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RUSH: Listen to this. This is from the AP, and they’re mad about this. The NRA has found a Justice Department memo, and they are using it to accuse the Obama administration of wanting to commandeer your guns. They are furious here in this AP story.

“The National Rifle Association is using a Justice Department memo it obtained to argue in ads that the Obama [regime] believes its gun control plans won’t work unless the government seizes firearms and requires national gun registration…” Now, when everybody makes that accusation, what happens? If you, for example, say, “The regime wants to take your guns,” there are catcalls of protest, howls of protest, and you are accused of being a conspiracy kook.

They say, “Nobody’s ever suggested that! What are you talking about? Nobody wants to take your guns!” I think it’s even happened to me. What happened is, the NRA managed to get their hands on a DOJ (Department of Justice) memo that undercuts all of these claims that the regime does not want to get hold of your guns. The AP makes it clear that the only way Obama will get what he wants is through registration and eventually banning guns. That’s what the memo says.

The NRA has found it.

The AP is furious at the NRA for having found the memo and using it now. The AP even says, quote, “The NRA’s assertion and its obtaining of the memo in the first place underscore the no-holds-barred battle under way as Washington’s fight over gun restrictions heats up.” Now, isn’t this what American journalists used to do before the work began to exclusively represent the Democrat Party?

It used to be that if memos like this existed, if there were a secret memo that basically said the purpose of gun registration was to eventually be able to ban them, if there was such a memo, wouldn’t the media be the ones to find that memo, and wouldn’t the media win a Pulitzer for doing so? Speaking truth to power and all of that gibberish.

Well, now it don’t work that way anymore. The media helps regimes hide such memos. The NRA got its hand on the memo and now the NRA is the bad guy. The AP is outraged that this crime researcher had the temerity to question Obama on his gun proposals. And never mind that this crime researcher at the NRA is actually the acting director of the National Institute of Justice. That’s the Department of Justice research arm. He had previously been with the Rand corporation. He studied criminal justice issues. He’s got a PhD in statistics. This guy found the memo.

The AP is essentially saying, “Who the hell is this guy to question Obama’s expertise on guns? Who is this guy to question Obama’s expertise on crime?” Because Obama’s the expert in everything. He’s the expert on health care. He’s the expert on jobs. He’s the expert on drugs. He’s the expert manufacturing and selling them. He’s the expert on everything. Nobody in any of these industries knows anything compared to what Obama knows. And nobody in these industries cares as much as Obama does. He’s the expert on health care. He’s the expert on health insurance. He’s the expert on hospitals and how to run them. He’s the expert in determining who should get treated medically and who shouldn’t be.

The point is the NRA has this crime researcher that found this memo, and the memo undercuts all of Obama’s claims. The memo makes it clear that the only way the government will get what they want is through registration and eventually banning guns. It’s a memo that spells out current policy about guns and the policy is X. And what the memo points out is the only way to get to X is to take people’s guns from them. You start by registering every damn one of them. It’s one of these internal memos, government bureaucrat says, “Look, we eventually want to make having a gun illegal, how do we do it with the Second Amendment?”

So a bunch of guys start writing a memo. “Okay, if that’s really what you want to do, here’s how you would have to do it given the Constitution, the Second Amendment.” That’s what was found. It’s a theoretical memo. It’s not a policy memo yet. It’s a theoretical memo, somebody asked to put together a policy, and what the memo makes clear is that the only way that Obama can get what he wants or that the government can get what they want regarding guns is massive, full-fledged registration and the eventual banning of guns.

I want to be very clear about this. Nobody has proposed banning guns. What has happened is somebody at the regime said to somebody else, “What do we have to do to get to point A or X?” And so these big thinkers accept the assignment, they look at it and they say, “If you really want to get to X, the only way you can get there, to have that policy, is total registration, but you’re eventually gonna have to ban guns. It’s the only way you can effect what you want, is to ban guns.” That is what’s been discovered. And that’s what the NRA is using. And the NRA’s being very careful. They’re not accusing anybody of having this policy. All they’re saying is that there exists a memo explaining, “If that’s your objective, this is how you do it,” not that they’ve put anything in a motion yet.

This undercuts the idea, you know, when the regime says, “We’re not even thinking about banning guns.” They are thinking about it. That’s about all they’re doing, but it is something that is in a memo under consideration, maybe seriously, unseriously, but the point is, it’s being thought about. And the AP is furious that the NRA found the memo, because, according to the AP, they’re misusing it, they’re stating it’s applicable in ways that it isn’t, and that’s not what the NRA is doing. The NRA is simply doing what I just did. The NRA is pointing out, “Hey, look, there’s some people in government who are tinkering with how to get to point A on a policy, and here’s what they would have to do to do it.”

“A Justice Department official called the memo an unfinished review of gun violence research and said it does not represent administration policy.” I’m sure it doesn’t yet. “The memo says requiring background checks for more gun purchases could help, but also could lead to more illicit weapons sales. It says banning assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines produced in the future but exempting those already owned by the public, as Obama has proposed, would have limited impact because people now own so many of those items.”

So they’re coming up with ways around that. It would be like if John F. Kennedy says, “I need to get to the moon in ten years,” so a bunch of people at NASA put together the plan. “This is what we would have to do.” That’s all that’s happened. Don’t anybody misunderstand. The point is the memo exists. The AP tried to suppress it along with the rest of the media. The NRA’s hated and reviled, found it, and so now the NRA is the problem, not the regime.


RUSH: Now, look here, folks, this AP piece also says this. “A Justice Department official who would only discuss the issue on condition of anonymity said the NRA ad misrepresents Obama’s gun proposals and that the administration has never backed a gun registry or gun confiscation.” Hey, Obama never backed same-sex marriage, either, until he did. That’s just silly. “Hey, he didn’t back this.” Throughout this AP story, I mean, you have to love it. The AP constantly speaks for the White House in this article. Politics, the White House does not support, policies the White House does support. I mean, it’s just really sickening.

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