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RUSH: I don’t care where you look now. The Limbaugh Theorem — everybody is talking about it as though it’s standard operating procedure, as though it’s always been understood. Mitt Romney on TV yesterday; Michael Barone has a full column on it today. No mention of your host, which is fine with your host. I’m not into this for credit. I have enough anyway. I could deal with the credit deficit, not in for that, but still it’s becoming universal now. The Limbaugh Theorem, i.e., that Obama never governs. All he does is campaign and that he’s targeting 2014 to effectively have a one-party government to rid himself of any viable opposition.

That’s now de rigueur. Everybody thinks that’s the modus operandi, Obama in a constant campaign mode, but what they’re putting together now is why. It’s so that nothing happening in the country ever attaches to him.

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