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RUSH: Do you want to hear some more madness? Audio sound bite number 23. Dingy Harry.

Today was a big day. Statuary Hall, Capitol Hill, they unveiled a statue of Rosa Parks. Snerdley, do you know who Rosa Parks is? For the low-information voter out, what was Rosa Parks known for? Right. She was in Alabama in the early sixties and she tried to get on a bus in Alabama and the driver said, “You gotta move to the back.” You had to give up your seat and move to the back because a white guy is getting on the bus now. She refused to give up her seat, and she has become a hero. From that moment on, she was a heroin for the rest of her life and remains so. And today they had a statue unveiled that was erected in her honor at Statuary Hall in the Capitol.

Of course everybody went up there, a big speech. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, I didn’t see the Reverend Jackson. I didn’t see the Justice Brothers. I didn’t see the civil rights coalition up there. That’s okay. Obama was there, Pelosi was there, and Dingy Harry. Now, I’m gonna play a sound bite here from Dingy Harry, and I want to remind you what I have said over the course of the last four years with Obama in the White House. Obama believes this country was founded illegitimately, unjustly, was immoral. You’ve heard me go through that whole riff. Here is Harry Reid basically proving it with this sound bite today on Capitol Hill.

REID: Two of the best motion pictures this year were nominated for Academy Awards. Lincoln and Django Unchained offered cinematic treatments of the legacy of our nation’s darkest institution: slavery. One film presents an unvarnished view of the evils of slavery. The other depicts our difficult journey to end slavery. It’s significant that 150 years after president Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, we’re still considering in film and photo and art and activism how to eradicate slavery’s unsavory successors: racism and inequality.

RUSH: See? We haven’t made any progress. We effectively still have slavery in this country. And, of course, Sheila Jackson Lee on the floor of the House last week said that she was standing there as a freed slave. A member of this audience called her office and wanted to know who owned her and therefore who had sold her and what he got for her, and her office had no idea what he was talking about. But she said, “I stand before you today as a freed slave.” So they’re operating on the premise it’s still alive and kicking. It’s just now we call it racism and inequality, but there’s still slavery. And it’s one of the many bases on which they proceed to shape policy in the country.


RUSH: Do you know why they did the Rosa Parks statue dedication today? Do you know what else is going on today in Washington? No, it’s not before the sequester. It’s because the Supreme Court is discussing the Voting Rights Act in the South today. You know, this is another thing. I’m not a high-information guy on everything. There are certain things I am low information on. I do not understand this.

This Voting Rights Act goes back to 1964. I can’t believe that we still haven’t fixed the problems with voting that we had back in 1964, and I don’t believe that we haven’t. I think what we have is a bunch of muckraking, filing lawsuits over it. We’re not preventing anybody from voting. What did I read the other day, some woman in Chicago voted for Obama six times? The Voting Rights Act? The idea that there are still those powerful Democrats with dogs and water hoses keeping African-Americans from voting?

Who believes this anymore?

I guess some conservative justices like Scalia might actually believe that the South doesn’t need to be overseen by the federal government to stop them from denying blacks the vote, because that’s what the case is. I frankly think it’s bogus. The Voting Rights Act is still being violated? That act goes be back 50 years! Anyway, that’s why they had the Rosa Parks statue dedication today, because it all ties in with that Supreme Court case. The oral arguments or things going on today. Something is happening with it.

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