. We have to endeavor to understand.” Just like we had to understand the “art” that was present in all the books and movies about assassinating George W. Bush. Now, you know as well as I do that if this guy were white and had a list of conservatives that were his mentors and people who were inspiring him, there wouldn’t be any sympathy at all. There wouldn’t be hashtags, websites, Twitter, Facebook supporting this guy at all. There would be mad calls to end all talk radio, to get rid of Fox News.

Now we’re to sit here and say this guy is great?

It’s like the Unabomber. He was called a fallen angel, a fallen liberal. This Dorner is finally doing what shoulda been done a long time ago. Before this is all over, somebody is going to make the demand that the LAPD apologize to Dorner and take him back with back pay. Mark my words. Roland Martin was also on this CNN show. Carol Costello said, “Roland, why at this particular time? This man’s still out there. He’s still so dangerous. Why bring all this history up? Why? I mean, sure there was racial segregation. Sure there was racial discrimination. Sure there was slavery a couple hundred years ago. Why in the world is this guy justified in what he’s doing because of that?”

MARTIN: In talking about Dorner, we can’t act as if what he has to say should not be discussed. Why can’t we talk about both? Why can’t we condemn him? Why can’t we say he is heinous for what he did, but then say, “Wait a minute. What is he talking about as it relates to police officers?” When you talk about the Ramparts Division, when you talk about the history of the LAPD, depending upon where you live you see them as being terrorists.

RUSH: So this guy’s a vigilante here.

The LAPD are the terrorists and they always have been, and this guy is totally justified. It is this kind of depraved immorality that is gonna cause all of this progressivism to collapse on itself. This stuff can’t sustain. You can’t build solid, functioning civil societies on this kind of belief system. You just can’t do it. It will not support itself. This is corrupt, and it’s grievance based, and that means it’s filled with rage and anger. There’s nothing civil about it. There’s no decency here. There’s no common sense being utilized whatsoever. This guy simply presents an opportunity for a bunch of grievance-filled leftists to take the occasion of his murder spree to use to their political advantage. It just goes to show that the left will take every event out there and politicize it in ways they think benefit them.


RUSH: Now, Chris Dorner? Oh, yeah. We’re supposed to understand him. Okay. Let me ask Roland Martin and any of you others: What kind of efforts are you making to understand all of the killers in Chicago? You know, there’s a lot of black kids, young black kids being gunned down in Chicago in record numbers. Now, I didn’t know that LA was such a racist place. It’s been run by Democrats for so many years, I really didn’t know that. Hollywood? I had no idea LA was such a hotbed of racism! I knew about Watts and this kind of thing, but I didn’t know the whole place was.

What about Chicago? I mean, this guy Dorner is a piker compared to some of the murderers in Chicago. Are we to understand them? Are we to dig deep to find the source of their grievance? Is Christopher Dorner ultimately exempted from the law here because of his much-needed grievance addressing? Is that where we’re headed? I mean, this guy’s taken care of 200 years of slavery and wiping it out, getting even for all of that. Does that mean he will not be held accountable to the law? Absurdity.


RUSH: Let me ask you a quick question. Back in 2007-2008 during the presidential campaign, would you have ever believed that if we elected a black president, that the principal focus of the news would be race? Wasn’t the election of a black president supposed to end that? Isn’t that what many people who voted for Obama thought? Didn’t a lot of people vote for Obama because, “Okay, fine! If we elect a black president, then we’ve erased the original sin of slavery,” or as close to that as is possible? “We will demonstrate, if we elect a black president, that we’re not a racist country anymore.”

I know a lot of people voted for Obama on that basis. I guarantee you back in 2007-2008, if you’da told people — and I did, by the way, and people told me they thought I was full of it. I said, “Racial problems in this country are gonna get worse.”

People said, “What do you mean? How can you possibly say that!” I mean, I really got slammed. People reacted to me really angrily. “What do you mean? How can you say that?”

