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RUSH: I’ve had this in the Stack the past two days. I even had audio from it yesterday. I forgot to tell Cookie I wanted the audio today. Maybe she can find it in the archives. The federal government has, as you know, many bureaucracies. One of them is the USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture. All of these bureaucracies are conducting sensitivity training seminars. If you worked for the USDA, for example, you have to go to these sensitivity seminars. And one of the things that they are teaching is that the Pilgrims were illegal immigrants. That’s part of the new sensitivity training, the Pilgrims were illegal immigrants, much like the left tries to associate modern day homeless people with Mary and Joseph of biblical times. The illegal immigrants of today are no different than the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower. It’s amazing.


RUSH: Judicial Watch found these videos. They’re from 2011, actually. This is Cultural sensitivity training at the US Department of Agriculture. In the video, the diversity awareness trainer is Samuel Betances, and here two sound bites of the diversity awareness trainer.

BETANCES: I want you to say, “The Pilgrims were illegal aliens.”

CROWD: (grumbling in agreement)

BETANCES: Say, “The Pilgrims never gave their passport to the Indians.”

CROWD: (grumbling in agreement)

BETANCES: By the way, I don’t like the word “minorities.” How about “emerging majorities”?

CROWD: (laughter)

BETANCES: Easy, easy, easy.

CROWD: (laughter)

BETANCES: Down, down. But people labeled minorities are more likely to fail in technical areas because they’re… less intelligent, true or fault? It’s false.

RUSH: Right. So, “the Pilgrims were illegal aliens. Say, ‘The Pilgrims never gave their passport to the Indians.’ By the way, I don’t like the word ‘minorities.’ How about ’emerging majorities’?” I don’t know. Minorities have a pretty good deal. Here’s one more from Samuel Betances. This was actual sensitivity training at the USDA.

BETANCES: (shouting) Together we can make an extension of each other’s quest to make America stronger, healthier, and freer to work for all of us. Say, “Thank you, black — black folks!”

CROWD: Thank you, black folks!

BETANCES: I want you to say, “America was founded by outsiders.” Say that!

CROWD: America was founded by outsiders!

BETANCE: “Who are today’s insiders.”

CROWD: Who are today’s insiders.

RUSH: I kid you not. That’s 2011. It was during the Obama ream. That’s the kind of sensitivity training USDA employees had to undergo. “America was founded by outsiders.”


RUSH: Yeah, I wonder if the sensitivity training seminars will be canceled because of the sequester. So you got Leon Panetta with horror stories and scare tactics about civilian Pentagon employees that are gonna be furloughed. Now Ray LaHood, the secretary of transportation, says that they had a press briefing here that the sequester has caused them to begin discussions with the unions to eliminate midnight shifts in over 60 control towers across the country. But what about the sensitivity training seminars?

This Samuel Betances guy, you should know, is from Chicago, and his sensitivity program was started under Mayor Daley, and a lot of this nonsense is from a guy by the name of Howard Zinn, Z-i-n-n. Howard Zinn’s textbooks are being used all over the country. We discuss on this program often how we’ve lost education to the left. The liberals have monopolized it, from day care all the way to the academy, to academe. They own education. And it’s not just at the USDA and sensitivity training seminars where it’s being taught that the Pilgrims were illegal aliens and that there aren’t really any minorities. There are just emerging majorities. America was founded by outsiders.

Mr. Betances in his sensitivity training seminar at the USDA said, “I want you to repeat that: America was founded by outsiders.” And these people have to go to these seminars. They have to study them. They have to do them, and they have to come out of there with their minds right. Now, these audio sound bites are from 2011. I just want to tell you what’s undergirding this. I’ve mentioned it before, but there is now doubt what is happening and what is held as a heartfelt belief by the left is this country is unjust. This country is immoral. This country’s illegitimate. This country was founded by people who were not honest. They were bigots, racists. They discriminated. They set up a system whereby the rich would always stay rich. Nobody else would ever get rich.

They set up a system where the poor would always stay poor. They set up a system where the minorities would always be minorities. They believe this, folks, and this is what they’re teaching. This Howard Zinn guy has textbooks in schools all across the country. John Silber, who used to be the president of Boston University, did a study of high school textbooks back in the late nineties, maybe the mid-nineties. John Silber issued a report after he had studied all the textbooks being used in high schools. He said the longest reference to Abraham Lincoln was a paragraph.

