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RUSH: Do you know the Drive-Bys are really bent out of shape today? Do you know that the State-Controlled Media is fit to be tied? I have not seen them angrier in the last five years over anything the regime has done than they are angry now. Do you know why? Well, it’s because Obama invited Tiger Woods to come out and play golf with him at the Floridian yesterday and they didn’t let the press in. No photos! They didn’t let them in the club. They did not let them in the complex. They kept a pool reporter outside the gate.

But somehow Tim Rosaforte from Golf Digest was in there, and Tim Rosaforte was tweeting. That’s how we know that Tiger Woods played golf with Obama. Nobody knows… At least I haven’t seen it. Maybe somebody does now. Nobody knows whether Rosaforte was invited in by the White House or whether he’s a member up there playing or whether he was a guest of a member, but he was in there. Rosaforte’s a good guy. I know Tim. He’s a good guy, but the Drive-Bys are just fit to be tied ’cause a sports journalist knows something they didn’t know.

They can’t get invited. Ed Henry, who is the head of the White House Correspondents Association, has logged an official complaint with the White House claiming lack of transparency. Now, one of the… I had a bunch of people ask me, “Rush, is the press automatically entitled to be where Obama is every moment, even during things like this, vacation time?” I’ll tell you what this relates to. It’s the old “body watch” thing. There’s an unwritten (it may even be written) rule in the media that says they always want a camera on the president.

In case anything happens, they want to be able to have a record of it, no matter what it is. Falling in your face in the sand trap, you name it, you want the body watch, and they were denied this. They were denied. Well, they complained to the White House. The White House Correspondents Association is just the media, and they’re complaining to somebody in the White House. I don’t know who they’re officially… (interruption) They’re complaining, yeah! They’re complaining to the people that locked ’em out.

Who else would you complain to? What are you gonna do, call Boris Yeltsin? What would you do, call me? What is anybody else gonna do about it? By the way, there are some in the Drive-Bys (and we have the evidence coming up) who are not happy that Obama invited Tiger while Moochelle is half a continent away with the children. It’s a guy’s weekend, and there’s Tiger in there, and there are no cameras. So there are some people in the media, particularly over at CNN, who are very, very worried about this.

Not us here at the EIB Network. It never crossed our minds. I saw a busload of women when I was out yesterday on 95. I was up as far as Jupiter, and I did see a busload of women heading north on 95. Now, I had no idea where it was going. It was the afternoon. It was after, like, three o’clock. (interruption) No, no, no, Snerdley! I’m not leveling any accusations, but I did see a busload of women. (interruption) No, Clinton’s not there. Well, that’s a good question. I don’t think Clinton’s in town. Anyway, hee-hee, we have the evidence coming up.


RUSH: Let’s start with audio sound bite number one. I had not made up my mind I wanted to use it. It’s of me back in 2009. It’s December 18th on this program shortly after the veil had been lifted on Tiger Woods, and I was making a point about sports media and how they deify every sports star they cover. Like this guy in South Africa, this Pistorius guy. You go back and read some of the profiles of this guy. He’s the guy that runs on prosthetic legs and ended up shooting his girlfriend, murdering her. You go back and read some of the stuff on this guy, and you see how they deify these people.

It’s just something that’s part of the formula in sports media. Those of you who live in towns with professional sports franchise, you know what I’m talking about. Every week you’ll get up and turn to your sports page and there will be a feature of some player of some team. They’re just the greatest person on earth, the struggles they’ve overcome in life and all this. Of course, many of them are reprobates just like the odds are that in a percentage of the normal population — the nonathletic population — you’re gonna find a bunch of reprobates.

But the way the sports media treats these guys is that they’re gods, in essence. Of course that veil was lifted on Tiger. Before we get to that, I had a bunch of people e-mail me during the break here. “Rush, come on! Obama’s a very loyal and devoted husband. He doesn’t care about women.” Maybe not, but who else was up there? That’s what the media’s concerned about at CNN, which you will hear in mere moments. But, first, here’s what I said back in 2009, on December 18th

RUSH ARCHIVE: [T]he parallels between Barack Obama and Tiger Woods are stunning. We don’t know if there’s rampant sex romps going on with Obama. We doubt that. But everything else, they created for us a puff piece image of Obama, starting with his speech at the 2004 Democrat convention. We don’t know who he is. We don’t know anything about the man other than his years agitating the community in Chicago, the things he’s written about in his books. But there’s this image of “we’ve never had someone like this before, there’s never been a man like this. He transcends normal people.” Remember all these people gushing over him. Mark my words. At some point the same unmasking that has happened to Tiger Woods will happen to Barack Obama.