“Because any shred of criticism of the new black president’s gonna be said to be racist. The race industry is gonna thrive,” I said. “People like the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton are gonna have field days. It’s not gonna erase anything. It is going to give birth to brand-new racial discrimination. It’s gonna amplify it, because that’s what the race industry’s all about.”

Lo and behold, here we are in 2013, and the principal focus of the news is race.

Now more than ever, the only issue we face in this country is race and our racist history. We haven’t erased anything, and it’s not even inner city unemployment. No! What we have is a former LA cop, who happens to be black, on a shooting spree, and people are coming out and not just encouraging him, but defending him, on the basis that we as a country deserve it because of our wretched, racist slave past. “It’s about time we owned up to it and it’s about time we faced it!” After decades of affirmative action, after decades of quotas, after decades of who knows what policy here and policy there to address these injustices of the past, it’s like it never happened.

It’s like we have not done one thing to make amends for the original sin of slavery in this country. It’s the singular focus of the news. It is the singular most animating aspect of news coverage today. It’s the single most animating aspect of journalists. The reason they are in the tank for Obama is race, pure and simple. Because they have grown up being educated and taught that this country is immoral, unjust, improper, ill-founded, and here we are. Just take yourself back to 2007-2008 in the midst of the campaign. We were on the verge of making history, electing the first black president, first black first lady.

Would you have believed if somebody told you, “I guarantee you the singular focus of the news every day is gonna be racial matters”? If somebody predicted, “Yeah, in four years a black former cop will be running around shooting people, and we’re gonna be told he’s a hero,” would you have believed it? No. You woulda thought just the exact opposite. Now more than ever, the only issue we face is race and our racist history. We can’t get past it. That and this spending. I still can’t get over this Steny Hoyer. “We have a ‘paying for it’ problem; we don’t have a spending problem.” Steny Hoyer is one of the dolts that we’re gonna have to watch tonight stand up and applaud.

By the way, speaking of that, didn’t Obama or didn’t Jay Carney say yesterday — didn’t the regime put out news — that we fixed the debt? The debt’s been fixed. The debt’s done. We’ve addressed the debt problem, especially if the sequester happens. See, Dingy Harry said we’ve had $2.6 trillion in spending cuts, budget cuts, and then the sequester’s another $1.2 to $1.4 billion. That gives us a total of $4 trillion. The debt is done! Obama’s gonna say that tonight. He’s gonna say job creation’s on the move. He’s gonna say debt reduction’s taken place and we got our spending in line. It’s now in control, and everything’s ready to roll.

There’s gonna be a standing ovation for that, and a Misstatement of the Union, and I have to watch it. No, I can’t farm this one out. This, I have to watch. Kathryn and I are gonna bring the dogs in. We’re gonna put GOP collars on the dogs and put them in front of the TV. We’ll watch it as a family and we’ll try to make it as enjoyable an evening as possible. Two more sound bites on Christopher Dorner. This is last night on The NewsHour, PBS. The coanchor Ray Suarez was interviewing the mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa.

During a discussion about the LAPD reopening the case of the former cop Chris Dorner, Ray Suarez says to Villaraigosa: “In recent days your police chief, Charlie Beck, has announced he wants to reopen and reexamine the files of the case that led to the firing of Christopher Dorner. Why did your chief feel that was necessary? What has been in there?” Oh, now this is interesting, isn’t it? So now the guy’s on a killing spree and the LAPD says, “Okay, okay! We’ll reexamine the case. Maybe he shouldn’ta been fired.” Anyway, here’s what the mayor said about that…

VILLARAIGOSA: In order to address any concerns that some in the public may have with respect to what happened, uh, in the case of Mr. Dorner, uhh, he’s, uh, reopened this investigation. But I’ll say this: There is absolutely nothing, Ray — nothing — that could have happened to him to justify killing three people in cold blood. Three innocent people. This is a man, uh, who’s hell-bent on, uh, mayhem and destruction, who’s willing to kill, uh, and nothing that could have happened to him, uh, justifies, uh, those kinds of atrocious acts.

