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RUSH: I can’t believe they still don’t know whether or not they got Dorner. I can’t believe they still don’t know. Well, it’s interesting, or confusing, because they did find some tracks leading away from the cabin, and they found a body in there. They still don’t know whether or not Chris Dorner went up in flames along with the rest of the cabin. They heard a gunshot. They don’t know if he shot himself. They haven’t done the ID. This is amazing. We’re coming up on 18 hours and they still don’t know.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I must confess I feel bad. I didn’t know that 14 hours ago Anderson Cooper of CNN tweeted that Dorner was confirmed dead and that his body had been removed from the cabin. I thought I saw on Fox this morning a graphic that said they still don’t know, still haven’t ID’d the body. There was a smoldering body in the cabin out there, and they hadn’t ID’d it. They had people on talking about it, but Anderson Cooper tweeted 14 hours ago that was confirmed dead.

Do you know there’s already a conspiracy developing about this? Conspiracies are already effervescing. From the Huffing and Puffington Post. Listen to this: “Unconfirmed police audio from the standoff Tuesday evening with alleged cop-killer Chris Dorner suggests the fire in the cabin where the suspect was holed up may have been started by the police…” So there you go! The wicked, racist LAPD burned him up for no reason.

The LAPD started the fire. That’s the latest conspiracy out there. The Daily Beast has picked it up, too. “Report: Cops Started Dorner Fire.” How dare they? How mean! My gosh, I can’t believe the cruelty here. This was a man that was speaking up for all Americans. He was addressing our racist past. He was calling attention to it! He was raising all of our conscience levels so that we would all realize the depraved and decrepit past from which we all came. The modern-day Django!

This was a man who was getting even with all the people who need to be gotten even with for all the evil that had been done in the past to various minorities in this country, and the LAPD started the fire in the cabin. The LAPD burned him up. The LAPD scorched him. The LAPD did it! The wicked, mean-spirited racist LAPD. That’s what we heard yesterday, and we had to listen to what Dorner said in the manifesto because the LAPD stinks.

There is racism out there. We’ve gotta understand this. Dorner’s a smart guy, and he’s got an intellect, and therefore we have to endeavor to understand why he’s mad. Now they Krispy Kreme’d the guy! The LAPD did it. How unfair, how mean-spirited, how horrible! I mean, they coulda waited ’til he ran out of ammo, gone in there and lassoed the guy. (No, that would be too racist to do that.) They started the fire. The video has surfaced on YouTube, and it appears to include another recording of police audio. In the audio, a voice says, “We’re gonna go forward with the plan with the burn like we talked about.”

So there was obviously a conspiracy to torch it.


RUSH: Okay. Correction on the Chris Dorner conspiracy. It was not the wicked LAPD which torched him. It was the wicked San Bernardino PD. We were inundated with calls from the wicked LAPD claiming, “It wasn’t us being wicked. It was the San Bernardino wicked PD that did it.” By the way, those of you out there to whom Dorner is some kind of great equalizer type hero, are you aware that the people Dorner killed were not all white? I mean, he killed a black guy. He killed an Asian. If you listen to these people on Twitter and Facebook, they think this guy’s a modern day Django running around wiping out white people to get even for slavery and racism and bigotry and discrimination in the LAPD, and he’s not. These are interesting little facts that often get ignored.

But, anyway, the controversy has erupted, ladies and gentlemen. I wasn’t kidding. First from the Huffing and Puffington Post. “Unconfirmed police audio surfaces possibly suggesting the police started the fire in the Dorner standoff.” So there you go. The wicked police burned him up for no reason. That’s the point of the Huff Po. And then The Daily Beast chimes in. “Report: Cops Started Fire.”

Back to the Huffing and Puffington Post. I read from their post. “In the police audio, which was broadcast on CBS affiliate KCAL-TV on Tuesday, frantic voices of officers can be heard, including one officer apparently saying ‘Burn it down’ or ‘Burn him out,’ while another officer appears to shout, ‘F***ing burn this motherf****r!'” That’s apparently on the tape.

“In addition, a video that has surfaced on YouTube appears to include another recording of police audio from Tuesday’s standoff. In the audio, which could not be independently confirmed, a voice says, ‘We’re gonna go forward with the plan, with the burn … Like we talked about.’ A short while later a male voice says: ‘Seven burners deployed and we have a fire.’ A female voice then responds: ‘Copy. Seven burners deployed and we have a fire.'”

My question, does anybody know where Janet Reno’s been? Has anybody seen Janet Reno? She has expertise in matters like this. Remember the fire, the tanks in the Waco invasion? And what was the name of that group, the religious group? David Koresh, the Branch Davidians. That’s who it was.

Now, Dorner has not killed anybody who was not involved in police work, and that’s why he’s a hero, because to the people who’ve elevated Dorner, the people who think Dorner is a great hero, is ’cause he’s killing police. Dorner is a cop killer. That’s why he’s a hero. I’m being sarcastic. I don’t want anybody to misunderstand, but that’s the truth. And he had legions of supporters, and I’m not kidding. There honestly are people upset the cops started that fire, the cops burned him up, the cops did this. Even now, all of this happened because the LAPD is racist and this stuff needed to happen. Meanwhile, Dorner was not targeting white people. Now, here’s Anderson Cooper. This is the source of my confusion. Anderson Cooper last night on Headline News, Nancy Grace, and he also tweeted this.

COOPER: From multiple sources we have been told that a body was removed from that cabin and that body is believed to be the body of Christopher Dorner.

RUSH: Now, the spokeswoman then came out and denied that that was the case, and she was accosted by media who thought at the time they knew what had happened.

Unidentified Reporter: Are you saying that reports that say his body was inside the house, thatÂ’s been confirmed, that those reports are false?

CINDY BACHMAN: No one has been inside the cabin. It is not safe to go in there.

Unidentified Reporter: I am getting conflicting information.

CINDY BACHMAN: There is no conflicting information. They have not been inside the cabin. It is not safe to do that. They believe there is a body in there. They have not yet been inside. ItÂ’s not safe.

RUSH: It’s 11:44 last night, and you hear the public information officer for the San Bernardino sheriff’s department about to pull her hair out. “Look, nobody’s been in there, I’m telling you.”

But the reporters are all, “But Anderson Cooper said that a body was taken out of there. Anderson Cooper said it three hours ago.”

“Well, I’m telling you, nobody’s been in there. It’s too hot. It’s not safe. Nobody’s been inside that cabin. It’s not safe to go in there. They think there’s a body in there, but they haven’t been inside.”

“But Anderson Cooper said that a body was seen being taken –“

“I’m telling you, nobody’s been in there.”

So the reporters were totally conflicted because one of their own had reported that a body had been removed. A law enforcement spokesman, “No, nobody’s been in there.” Now, this has a name. It’s called speaking truth to power. It’s called not trusting authority. And Anderson Cooper’s fellow journalists were simply not believing what they were hearing. They were naturally curious or naturally predisposed to not believing the San Bernardino County sheriff’s department public information officer. Her name was Cindy Bachman, by the way.

Now, if this had been Jay Carney, there wouldn’t have been one question, there wouldn’t have been one doubt. If it had been Obama reporting, “Nope, no body has been taken out, nobody been in there.” “Okay.” And everybody would have run and tarred and feathered Anderson Cooper. Just a little object lesson here. San Bernardino County sheriff’s department, public information officer, nobody believed her. She had to say it over and over and over again. This is what journalists used to do. They just didn’t believe what they were told from people in positions of authority or power. But today, it comes from Washington, Obama administration, there’s no questioning it, there’s no doubting it, there’s no curiosity about it, just what is.

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