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RUSH: Let’s do a little A-B, side-by-side comparison. On the one hand, Marco Rubio may not be qualified, not only to be president, but to be US Senator. He took a sip of water from an average looking bottle while delivering the answer to the State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Meantime, elsewhere on that network, you’ve had panel discussions celebrating the relevance and the great contributions to fighting police brutality of a mass murderer, Christopher Dorner, on the very same network. CNN had a panel all excited, and I’ve even got some additional tweets. Listen to this, Marc Lamont Hill. This guy’s a professor a Columbia University. He was on CNN’s Newsroom yesterday afternoon with the anchorette infobabe Brooke Baldwin, and the infobabe said, “Do these Dorner sympathizers have a point?” Now, keep in mind later on CNN, Wolf Blitzer was gonna ask whether or not a drink of water could ruin somebody’s career, whether they liked it or not, whether Rubio liked it or not. But prior to that, this happened on CNN.

HILL: This has been an important public conversation that we’ve had about police brutality, about police corruption, about state violence. As far as Dorner himself goes, he’s been like a real-life superhero to many people. Now, don’t get me wrong: What he did was awful, killing innocent people. He’s just bad. But when you read his manifesto, when you read the message that he left, he wasn’t entirely crazy. He had a plan and a mission here. And many people aren’t rooting for him to kill innocent people. They’re rooting for somebody who was wronged to get a kind of revenge against the system. It’s like almost watching Django Unchained in real life. It’s kind of exciting.

RUSH: Play sound bite number two. I just want to show you how listening to this program keeps you on the cutting edge. Last Friday on this program, me.

RUSH ARCHIVE: There are thousands of people urging this guy on, praising him as a real-life Django. I kid you not. They’re praising this guy tweet after tweet after tweet praising this guy as a real-life Django who is gonna “kick they ass,” quote, unquote.

RUSH: First day, I warned you they’re comparing this guy to Django, and here is a heralded, highly acclaimed professor — I don’t know what he teaches. Doesn’t matter. He could be teaching a course on ballroom dance and I guarantee you it’s politics. Revenge, vengeance, grievance politics, whatever. “It’s almost like watching Django Unchained in real life. It’s kind of exciting.” So it’s not just the kooks on Twitter and Facebook, it’s now the liberals on CNN who are attaching legitimacy and value to Christopher Dorner.

Something hit me this morning as I’m watching. Do we still not know whether he was in the cabin? Oh, that’s another thing. You know, yesterday, it might have been two days ago, we had the story that local news in Southern California had intercepted the actual audio the San Bernardino police department, the sheriff’s department authorizing the cabin to be torched. Burn it up. Torch it up. Burn it up. Light it up. And activists were angry as they could be that the sheriff’s department would actually set the cabin on fire on purpose knowing full well that a national hero was inside. This is the way they were treating it.

So the sheriff’s department has not really apologized, although I think it’s close to it. Grab audio sound bite number six. Here’s John McMahon, who is with the San Bernardino County sheriff’s department, I guess he’s a spokesman, and he had a press conference. During the Q&A, a reporter said, “Sheriff, a lot of questions about how the fire started at that cabin and whether it was on purpose. Why the sheriff’s department did set it ablaze, it was something that happened as a result of the tear gas that was fired in there, can you explain how that transpired?” What the hell happened, Sheriff?

MCMAHON: It was not on purpose. We did not intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out. The tear gas canisters that we used… First off, we used a presence when we showed up. Secondly, we used a cold tear gas. Then we used… The next tear gas was that that was pyrotechnic, does generate a lot of heat. We introduced those canisters into the residence and a fire erupted.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah. We didn’t do it on purpose. Don’t jump down our chili here! That was a national hero in there. We didn’t try to burn him out, we fired tear gas in there, yeah, but we didn’t set that thing on fire on purpose.

So all the focus is on the sheriff’s department, how mean they mighta been, ’cause a national hero was in there. A real-life Django Unchained was in there! A real-life Jamie Foxx was in there. What I was gonna say, I’m watching all this morning and something hit me. Every picture of this guy, he looked like he’s having a ball! He’s smiling, he’s happy, he’s joyous. No mug shot. No glaring, angry man.

