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RUSH: Have you seen the number of people that go on food stamps every day? There are 11,629 new food stamp recipients every day in this country. That’s right, and President Obama is trying to fix that. President Obama is appalled by that! It’s the Republicans who don’t care enough to have people eating properly, and President Obama’s appalled by that number and doing everything he can to fix it.

(This is how this works.)

Now, remember, none of this would be possible without a complicit media. None of it could’ve happened. I mentioned that dictators are perceived by their people as great saviors, great revolutionaries. They are never blamed for the circumstances under which people live. Mao. Fidel. One of them is Stalin. Now, what did Stalin do? (interruption) Well, yeah, he staved his own people, but how did he do it?

He sent the farmers either to the gulag or to the grave. There was no means of production. It wasn’t that there was a shortage of food. It’s that there was no means to produce it! He literally found ways to get rid of the all the farmers. (interruption) Of course! That’s my whole point! He had a compliant press. You had a guy in the New York Times named Walter Duranty, who won a Pulitzer Prize for talking about the great humanity of Stalin in trying to save his people.

But it was Stalin killing the farmers, the kulaks — or tulaks, whatever they were. I’m having a mental block on their name, but he either put ’em in jail or killed them. They went to the grave. There was no means of farming! There was nobody to produce food. People died by the millions. Big famine. Walter Duranty of the New York Times received awards for writing stories about the great humanity of Josef Stalin, and all Stalin was doing was punishing the rich.

He killed off everybody — farmers, businessmen — to punish the rich, and Walter Duranty of the New York Times wrote a glowing series about it. (They were the kulaks. That’s what the farmers were called.) He wrote a glowing series of stories about it and won big time awards. None of this is possible without a complicit media. It’s why optics are all that really matter to Obama. It doesn’t even matter what he says or does so much if he can create and maintain the proper optics.

The proper optic is the perception that Obama’s fighting for us against the rich and the selfish. Here we are into the fifth year, and Obama’s not president. He’s a revolutionary. He’s a crusader. He’s fighting powerful forces that don’t care about global warming, that don’t want illegals to become citizens, that don’t want people to be treated humanely. “They’re not worried about global warming. They’re not concerned about gun violence.”

Obama’s not the president. I mean, he is but he’s not governing. He’s fighting these powerful forces! He’s not responsible for anything. This is why you can have a story in the New York Times today that polls show dissatisfaction with country’s direction, but massive support for Obama’s agenda. There’s no relationship, as far as a majority of people who vote in this country are concerned. Obama’s agenda has nothing to do with the country’s direction. Obama’s agenda’s about trying to stop it.

Obama’s agenda is trying to create jobs. Obama’s agenda trying to stop this bad economy. Obama’s agenda is trying to fix the climate. Obama’s agenda is trying to stop gun violence. Obama’s agenda is that he cares about all of you — and after eight years of an Obama presidency, if he pulls this off, he will not have governed one day! The purpose of the perpetual campaign now is the 2014 midterm elections.

He wants the Democrats to win the House, therefore ending all this talk of bipartisanship. He doesn’t want bipartisanship. He doesn’t want compromise. Yet he talked about it last night, and the people in the focus groups say they love hearing about this working together. They want people to work together and like to hear Obama talk about it. They support it. The last thing Obama wants to do is work together, because there’s no area in which the Republican belief system allows him compromise.

There’s not one aspect of what we believe that he can accept.

There’s no compromise possible, and there will not be. When Boehner gave Obama everything he wanted in one of these debt-limit deals, Obama raised the stakes and walked away. He could not risk having a deal, because agreeing to a deal would mean sharing responsibility for what comes next, and there will not be any of that. Above all else, there will be no responsibility borne about Barack Obama for current circumstances in this country. He is all about fighting them.

I now know, by the way, what John Boehner meant when he said that Obama doesn’t have the guts to stand by what he believes. When I heard Boehner say that, I liked it because it was, I think, properly… Eh, I’ll say “confrontational.” I think it probably was, but I didn’t quite understand. Now I do. Now that I have had this intellectual revelation, I understand exactly what he meant maybe more than Boehner himself understands. I understand exactly what he was saying.

