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RUSH: Now, here’s this ABC story: “57 Terrible Consequences of Sequester.” Now, I wish I had time, I wish I had the ability to go through all 57. I’m not gonna bore you. But I want you to listen to some of them. This is ABC News, the same place Jonathan Karl works. They’re not even on the same page. Jonathan Karl is out there saying, “Well, we’re gonna spend $15 billion more.

“The public isn’t gonna really feel this.” Over here, elsewhere at ABC, the full monty, babe, full scare tactic, 100% fearmonger, 57 terrible consequences. “Air travel disruption. Longer security lines at airports. Slower extreme weather forecasts.” Slower extreme weather forecasts? “Greater risk of wildfires.” A greater risk of wildfires because the federal government is only spending $15 billion more than it spent last year? Do you realize how absurd this has gotten now?

No longer do these crises occur if we spend less.

Now they occur even if we don’t spend enough more!

“Pest-infested crops will increase. A shortage nationwide of meat and poultry. Prison lockdowns. A furlough of nearly 37,000 Bureau of Prisons staff. Slower gun background checks. Fewer FBI agents. Immigration backlog. The inability to hire immigration judges. Longer waits for passports and visas. Neglect for the mentally ill, the homeless, and the substance-addicted. 125,000 would be at risk of homelessness.

“Housing vouchers and shelter programs would be on the chopping block. 600,000 women and children thrown off of WIC,” the Women, Infants and Children program. “424,000 fewer AIDS tests. 7400 fewer patients could get HIV medications. No rent assistance for 7300 AIDS patients. 807,000 fewer hospital visits for Native Americans.” That’s right! If we only spend $15 billion more this year than last year, 807,000 fewer Native Americans will be able to visit hospitals.

“Dilapidated low-income housing will stay dilapidated. Some will shut down. No child care for 30,000 kids. No Head Start for 70,000.” All of this because we’re only gonna spend $15 billion more. We’re still gonna spend $3.7 trillion, and all this is gonna happen. “Longer waits for disability payments. $725 million in cuts for low income special needs students. Cuts to schools on Indian reservations. Native American tribes would lose about $130 million.

“There would be a higher risk of terrorism. Untranslated wiretaps. Less surveillance. Classified information would be vulnerable to foreign spies.” We would have an even more porous border. “Untended nuclear weapons.” We have nuclear weapons silos, and people will just walk away from ’em! “The US would be less prepared for a weapons of mass destruction incident. The FBI would be using broken equipment and could have trouble tracking fingerprints.

“There’ll be one-third cutback in the Pacific naval presence. There be reduced Army readiness. No maintenance for some ships and airplanes. 46,000 defense jobs could be lost.” I thought it was 800,000. “Some Air Force planes couldn’t fly. Less cybersecurity. $1 billion cut from disaster relief.” There isn’t any disaster relief taking place. Have you seen the Jersey shore? Governor Christie’s saying, “Where the hell’s FEMA?” Eh, it doesn’t matter, his approval number’s 74.

All you gotta do is be a fat guy, eat a doughnut on Letterman and your approval number skyrockets. “Coast Guard operations be cut by 25%.” Drugs would be flowing into the country on boats. “$500 million cut from the foreign economic military aid program. $380 million cut from the global AIDS funding program. Less security at US facilities abroad, less protection for Americans abroad.” Why, there might be another Benghazi. Less opportunity to put filmmakers in jail.

“Freed up terror money. US attorneys would take 2,600 fewer cases. Smaller unemployment checks. 1200 fewer OSHA inspections.” That would mean the potential for more “workplace deaths,” like at Fort Hood. “Fewer inspections of mines. No job training for hundreds of thousands of people. 1,928 fewer small business loans. Slower reporting on economic data.” Parks? Can’t use ’em! “Refuges could close. “Less drilling and exploration, offshore and onshore.”

There isn’t any now. “Fewer air quality forecasts. 1,000 fewer environmental compliance inspections. Less nuclear cleanup.” Now, what a list. We might as well just start killing ourselves now and get it all over it. We ought to all just commit mass suicide because if this sequester happens if we only spend $15 billion more this year than next these 57 things are gonna happen.

ABC News needs to be ashamed of itself for even having the audacity to publish this bunch of gibberish. That’s where we are. That’s how the Democrat Party gets things done today. That’s the kind of inspiration and that’s the kind of leadership we get. That’s the kind of motivational, uplifting, “You can be anything you want to be!” kind of inspiration we get from them. I’m telling you, folks, it’s a sad day. I cannot emphasize how just disappointed in my own country I am, and how ashamed of all of this I am. This is a level to which we’ve sunk that I never thought possible.


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I have a question. If cutting $40 billion — let put it a different way. If only spending $15 more this year than last year is gonna cause the government to stop doing practically everything it does, and that’s what that list — I mean, that pretty much covers it. If we cut $40 billion, it’s gonna keep the government from doing everything it does. What are they gonna do with the rest of the $3.7 trillion that they are gonna spend? What are they gonna do with the $3,700 billion they’re going to spend? If all that stuff’s gonna stop, all these 57 things and others are gonna stop because of a cutback of $40 billion, then what are they gonna do with the rest of the $3.7 trillion?

And, by the way, that list of 57, that’s not everything. There’s some other things that will not happen because of the sequester. There will be two fewer hours in the day if the sequester goes through. Cloud cover will be cut back to 10%. Sanitation engineers will only pick up garbage one bag per week. People will not be able to use the bathroom between the hours of eight p.m. and six a.m. Boys will have to shoot 20 fewer baskets a day. Girls will have to send 15 fewer texts a day. And the movies will stop matinees. I mean, this list of things, they’re not telling you everything. They’re not telling you everything that’s gonna happen because of this.

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