They’re portraying this guy as Mr. Happy, Mr. Joyous. I don’t remember a trial regarding Christopher Dorner’s grievances. But this professor, Marc Lamont Hill, and all these kooks and nutcases on Twitter and Facebook, they just accept this guy’s manifesto as gospel. Do they know any accusation that he made is true? They just accept every allegation he’s made about the LAPD as true.

There hasn’t been a trial. There hasn’t been an investigation.

So we have so many things going on at the same time. We have a narrative and a template: “LAPD, racist, bigots, sexists, homophobes — and, now, arsonists!” Well, I’ll take it back. That’s the San Bernardino sheriff that’s the arsonists. I don’t want ’em calling again. So we have a deranged killer on the loose with an 11-page manifesto accusing the LAPD of all this, and it’s just accepted.

Not only is it accepted, the killer is made, essentially, a national hero and his claims are unquestioned. They are totally accepted by this professor who’s supposed to be teaching this high-minded stuff, inquiry: inspection, curiosity. All this stuff supposedly happens on campus, when all it really is is indoctrination anymore. An important public…? Meanwhile, Marco Rubio may not be qualified for the Senate ’cause he took a sip of water.

Meanwhile, Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas and any number of black conservatives, they’re not qualified for anything and they gotta be drummed out of public life because… Because… “Well, we just disagree with them. We don’t like ’em.” This guy, look at who these left people come up with as their heroes. There’s a website out there called the AlterNet, and I’m familiar with this. When I started this program before the Internet really became mainstream, a bunch of agitated left-wingers hung out at the AlterNet.

That’s where a lot of the original, slanderous, libelous criticism of me began, and it was among ostensible professors, so-called educators and so forth. AlterNet now is an online leftist magazine. They ran a story by somebody names Chauncey DeVega arguing that Dorner could be transformed through popular culture and storytelling into a figure talked about for decades, for centuries to come, with multiple versions of his stories and exploits.

“Christopher Dorner dared to tell his version of the truth regarding the LAPD’s history of corruption and racism,” writes Chauncey DeVega. “They do not like tattle tales (sic) and ‘snitches.’ Dorner is a threat because of his violent actions and the symbolic power of his words and deeds.” We’re talking about a mass murderer here who is being exalted, glorified, held up, and turned into a national hero for a left-wing cause.

“Salon’s Natasha Lennard has written a couple of stories sympathetic to Dorner (‘Ex-cops sympathize with DornerÂ’s anger,’ ‘Were Dorner’s complaints legitimate?’).” See, he’s a smart guy! He wrote an 11-page manifesto. This guy’s got a high intellect. We’ve got to listen to this guy! “Vice, in a story about whether or not Anonymous will retaliate after DornerÂ’s death, implicitly compared Dorner to anti-establishment heroes like Bradley Manning and Aaron Swartz, while acknowledging that ‘a murderous ex-cop is a lot harder to defend than these nonviolent liberators of information.'”

Marc Lamont Hill, in addition to what we aired for you, says, “I don’t support murder…” These are tweets. “I don’t support murder and I empathize with all the victims but that doesn’t mean we can’t understand Dorner and his perspective. We’re capable of having two thoughts at the same time. To leverage this crisis in the service of justice is not to disrespect the victims.” So we can make Dorner the biggest hero in the world.

We can legitimize his cause and we can take seriously his complaints, while at the same time condemning his actions of murder. Marc Lamont Hill. “I 100% get why Dorner’s not hated by everybody or merely marked as a villain, not because I condone it but because there’s a bigger picture here.” Remember, now, all of this was aired on CNN as well as, “Can a drink of water make or break a political career of a US Senator? We’re gonna find out whether he likes it or not!” That was Wolf Blitzer, CNN.


RUSH: You know, whenever there’s a crime spree, a single act of crime or a mass murder — whenever any kind of murder, mass or singular, attracts this kind of media attention — President Obama usually makes some big statement. “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” as one example. He takes the occasion of the murderous event to blame existing culture, conservatism and Republicans, and then propose some kind of federal action to fix it. This would be made to order for Obama to use for the gun-control push that he’s on.