Now, Lincoln has had a resurgence because of the movie and because of Spielberg and because of history revolution. But in textbooks at the time, Lincoln had a reference no longer than one paragraph. At the same time, Bill Clinton had whole chapters in high school history textbooks. You have people on the left in the Democrat Party who are running it who have a massive chip on their shoulder. They’re angry. You know, I’ve mentioned to you on this program, I’ve observed countless times that I intellectually don’t understand people that hate this country. It’s simply the greatest country that’s ever been. It is simply the most wonderful country that’s ever been. It’s a miracle how this country was founded, the basis on which it was founded. It’s unparalleled in human history, unequaled in human history.

Now, in truth, intellectually, after I study it, I can understand why people can be made to hate it. I can understand why people have been taught, “You know, you’re not really an American. You were never an American. The people that founded this country never really wanted you to be an American.” That’s a message that’s gone out to many minorities. There’s a reason that liberals of all ages hate this country. They have been taught that. I firmly believe our president has been raised, educated, and taught that this country was illegitimately founded on a basis of the morality, inequality, and unjustness, if that’s a word, and they are about fixing that. They are here to make amends. They are here to make sure that these mistakes are corrected. And that’s what they’re doing now.

The country’s been around for 230-plus years. Obama’s four-and-a-half years into the fix, it’s gonna take a long time. Can’t change it overnight. I firmly believe that’s what’s going on. It’s hard to get your arms around the fact that people not just say so, not just have a fleeting emotional moment, but really passionately and constantly every day hate the country. They do. They’re there, and they’re a growing number of them. And the low-information voter makes up a significant percentage of that group of people. The game is rigged. The deck is stacked against ’em. They don’t have a chance, and they think that the people who are going to help them escape this bondage… Let me put it this way. What they don’t get is that the people they think are going to help them escape this bondage are actually keeping them in it.

The Democrat Party today is not about the creation of wealth, for example. And I don’t mean getting rich; I’m just talking about improving your lot in life economically. The Democrat Party wants to take more money away from you as you succeed. You are the enemy. You’re the target, if you’re successful, if you achieve something. It’s not fair, it’s not right. There are other people left behind who don’t, and it’s your fault, ’cause you don’t care about them. This may be a little bit of a simplification, but don’t doubt me. It is why Michelle Obama, in the campaign of 2008, can say because her husband is running for the presidency and has a legitimate chance to win, it’s why Michelle Obama can say for the first time in her life she’s proud of her country.

Michelle Obama, Elena Kagan, Sotomayor, they’ve all been raised, grown up, Robert B. Reichhhh, you name it, they’ve all been raised to believe this is a deeply flawed, unjust, unfair, unequal country, and it’s gotta be fixed, and the only way to fix it is to make government in charge of everything, including put government in charge of the outcomes in life, not just guaranteeing equal opportunity to people. So you get these seminars. The Pilgrims never gave their passports to the Indians. The Pilgrims were illegal aliens. This country, not only was it illegitimately founded, it was illegitimately discovered, as far as these people are concerned. The Pilgrims were a bunch of invaders.

The indigenous peoples were here, the Indians, the Native Americans who were at one with the dirt, at one with nature, at one with the animal kingdom. And they were fine, and there wasn’t any racism and there wasn’t any sexism and there wasn’t any homophobia and there wasn’t any environmental destruction, and then here came the Pilgrims. Well, first came Christopher Columbus. He brought syphilis, and he brought horses, and he brought all kinds of pestilence and destruction and meanness. Columbus’ crowd started beating people up. And then the Pilgrims came. They’re all white Europeans and they came over here and they just polluted everything. They polluted the culture. They polluted the river. They polluted the sky, the water, and everything. They took over and they took it from the Indians.

They didn’t have to show any passports. They were the original illegal immigrants. Therefore, the country, from the days of its discovery, not founding, is illegitimate. And people believe this, folks. And the fact of the matter is the president of the United States is one of the people who believes this stuff. This is not isolated, these sensitivity training seminars. This is being taught every day to your kids at all levels of secondary education, all across the fruited plain. All of this and more. It’s been going on for a long time. This is one of the reasons we have low-information voters, is because of the state of public education. It’s one of the reasons they are such a large percentage of the population.

I’ve always believed that a genuine rescue of this country is going to involve recapturing education. This is why so many parents have instinctively taken their kids out of school and are doing homeschooling, home education. This is why so many parents want school vouchers, to be able to send their kids to private schools, to have curricula that are not based on this multicultural distortion. That’s why a voucher plan for public education as well as for health savings accounts would be accepted by many, so many people who have no way out of this public education system, particularly in the inner cities. If anybody on our side is really serious about recapturing the country, the education system is going to have to be one of the targets.


