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RUSH: Tallahassee, Florida. This is Bob. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Greetings. Former Marine Corps greetings to you. Now, you save $15 billion more this year than this year. Okay, now, considering baseline budgeting, they get $15 more for every $3,700 they were spending. Now, the question is, if you’re getting 15 dollars more for every $3,700 you were spending, why are you laying anybody off in the first place?

RUSH: Well, that is another great question, and I have the answer, if you can deal with it. Are you ready?

CALLER: We got the technology. Go for it.

RUSH: The president has total authority when the sequester happens as to what is cut.

CALLER: Okay. So then that goes to the next question, the White House. Do they have any particular departments targeted for cutbacks and consequences due to the sequestering —

RUSH: Yeah, in fact, the Associated Press is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security is already releasing illegal immigrants who are held in immigration jail right now.

CALLER: See, now, Congress, if they had the backbone, they could make the White House explain all these specifically directed cuts in these various departments, and it would kind of go against Obama’s, what should we say, history, of taking credit for anything —

RUSH: The bottom line is that Obama, and when you ask me, “Why, Rush, why?” it’s the way the law is written. Obama has the authority to allocate or decide where the cuts mandated by the sequester take place.

CALLER: Okay, that’s a good point.

RUSH: So if he wants 800,000 civilian employees of the Pentagon furloughed, he orders that done.

CALLER: Now, is Congress going to make him take credit for it, rather than his standard history of voting “present” —

RUSH: This Congress can’t — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — accountable for anything.

RUSH: They can’t keep up with what’s happening much less —

CALLER: Well, you and I are praying that they do, but, hey, we don’t exactly have the confidence they will have, do we?

RUSH: Well, not only that, let’s say somebody could go up and explain to the American people what I just told you. How many would believe it?

CALLER: They’d say, “Oh, he’s making that up.”

RUSH: Making it up, Obama’s not governing. It’s just the Republicans doing this. Obama is fighting these guys. Obama’s trying to prevent these cuts.

CALLER: Well, it’s just like when they were campaigning. Rahm Emanuel, what was he doing on the news, all the time he’s telling ’em, “Hey, never let a good crisis go to waste.”

RUSH: Exactly right.

CALLER: How many times did you hear that?

RUSH: That’s exactly where we are right now.

CALLER: And he hasn’t governed anything. He’s campaigned from one crisis to another.

RUSH: In fact, you know what, Common Cause, which is not a conservative bunch, Common Cause has just demanded that Obama shut down his permanent campaign. The actual campaign organization, Organizing for America, it’s now been renamed, they demanded that he actually just shut it down and start governing and stop this perpetual campaigning. The Limbaugh theorem proven once again.


RUSH: By the way, the Limbaugh theorem is picking up traction. It’s gaining traction, although I’m not being named in it. I got sound bites here, the Republicans are demanding, “Mr. President, stop campaigning, start governing.” The Limbaugh theorem, I tell you how I arrived at it. There’s a lot of things that have never made sense to me. How is it that Obama wins elections and has massive public approval when everybody disagrees with his agenda? When a majority disagree with his agenda, when a majority think the country’s headed in the wrong direction and yet he wins the election and has a positive approval number? How’s this happen?

There’s only one answer, and that is that people do not associate Obama’s agenda with conditions in the country. People do not associate Obama’s policies with the status of the country. Because Obama is never seen as governing. Obama is constantly seen as campaigning. He is fighting these powerful forces that are making all these things happen. Obama’s the guy, like Obama said, when he did the stimulus and he did health care, he’s not gonna do anything that adds a dime to the deficit. Well, a lot of dimes are being added to the deficit, but people don’t think Obama’s doing it ’cause he said he wasn’t going to.

So it’s gotta be the Republicans that are doing it. They do not blame Obama. We’re talking about the low-information voters, and they are a majority to people who vote, folks, and they see Obama as fighting all this stuff. They see Obama trying to create jobs. He’s got his jobs council. They don’t care it never met. He had a council. He talks about it. He talks about the need to create jobs. He’s obviously trying. He’s working very hard. Bush created such a mess. These other Republicans don’t want Obama to succeed. They don’t want jobs created. That’s how this is all happening. And he pulls this off by occupying this perpetual campaign position.

He’s not governing. And the meaning of that is, he’s not responsible for anything that’s happening. He’s still fighting the people who are responsible for it. And so Common Cause today, Eric Cantor, all these Republicans are now saying, “Get off the campaign trail, Mr. President, start governing.” I wonder where they heard that. Doesn’t matter.
And now Common Cause is demanding that Obama shut down Organizing for America which they’ve changed the name to Organizing for Action. But they’re now charging 500 grand. You pay Obama 500 grand and you get to visit with him in the White House once. He’s still campaigning. He’s still raising money. He’s still running for office. He’s not occupying it, as far as the low-information voters are concerned.

That’s how he’s pulling this off, and more and more people are now wising up to it. You can’t negotiate with somebody that’s not in power. Stop and think about that. “But, Rush, but, Rush, he isn’t.” No, we’re talking perceptions here. Low-information voter perceptions. Low-information voters elected the guy so that’s who we’re talking about here.

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