Except that this guy… I don’t know. Obama has not said anything about he wishes Dorner were his son, right? I don’t think he can do that. Do you? That’d be a little tougher. Dorner’s an ex-cop, and he was armed and stuff, but he’s a national hero. Obama can’t come out and condemn what this guy’s doing. Obama’s base loves this guy! Obama’s base has made this guy national hero. Obama’s academic support group, led by Marc Lamont Hill (and I’m sure he’s not the only one) think this guy’s manifesto puts him on a par with the Unabomber.

We need to celebrate him, make a movie!

So Obama can’t come out and condemn this guy and he can’t come out and say if he had a son, he’d look and act like Christopher Dorner.

So Obama may be shut out of this one.

That’s an unfortunate thing.


RUSH: Can you imagine if Christopher Dorner had drones, if drones were available to Christopher Dorner? Remind you of anything, anybody? Does anybody know whether Chris Dorner drank water or not? Seems to be a gateway substance. You drink water and all of a sudden your qualifications to be a United States senator are called into question on CNN. But, I mean, what was Dorner doing? He took the law into his own hands, or he wanted to.

He wanted to be the judge and jury for those LAPD cops who he thinks wronged him. He didn’t believe in due process, even for American citizens. Imagine if he’d had drones! Scary. And here we have CNN. How…? In all candor now, seriously: How low can this network go? Is it gonna hurt ’em at all given the cultural proclivities of so many low-information voters today? You know, 25/30 years ago, behavior like this woulda sunk this network. They would have been humiliated and embarrassed out of existence.

They already have no viewers, and they still stay in business ’cause they are subsidized by other divisions of TimeWarner, but from the Rubio stuff to this segment yesterday he did lionizing of this guy, turning him into a national hero, with all of these questionable characters? I mean, Marc Lamont Hill, yeah, he’s a Columbia University professor, but he’s a genuine radical. He’s a member of some group called Brothers for Barack. It’s a website group.

He’s a longtime social activist and organizer, and he somehow angled his way into a professorship at Columbia University. He’s on Fox all the time, by the way, so he has legitimacy extended to him by virtue of that. Can you imagine, folks…? Again to try to put this in perspective: Chris Dorner — and not just CNN, by the way. MSNBC’s had their turn at this and all over Twitter and Facebook Chris Dorner, a mass-murdering malcontent is made a hero by the US media.

Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, and three other Americans are essential nobodies. We’re not turning over every rock to find out what happened to Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans. We’re not endeavoring to elevate them to hero status. We’re not being told of any manifestos or term papers or doctoral thesis that any of those four Americans wrote. We’re not being told of their thoughts on patriotism, their beliefs about America.

They’re just dead, and the circumstances surrounding their death are the subject of a major cover-up and a half-baked attempt to supposedly get to the truth. In that instance, we have no idea where the president of the United States was while the attack that took their lives was taking place. He just turned everything over to Leon Panetta and Hillary. We don’t know what anybody knew or did, and that’s as far as it goes. We lay it off on a video. We send Susan Rice out to say, “Yeah, it’s a video caused all kinds of unrest.”

Then we say, “Don’t ask us any more. We’ve answered everything there is to answer about Benghazi. Chris Stevens? Yeah, we went to his funeral. Great guy, great family, but that’s it.” If maybe we took 1/10th of 1% the time spent explaining to us who Ambassador Stevens was and what he believed and so forth, compared to what we are being told and how we are being told to think of Christopher Dorner…

Dorner is a mass murderer who wanted to kill more innocent people to make his point, and he’s a hero. He’s somebody we should listen to. Ambassador Stevens? “Eh, that’s a little uncomfortable. We need to get that story out of the way and move on.” Jack Moore yesterday afternoon was on CNN’s Newsroom. Brooke Baldwin, still the infobabe anchorette, was talking to BuzzFeed radio cohost Jack Moore about people becoming fans of Dorner.