RUSH: Well, it hasn’t happened yet. I predicted that, at some point, the veil would be lifted on Obama. I still say this. I thought it would happen by now, but it hasn’t yet. But it has been on Tiger. You know, Tiger created this image, along with his sports-marketing people and his corporate partners. They created this image of Mr. Perfect: Perfect husband, perfect golfer, perfect workout guy, more disciplined than you, devoted, committed — and that was all done in the media. Of course, then it all blew up. When the media makes you, the media can break you — and that is going to be true of Obama at some point. It may be too late to matter when it does, but it will.

So now we go to CNN. This morning on Starting Point, they had a panel discussion. The guests were a Democrat “strategerist” named Richard Socarides, National Journal editorial director Ronald Brownstein, and Soledad O’Brien. Here’s how she starts the conversation…

O’BRIEN: How do we feel about President Obama playing golf with Tiger Woods? The first lady decided to take the first daughters skiing in Colorado. She was away. The president hit the links and in Palm City, Florida.

RUSH: Oh, you see? Soledad is a little nervous here. She wants to talk to these other guys, these experts, and see if she’s onto something here. Now, the Democrat strategerist theorized that Obama must have overruled the White House staff ’cause the White House staff woulda never okayed such an event. His theory is that the White House staff would have told Obama, “Don’t bring Tiger Woods. This is not the thing to do,” but that Obama overrode them.

SOCARIDES: The president must have really, really wanted to play golf with Tiger Woods. I’m sure that nobody on the White House staff thought it was a good idea, and they probably tried to maneuver around it, and that’s why they obviously didn’t have any pictures because the staff didn’t want pictures.

BROWNSTEIN: Is that the moment where the president says to the staff, “If you’re so smart, how come I’m president?”

RUSH: That was Ronald Brownstein trying to imagine what went on. You notice that the assumption here is that the White House staff automatically would know this is not a good thing to do. The White House staff would automatically agree with the media that this is not smart, but Obama overruled ’em because he’s smarter than they are. They’re genuinely worried. The conversation then continued. Soledad O’Brien said, “The administration talks about transparency. There are a lot of angry White House reporters, ’cause they wanted to see photos of this outing.”

SOCARIDES: It shows, like, there’s a — kind of a new Obama. This is another side of Obama. He’s gonna do what he wants, both in the way he conducted himself and also on a lot of policy stuff. It’s really shown that there’s a new boldness to him, and he doesn’t really care what a lot of people think. He’s not running for reelection.

RUSH: Right, and that was Socarides, the Democrat strategist. Obama doesn’t care. He’s not running for reelection, so he doesn’t care. Don’t worry about it, Soledad. But clearly there is some deep concern out there in the Drive-By Media over the pairing here and the fact that there was no picture. (interruption) You think it’s that big a deal? You think if there’d been a picture of Obama with Tiger Woods it would hurt him? (interruption) I don’t, either. Who are we talking about here? Low-information voters! He’s already the Celebrity of the United States to these people. This would have been a big plus. This would not have been a big deal. Maybe Tiger didn’t want the picture. Who knows? But I can’t imagine that picture hurting Obama, not with the people that support him and vote for him.

I mean, I think that picture, they would love it.

That’s just me.


RUSH: I tell you, I was driving around yesterday, and the traffic out there was like it was on Easter Sunday. Most people that live down, their last day is Easter Sunday. They get away after that. The next day, half the people that live here leave. I mean, it was a nightmare to get anywhere yesterday, just incredible. That’s when I recalled that once again I got hoodwinked in realizing this is a huge holiday weekend. By the way, this weekend (I have been told by people who were involved in it) is the result of lobbying efforts by the ski industry.

The ski industry wanted a three-day weekend in February for their bottom line, and so they lobbied for Presidents Day, and they got it. I was told this by a guy who, at one time, owned a ski lodge and some slopes. I think they were somewhere in Connecticut or Vermont. I’m not sure. Maybe it was Vermont. It’s a special-interest holiday. ‘Cause, you know, there was no such thing as Presidents Day until the ski industry decided they wanted one. I don’t know how long it took to get it, but they did.

Anyway, we’re here, and it’s a golden opportunity because thousands of people are not working today and needing to be entertained, and they are at the right place. No, I actually think on this photo bit that the White House didn’t want anybody knowing that Tiger Woods was there. And I think CNN, if you listen to these sound bites, they’re concerned about two things. They’re concerned that Obama did it, that he had Tiger Woods up there. It was clear, at least at me, that the CNN panelists were saying that he shoulda kept this secret.

“They shoulda had better secrecy. He didn’t do anything wrong! It’s okay! He’s not running for reelection so he can have whoever he wants up there. But it was not good optics,” and of course there isn’t a picture. All we have are the tweets from Tim Rosaforte. But the regime is not denying it. But the way they’re reacting, you would think Obama had invited me up there to play golf. These people are acting like this is really a major faux pas for Obama to have done this.

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