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RUSH: The poll is out. I find it curious, maybe even a little fascinating. “Americans Disapprove of Obama Policy on Nearly Every Issue — According to a Gallup poll, 42% of Americans approve of Obama’s gun policies while 54% disapprove. On taxes, 41% approve and 57% disapprove. On the economy, 39% approve and 60% disapprove. On ‘the situation in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians,’ 36% approve and 55% disapprove. And on the federal budget deficit, 31% approve and 65% disapprove.

“The only area in which Obama gains the support of a majority is on ‘national defense’ issues, but the poll was conducted before North Korea reportedly tested a nuclear weapon on Monday as Obama seeks to diminish America’s nuclear arsenal.”

So you have the North Koreans nuking up, the Iranians nuking up, under Obama’s watch, and we’re getting rid of ours. But, I mean, this is the Gallup poll. Let me give you the numbers again. I’ll just give you the disapprove numbers. People, Americans disapprove on practically every issue with Obama. Gun policy, 54 disapprove. Obama’s tax policy, 57 disapprove. Obama’s economic policy, 60% disapprove. Situation in the Middle East, Israelis and Palestinians, 55% disapprove. Federal budget deficit, 65% disapprove, yet the guy got elected and is running around acting like he was reelected with a supermajority and an accompanying mandate. He did get reelected.


Yeah, I think there’s an explanation for it. What? What did you say? Well, it’s simplistic to say that voters are idiots. I mean, certain low-information voters are somewhat ignorant, but this polling data includes those in the low-information voter subgroup. I’ll tell you what I think it is. I think it’s Obama’s ad campaign destroying Romney. Two things. We’re gonna have to face the reality of all of those lies, vicious, he’s a felon, he doesn’t care when some guy’s wife died, he’s okay with murder, he hates dogs, he’s a rich guy with money outside the country. He doesn’t care about you. There’s no question that stuff was effective. There’s no question people believed it, didn’t want to take a chance with it. And you couple that with the realization that four million Republicans who did vote in ’08 didn’t vote in 2012.

I’m gonna chalk those people up to being conservatives fed up with the Republican Party moving to the center. I think that’s your explanation. You can say they’re idiots, but Obama didn’t run on any issues. All Obama did was run on what a dangerous reprobate Mitt Romney was. That’s the sum total the Obama campaign.


RUSH: You know, there’s one thing the Republicans can take away from this Gallup poll. Americans disagree with Obama on nearly everything by large margins. You Republicans can stand up and voice your disagreement with Obama all day, and a majority of Americans will agree with you. You do not need to be afraid of disagreeing with him.

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