Brooke Baldwin said, “Jack, the LAPD angle. We now know Chief Beck said, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna relook at the firing. We’ll investigate.’ I don’t know where that stands, given the status of the case now, Jack, but do you think this should serve as a catalyst for a conversation, talking about racism in the LAPD? Do you think that maybe this Dorner guy might have a real point here we should discuss?”

MOORE: I think this is really even beyond just talking about the LAPD. There’s also something to it in that the narrative of Christopher Dorner d-d-doesn’t — in some ways it resembles a Denzel Washington movie where someone is wronged and he stands up for himself and he goes down in a blaze of glory.

HILL: Exactly!

RUSH: “Yeah, exactly!” Professor Hill said. You know, that’s right. Why, this is not just like Django Unchained. Why, this is also like that Denzel movie! Holy cow! This Dorner guy, we’ve seen it all before. It’s just like those two movies. Right! Exactly! That’s why we should be talking about it even more. Yeah, this is just like a couple of movies.

Remember, Marco Rubio, later on at the same network, had his qualifications to be a United States senator called into serious question because he took a sip from a bottle of what looked to be Poland Spring water. By the way, we have sent him a case of Two If By Tea for the next episode. If people are gonna ask him if he’s qualified to be a Senator because he took a sip of water — heh-heh — can you imagine the questions when he takes a sip of a beverage with the icon of Rush Revere on the label?

Up next, same show, the infobabe anchorette Brooke Baldwin now with rapper MC Lyte, who was brought in to comment on the Christopher Dorner situation about people becoming fans of the fugitive murder suspect. So Baldwin finally said to the rapper, MC Lyte, “Ms. Lyte, I want to hear from you. You’re listening to all of these voices. What do you think, Ms. Lyte?”

LYTE: What I read about the case is that he wanted to make good in terms of reporting, I guess, a fellow so far who had kicked a homeless person.

BALDWIN: That’s correct.

LYTE: So if it all has catapulted into this. But truthfully so, people are — it is an uproar because people are being brutalized within L.A. and all over this nation. We’re seeing kids die at the hands of police brutality.

RUSH: Yep. So you see, there’s a much larger agenda going on here, folks. This is not about even Christopher Dorner, as you’ve known from the get-go. It’s not about the LAPD specifically. It’s about the entire social construct that Obama and the Democrats are behind is that this is still a slave state. This is still a slave nation. We haven’t made amends. We haven’t even come close. There still is slavery, and that movie, Django, showed us, and Denzel shows us in every movie he makes.

There’s still slavery out there. Everybody knows it. But we don’t talk about it. It’s all over the LAPD. It’s all over the San Bernardino PD, sheriff’s department. It’s everywhere. Dorner has come along and allowed us to discuss it and then prove it and then make the point as we continue to transform this nation away from the horrible nation it was founded as. Pretty soon they’re gonna say…

You know, the next CNN segment I’ll expect a graphic, “Marc Lamont Hill: Dorner Died for Our Sins.” Well, I mean, they’re elevating this guy. It’s incredible. This is gonna be turned into a big-budget Hollywood movie.


RUSH: Grand Junction, Colorado. We are heading to the phones now. This is Lindsey. Great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: It’s a pleasure to talk to you, Rush. Thank you so much.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: So many things I wanted to talk to you about. This wasn’t the first call I wanted to get through with, but I want to preface this first off by saying, I certainly do not condone anything that Mr. Dorner, Chris Dorner did to any of the victims. Certainly everything he did was, you know, it was wrong, no doubt. But to me it’s a whole lot deeper than that. It’s certainly not a race deal. It’s not a black thing. To me it’s more of a story about police brutality, police cover-up and subsequent destruction of this man’s personal and professional life and career. Certainly not everyone has all the marbles to go through all that and still come out, you know, strong.

