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RUSH: Of course I remember that. I remember everything. Somebody asked if I remember Obama saying in 2008 that he promised to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Of course I remember. I remember Obama promising to create all kinds of jobs. I remember Obama promising to end the racial strife. I remember all of these things. But nukes in North Korea? I think Obama is content to sit by and let the North Koreans have nuclear weapons, and the same thing with the Iranians. How could you conclude otherwise, folks? How could you conclude otherwise?

I got an e-mail during the break here, “Do you remember Obama saying that he’d eliminate North Koreans nukes in ’08?” Yeah. Yeah. I remember all kinds of promises Obama made. This was my point earlier in the program. We’re dealing with general intellectual depravity here. This kind of stuff cannot stand on its own. It needs to be propped up, and of course it is being propped up and it by a corrupt media. But, you know, Pelosi saying, “We don’t have a spending problem. We have a budget deficit problem,” and Steny Hoyer saying, “We don’t have a spending problem; we got a pay-for-it problem”?

Folks, while this stuff is hilarious and we laugh at them, understand: They mean it! They’re so corrupt that they are trying to come up with any explanation. It’s really an insult to everybody’s intelligence except the low-information voters who buy into these kinds of explanations. But all of these words, all of these promises, all the failure is being exposed. This is one of the points I’m trying to make or did in the first hour. This isn’t real. This kind of fakery will eventually be exposed for what it is. I’m just telling you: This is why I’m optimistic and why I have considerable amount of hope that we’re gonna rebound from this.

Again, I don’t want to be repetitive, and I’m not saying what’s going on is not serious and not devastating. It is, and the longer it takes the harder the road back is gonna be. But I don’t think we’ve lost the country is really what I’m saying. If I thought it was the opposite, I would say so. But this stuff is so perverse, and it is so unreal. It really is fake. You’ve got an artificial, fake presidency, a fake regime. It’s built on fake promises, fake results. They fixed the debt problem? That’s fake! They created all these millions of jobs? That’s fake! They’re faking everything here. Nothing is real, and, at some point, that kind of fakery ends up being exposed and implodes on itself.

From the Washington Times: “White House: All Questions Answered on Benghazi Attack.” See? (Hey, there’s nothing left to learn here. There nothing left to be said. It’s done. No, we’ve answered every question!) “White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday blasted Senate Republicans for threatening to block Defense Secretary-nominee Chuck Hagel and John Brennan, nominated to head the CIA… ‘We have answered these questions,’ Mr. Carney said. ‘The president found out about the attack in Benghazi in a meeting with his secretary of defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs from his national security adviser,'” and we dealt with it.

It’s over. They’ve answered all the questions. It was a video!

So (summarized), “We don’t have a spending problem; we have a pay-for-it problem. We don’t have a spending problem; we got a budget deficit problem. We’ve cut $2.6 trillion in spending and we’re gonna cut another $1.4 trillion for a total of $4 trillion in spending cuts, and we’ve answered every question on Benghazi. Oh, and we created six million new jobs since 2009.” I tell you, it’s all fake, and it’s gonna be exposed. The fakery is being exposed. (Obama impression) “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna make sure the North Koreans never get a nuclear weapon,” as they continue to light ’em off and test ’em. You have these dummkopfs in the media who prop this stuff u, but eventually even that, which is built on balsa wood, is gonna collapse.

“Yeah. We answered all the questions on Benghazi.”

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