RUSH: Tim, Ellensburg, Washington, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, top of the morning to you Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Mega spotted owl dittos. It’s a privilege to talk with you, and I want to thank you for last 24 years of keeping us conservatives with you. Without you, we would be done.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think that’s true, but I appreciate it nevertheless. Thank you so much.

CALLER: “White privilege.” I was talking with a coworker yesterday about it happening in Wisconsin, and she said, “It’s happening here. I just had a class where they had ‘white privilege’ books,” and I go, “What do you mean?” She says, “Well, we get in a group and talk about how only white people were allowed to talk and they never felt bad for talking about what they wanted to say.” I said, “Well, I would call that ‘liberal privilege’ because when I’m with a group of liberals and I talk, I am lambasted out of there. So I refer more to it as ‘liberal privilege’ more than ‘white privilege.'”

RUSH: Well, you know what this was about? This is the University of Wisconsin, and they borrowed it from the University of Minnesota. This was not so much “white privilege.” This is teaching “white students…” I forget exactly what the verbiage is, but they were teaching “white students” how unfair it is to be white or how bad it is to be white.

CALLER: Yeah, that’s exactly what she was saying. That’s what they would go through, that we had all the advantages in the world just because of our skin color.

RUSH: Yeah, they’re basically teaching white guilt.

CALLER: Exactly right. I went to tell her a story. I was a Toastmaster for many years, and during the 2008 cycle they got into politics, which they were not supposed to do. But it was a bunch of government workers and they got at me and they asked where did I lean and I said, “I lean a little to the right of Rush,” and you woulda thought that I dropped a bomb in that room.

RUSH: I can imagine.

CALLER: Ha! It was fun, though. Shortly thereafter, I went to a different group.

RUSH: Well, it’s always fun to do that, though, isn’t it?

CALLER: It was. I had a blast. The stares were unmistakable.

RUSH: Here’s the thing. This is not isolated, and it’s not stand-alone. It’s not something that some educator just thought of. This is part of the entire belief system of the illegitimacy of the founding of this country. Let me just be blunt. Let me tell you what the belief is and what the underbelly of the course is: “This country was founded by rich white guys. They set it up for themselves. They founded a country whereby rich white guys would be able to hold onto all the stuff, for lack of a better word.

“They set up a system where anybody who wasn’t white never had a chance. In fact, this predates the founding.” This is how the multicultural curriculum teaches the discovery of this country. “This was once a great place. This was once a pristine paradise. It was populated by the indigenous peoples who wore loincloths and ran around with bows and arrows and frolicked with buffalo and such. They were at one with nature, and there was no pollution. There was no destruction.

“There was no homophobia. There was no racism. There was no sexism. There were no wars. There was no death. There wasn’t any murder. There was no sickness. There was love and respect for animals. Animals and the Indians and the indigenous peoples were all at one — they hung around with each other — and then all of a sudden that changed! The white Europeans arrived with that racist homophobe Christopher Columbus, and he brought all that stuff. He brought racism and sexism and bigotry and homophobia.

“He brought horses. He brought syphilis. With horses came the ability to kill the indigenous peoples, and they brought weapons. The Indians didn’t have any weapons! They didn’t kill anybody. They didn’t kill themselves. They weren’t at war with each other. No, all the tribes got along. The only problem was when Geronimo started rattling feathers, but that didn’t last long. Everything was hunky-dory. They were just fine and dandy. They got a little bit of revenge when Custer got too big for his britches.

“But other than that, everything was fine. I mean, it was pristine and it was paradise, and then Columbus brought diseases. And those guys, they didn’t bathe! I mean, how would you smell after three months in the Atlantic with no shower, no bath? When you get off the boat, and you could kill people just standing next to ’em with your body odor and wearing all that conquistador uniform stuff. So that was the beginning of the end of this great pristine place, after Columbus came. See, Columbus, he actually didn’t make it up here. He ended up down in the Caribbean — Hispanola, and Cuba for cigars.