I think this is a real personal issue and my point is this right here. I was in the LA area as this story was sort of unfolding, so these aren’t facts that I’m presenting to you, they’re just reports that I heard. And that was that this man went after the daughter or killed the daughter, obviously, of someone that was either very high on the police panel and/or representative during the police hearings. He took this case through all the police forum, and then also therefore went and took it to the civilian courts —

RUSH: Well, you know, this is true. Two things about this, A, his victims were not white. This is gonna come as a shock. His victims were not white. Secondly, this is the public sector where everything’s supposed to be honey, cool and roses and just neat as it can be. This is the government sector where this happened. And I wonder if there’s gonna be a move now to disarm people in the public sector ’cause it’s too risky to let ’em have guns.

CALLER: Well, this is just a guy that obviously qualified to get into the military, qualified to get into the police academy, certainly went through all the —

RUSH: Well, he’s qualified to murder three people, too.

CALLER: Well, certainly —

RUSH: Four, now, I’m sorry, four, qualified to murder four and be a national hero for doing it.

CALLER: Well —

RUSH: Do you drink water, by the way, Lindsey? Do you sip water?

CALLER: I’m sorry?

RUSH: Do you sip water?

CALLER: (laughing).

RUSH: Dote let anybody see it. Don’t let a CNN camera spot you, whatever you do.

CALLER: No doubt, yeah, I sip water, no doubt. Thanks for taking my call, Rush, and thanks for hearing me out.

RUSH: All right. I know what you’re saying, Lindsey. Look, we do have — a lot of people believe this — ongoing police brutality, LAPD, Southern California. The OJ verdict, jury nullification. Well, you say what you want, but Marc Lamont Hill, he’d relate it to this, say it’s more of the same. The jury was a bunch of Dorners that were not armed. It’s the only way to fight back that they knew how. They didn’t have guns; Dorner did. But there’s institutional racism. And of course that can never stop, folks, that’ll never end. It takes too many opportunities to stoke chaos throughout our culture.


RUSH: So we are making a national hero out of a mass murderer while some poor schlub sits in solitary confinement because he made a video about Mohammed. You know, Timothy McVeigh, I mean, he blew something up. How come nobody cared what he thought? He wasn’t said to be brilliant.


RUSH: The brilliant Columbia University professor, Marc Lamont Hill, said that watching Christopher Dorner run around out there in a mass murdering spree, “Why, this is exciting! Why, it’s like a real-life Django! It’s like Django Unchained come to real life.” My friends, does that mean that movies influence the behavior of people who see them? I mean, if this guy’s on a murder spree, what if he happened to see Django Unchained? What if this national hero, Christopher Dorner, happened to see the movie Django Unchained?

Would that mean that Hollywood is to blame for the violence?

The violence in that movie is being held up by learned academics as exciting and come-to-life real in the actions of Chris Dorner.


RUSH: Speaking of Sacramento, California, my adopted hometown, we have a call from there. It’s Scott. I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Okay, I’m having problems with my phone. It’s an honor to talk with you. I’ve been listening to you for at least the past 20 years.

RUSH: What kind of phone do you have?

CALLER: I have a portable hand-held unit.

RUSH: Oh. So you’re not on a cell phone?


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: You can hear me okay?

RUSH: Yeah, hear you fine.

CALLER: Okay. Well, my point was that the reason why Dorner is such a hero to the left is because his cause was just. He fought the oppression of racism and was a classic victim, like with Saul Alinsky from the sixties, that blew people up or blew up institutions —

RUSH: Yeah, but here’s the thing. Everybody is accepting without any examination everything he says as true. Nobody’s questioning anything he said. I have no doubt you’re right, that he fulfills this template that the left has, that there’s racial oppression, we may as well still have slavery, and this guy’s out there describing it. As far as they’re concerned, this guy’s fighting evil, and in that situation, anything’s okay. You got to murder some cops to fight evil, well, we’ll make a show of condemning the cop killing, but at the end of the day you’re a hero with us, pal.

CALLER: Right. And if he had been white, they would have said he was a right-wing militia crackpot, and I don’t hear anything about gun control in relationship to this story.

RUSH: No, I don’t. In fact, not only that, as I said, he’s being compared as a modern day Django Unchained. They’re comparing him to a movie, favorably so. I wonder if he saw it. Does that mean that people are in fact influenced by violence in movies? I mean, these people, the left are illustrating, as you’re pointing out, all of their hypocrisies and inconsistencies.