RUSH: Not so fast, Mayor. You’re in the minority in your party. You’re in the minority in your party. He is entirely justified. That’s the whole point of all this focus on this guy. It’s the whole point of all these tweets and Facebook posts. The whole point of all this is that he is justified, that we’ve got to examine why; we must learn why. The mayor doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. I wonder if Obama will quote from Dorner’s manifesto tonight. (interruption) Well… (interruption) Now, see? Snerdley’s in there going, “Ah, come on!” Dorner wrote a lot about the need for an assault weapons ban.

He did. In that manifesto, it’s 11,000 words, there’s a whole bunch in there about the need for an assault weapons ban. This guy… I tell you, Obama could probably quote the guy without knowing he’s quoting him. The guy sounds like any other anti-Second Amendment individual when he talks about the need to ban assault rifles. He’s no different than Dianne Feinstein. So Obama — whether he knows it or not, whether he’s aware of it or not — will be echoing thoughts that are in Dorner’s manifesto. (interruption) Don’t look at me. I’m just telling you. I’ve looked at his manifesto.

He writes a lot about the need for an assault weapons ban. Why not cite him? He’s a man of the hour. There’s nothing about the sequester. Dorner didn’t write on the sequester that I saw. I didn’t see anything of Dorner’s on the sequester, but he’s a man of the hour. Why not quote the guy? Anyway, you just heard the mayor there of LA, Antonio Villaraigosa say (summarized), “Well, yeah. We’re gonna open the files. The public knows what a reprobate the guy is, but I just want to tell you something, Ray: There’s nothing that justifies what this guy is doing. There’s no way.” Suarez was really not satisfied with that answer.

SUAREZ: This is not in any way to, uh, justify or explain what Christopher Dorner has done.

RUSH: No, no.

SUAREZ: But when the city is in a crisis like this, when there is a case of this kind, is there a history that has to be reckoned with between the LAPD and the people of The City of Los Angeles, between the officers of color and the people of color and the LAPD?

VILLARAIGOSA: We are now the most diverse that we’ve ever been. About, almost, 75% of our police officers come from communities of color: Latino, African-American, and Asian. About 20% are women. But as I said: There is nothing — absolutely nothing — that justifies killing people in cold blood in the way that he has.

RUSH: All of this is just absurd. This whole discussion’s absurd. That statement by Suarez is patently absurd, and it’s meaningless. Well, we get the obligatory, “This is not in any way to justify or explain what Dorner did. BUT when the city’s in a crisis like this…” What crisis is the city in? Is it the crisis of this guy running loose shooting people? What’s the crisis? Is the crisis that he was fired? What crisis? “Is there a history that has to be reckoned with between the LAPD and the people of the City of Los Angeles, between the officers of color and the people of color in the LA…?” What? It’s absurd. What in the world does any of this mean?

I don’t think even the low-information voters understand what’s going on here.


Let me grab a quick phone call here. Dayton, Ohio, Mike, you’re up first today. Great to have you on the Misstatement of the Union day. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey, it’s great to talk to you. I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I agree with you normally, but I disagree with your comment on the fact that the media’s in Obama’s tank because of his color. If that were the case they would have been in Herman Cain’s tank and they certainly weren’t. So I think it’s more about his liberal policies than it is the color of his skin.

RUSH: Well, look, you’re right. I mean, there’s certain things here I thought would be understood. The racial aspect of Obama as far as the left views race.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Herman Cain’s not down for the struggle. Herman Cain is not viewed as an authentic black guy.

CALLER: Right, he’s successful.

RUSH: Well, not just that he’s successful, but he’s not a liberal. He doesn’t believe in the civil rights coalition as the center of the universe, the government’s the center of the universe, so he’s not authentically black like Clarence Thomas isn’t, like Thomas Sowell —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — Shelby Steele, Benjamin Carson, the great doctor from Johns Hopkins, not authentically black.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I guarantee you, the fact that Obama is the first black president who — by the way, he’s not even authentic, in terms of down for the struggle, but they’ve made him that. But don’t discount it. I have learned this the hard way, that it is a more dominant characteristic, particularly with media people. It’s the largest component of their support for Obama. You can disagree with me, but don’t. Unwise.

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