“The Pilgrims… Actually, you know, before Columbus, the Vikings were here. The Norsemen. And they came at a time where it was much warmer than it is now, and the Atlantic Ocean was much less treacherous to travel. And they came here, and they didn’t like what they saw and they left. They left some people in what is now Minnesota, but other than that, they all left. And that left the place wide open for the Pilgrims. Now, the Pilgrims got here, now, who were they? Well, the Pilgrims were a bunch of people who didn’t like government in the United Kingdom telling them what religion they could and couldn’t practice, so the Pilgrims came over here, they got here on the Mayflower, and they immediately set up a society of aristocrats. Right-wing religious fanatics, exactly what the Pilgrims were.

“They landed at Plymouth Rock, and they came ashore and they saw the Indians and the first thing they did was put ’em in jail. They put the Indians in jail, then they set up their trading posts and so forth.”


Well, yeah, they stole Manhattan. It took a while. Look, we’re still Plymouth at Rock here.

“They put the Indians in jail. They start practicing their religion. They set up their communes and stuff, They started growing corn and stuff, and of course that depleted the Indian supply of the stuff and the Indians starved while they were in jail. The ones not in jail, there was nothing left to hunt. The Pilgrims got all the turkeys, for example, and ate ’em, and there weren’t any left for the Indians. The Pilgrims then attacked the beavers. I mean, environmental destruction began almost immediately. But then they set it up where only white people were allowed to do good things and have nice things.

“Then the Pilgrims set up the cavalry, you know, the blue uniformed guys that went out and started having wars with the Indians. They built forts out there. They sent people like Davy Crockett and the Lone Ranger and stuff out to kill the Indians, and that’s when it all started going downhill.” That’s why they’re teaching in Minnesota how being white is horrible and what it means. This was a pristine paradise, and all these white people from Europe came here and destroyed it. And so now it’s time to take it back.

Now it’s time to get even. Now it’s time to take away all the stuff that all those white founders and discoverers and explorers ended up arranging for their ancestors to have. Now it’s time to take it all away. The original Pilgrims, who do you think provided the impetus to invent and found the company Cessna where they build private jets, for example? So it’s time to take it away from those people. And it’s time now to teach all of this, it has been, this is pretty much the multicultural curriculum that I’ve been giving you here. They’re not even making any pretense. They’re telling white students in class, “You are the problem. You have been the problem and it’s time you knew it, and you are going to now think of yourself as the problem, and you are not part of the solution.”

That’s what they’re teaching. It started at the University of Minnesota, a bunch of guilty ancestors of the Vikings. And the people in Wisconsin heard about it, they’ve now imported it. And the caller says the same thing is happening in the state of the Washington. It’s spreading out there. It’s probably happening in more universities and high schools than you would probably believe. And that’s how American history — I gave you a brief overview — but that’s basically how it’s taught under the multicultural curricula.

I’m telling you, it is what the leaders of this country believe. It’s how they were educated. It’s what they were taught. They’ve grown up believing it. That’s what they think of this country. That’s why they’re in the process of getting even, cutting this country down to size. We never did deserve to be a superpower. Hell, the Indians, if anybody deserved to be super, it’s them. They were here first. And then, you know what, after we got here, we were not content. We left again and we went around the world and we took things from other parts of the world and brought it all back here. That’s how we became a superpower.

Then we created a CIA, and the purpose of that was to run around and kill other people around the world. The last straw, the final straw for these people was when we targeted the communists. The communists were their friends. The communists were their heroes. When we started targeting the communists, that’s when the multiculturalists decided they had to organize and start fighting back. That’s when it began. I mean, what’s his name, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, that’s what they think. They do movies about it.


RUSH: By the way, back when it was a pristine paradise, there wasn’t any pollution, either. The waters were crystal clear, the rivers, the lakes, there wasn’t any, any pollution. The Indians did not relieve themselves in the lakes and the rivers, and neither did the animals. It was pristine. It was all these white people that brought over all the pollution, the environmental destruction. I left that out.

Now, Howard Zinn, who is a textbook author, has put together a documentary based on one of his books, The People Speak. And The People Speak was about the people who have fought back against the oppressive conditions in the US over the course of history. It’s about the native indigenous people who fought the conquerors, the white conquerors of Europe. And you know who appeared in this documentary?

There’s a list of some of the performances. Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Viggo Mortensen, Josh Brolin, Danny Glover, Marisa Tomei, Don Cheadle, Sandra O, they all appeared in a documentary talking about how all these white discoverers ultimately destroyed North America. And they were taking the side of the Native Americans and indigenous peoples who were fighting back against these oppresses. This stuff is taught, these documentaries with these actors, in schools.

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