CALLER: Very true.

RUSH: Timothy McVeigh, Timothy McVeigh had a cause. Timothy McVeigh thought that the government was a giant, too much power, infringing on individual rights, all kinds of conspiracies, and he did what he did to make people listen, and nobody cared what he thought. All they did was to try to tie Timothy McVeigh — you know, Bill Clinton tried to blame me for that, essentially.

CALLER: I remember that. It was an outrage then, and it’s an outrage now, still. And it’s just underscores the hypocrisy of the left, just complete hypocrisy.

RUSH: Well, it does. You know, the interesting thing — nah, I use that word too much. It’s not interesting. The dangerous thing about it, of course, is the low-information voter audience.


RUSH: This is Jeff in Reno, Nevada, where we had to ban calls in the first six months of this program. Well, it was the first year we had to ban calls from Reno. But no more. Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Well, thank you for taking my call, and thank you for lifting the ban. I don’t know how I can follow a great riff like that, but I started dialing when you were quoting CNN or AlterNet or something like that. The deal was, “Oh, of course we don’t condone murder, but, yeah, yeah! This guy has a point. We should listen to this! We’re capable of having two thoughts at the same time. Let’s read his manifesto and praise him for bringing out the message,” and you already covered that. I said, “Well, then what about Timothy McVeigh? Does this mean we’re supposed to listen to him? Does this give him the same credibility?”

RUSH: Yeah, Jeff. Let me ask you a question. Timothy McVeigh was very public. He told everybody why he blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Do you remember why?

CALLER: It was the IRS and the federal government out of control and abusive.

RUSH: It was the Waco invasion. He had had it. He saw the federal government, Janet Reno and Bill Clinton, literally kill the Branch Davidians with fire and with tanks. They blew up the Branch Davidian complex. Janet Reno said that children were at risk and then there had been the IRS, Ruby Ridge or something. He just saw an oppressive government out of control, and that was what he did.

Now, at the time nobody was interested in trying to “understand” him. Nobody wanted to make him a “hero.” Nobody. Now, the left will tell you today, “Well, come on, 153 people died, Rush! I mean, we’re only talking about three or four people here with Dorner.” Oh. So it’s okay to go out and murder four people if you’re fighting against racism and so forth, but not 153 people? What if Dorner had killed ten? Is there a number where, if Dorner had killed that many, you’d have a problem supporting him?

And they shut down at that point.

Now, don’t anybody misunderstand here. What we’re trying to do is point out the hypocrisy and the inconsistency of the left. Nobody here is in any way advocating the actions taken by either of these two guys. That’s the point! Nobody here defends Timothy McVeigh, and nobody here defends Chris Dorner. The only people defending Chris Dorner are people in the Democrat Party and on the American left. That’s where the hypocrisy and the inconsistency is.

About Dorner, Marc Lamont Hill says, “Hey, we can have two thoughts at the same time! We can condemn this guy and praise him at the same time.”

But nobody else.

Only Dorner. It’s a specific circumstance.


Eric in Bell, Florida, hello, sir. Glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. With regard to Chris Dorner’s manifesto.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: If the retired FBI profilers and law enforcement officer experts who gleaned it to evaluate it for the networks on his mental state are correct, Mr. Dorner’s a narcissist, a psychopath, had violent tendencies going all the way back to school, at least one domestic violence restraining order. My question would be, how did he get hired? Do we have double standards? Perhaps affirmative action?

RUSH: I don’t know the answer to that. Like Tom Brokaw said about who Barack Obama is. “I don’t know.”

CALLER: It could be a much larger problem that’s gone on for years.

RUSH: It’s a great question. Is that what the profilers, the FBI people on TV are saying about the guy? Is that right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, then it is a legit question, how did he get hired?

CALLER: They said it’s a problem that’s been there for years. It didn’t just appear overnight. Both CNN and Fox.

RUSH: Then your question is entirely legitimate. I’m like you, we can only speculate. Affirmative action, quotas, who knows. But it still is a great question to ask, how’d a guy like this get hired in the first place?

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