He said that Obama doesn’t have the guts to stand up to his own party. It’s actually a little different than that, because I know what you’re asking. I know what you’re shouting at the radio. “Okay, Rush! Okay. We finally understand it, but how do you oppose it? What do we say?” Well, the first thing that comes to mind (and probably, therefore, is not the best thing to do) is… Look, folks, it’s unquestionably true. Obama doesn’t have the guts to put his name to anything here.

Obama doesn’t have the guts, the courage to have his name tied to current policies, to current aspects of the country’s direction. He doesn’t dare want his name associated with anything that’s happening in jobs or immigration. He’s president, but he doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with it. He’s asking to be exempted from any responsibility of governing, and the media is granting it to him. He is essentially saying, “Look, I want to be president, but I don’t want to be.

“I want to hold the office, but I don’t want any of the responsibilities that come with it. I don’t want to ever be perceived as being responsible for things that aren’t going right. I only want to be seen as a great savior to fix these things.” As such, you can say he’s either a brilliant political tactician or he doesn’t have the courage to be president. (interruption) Why are you frowning? How can you possibly disagree with that intellectually?

He doesn’t want to be president! He wants the office. He doesn’t want any of the responsibilities. He wants the perks. He wants all the fun that goes with it. He loves the compliant media. He loves the perpetual campaign. He also loves not being held accountable. As an Alinskyite, he is that smart. It’s all there. It’s all in Rules for Radicals. It’s all about how you stir up the pot. It’s all about how you totally create revolution and end up having others blamed for it!

It’s about how to make yourself seen as the great equalizer, the great force for good, the problem solver, while you are creating the chaos. In fact, folks, it is why the more chaos, the better if you’re not held accountable for it. I think we can all agree, the media isn’t holding Obama accountable. There’s nobody holding Obama accountable for anything happening in this country. There’s nobody holding him accountable for anything that happens as a result of his presidency.

It’s either all George Bush’s fault or it’s the Republicans’ fault or Fox News or me. It’s not him. So I understand what Boehner meant when he said that Obama didn’t have the courage to stand up to his own party. Matt Lauer, by the way, asked Boehner about that. Matt Lauer was incensed that Boehner questioned Obama’s guts. This was today on the Today show. Matt Lauer said, “When you say that he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to his own party, Mr. Speaker, couldn’t you face the same accusation from the Democrats?”

BOEHNER: Listen, I’ve had my troubles with my own party. There’s no question about it. But it was never about the courage, uh, to step up and do the right thing for the country.

RUSH: Yeah, and he’s claiming Obama doesn’t have the courage to attach his name to whatever it is he’s trying to do to the country. Look, this recovery that we’re in, this economic recovery? This is worse than Bush’s recession. This “recovery” that we’re in is worse than Bush’s recession, and this “recovery” that we’re in has lasted far longer than Bush’s recession. Who is holding him accountable for that?

Absolutely nobody! This man has been the architect of an economic recovery that is so bad, it’s worse than a recession. To this day, after four years-plus and counting in office, he is still not held accountable by the people the Constitution grants the power and the authority to do so: The media, the press. That’s freedom of the press. Oh, they’ll go out there and they’ll challenge the LAPD every damn day, and they’ll challenge me or Fox News.

The media will go out there and they won’t believe a thing Marco Rubio says or George Bush says. They won’t accept anything the public information officer from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office says. But whatever Obama says is gospel. They don’t question one thing. They don’t hold him accountable for one thing. Nothing that has happened has anything to do with him. There’s been not one question, “Mr. President, your stimulus. Do you think it might have exacerbated the debt problem and the resulting loss of jobs?”

Not even a question for Obama to deny!


RUSH: By the way, folks, one other thing necessary to pull something like this off, in addition to a compliant and slavish media, I mean, you couldn’t do one of these operations overnight. In order for Obama to pull this off, he needs a compliant media, but he also needs a majority of Americans believing that members of the opposition party are racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes, and mean-spirited extremists who don’t care about people.

When you have the Democrat Party and the media who have been pounding those cliches for as long as I’ve been alive, certainly since Barry Goldwater, since 1960, ’64, ’65, without any effective rebuttal to it other than eight years of Ronaldus Magnus, then it’s much easier to pull this kind of thing off. If you’re going to blame this imaginary bogeyman or bogeymen, these imaginary people, these mysterious, invisible, powerful forces opposing you at every turn as you try to do good things filled with justice and fairness, you can’t pull that off without a compliant media and a public that has been propagandized into believing certain things about that opposition.

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