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RUSH: We may as well have prison camps, that’s why we need to do the voting right… oh. One of the proudest days of my broadcast career will be today when I play for you a sound bite. You know, I once said, folks, that if I didn’t have my brain I would want Antonin Scalia’s. The Supreme Court did oral arguments on renewing I think part five of the Voting Rights Act. And Scalia is sitting there saying (paraphrasing), “You can call it the Voting Rights Act and it can read anything and it will pass. Nobody’s gonna vote against anything that says the Voting Rights Act even if it isn’t needed.” Anyway, a reporter said, “This sounded just like a Rush Limbaugh rant.”

Imagine that. Arguably one of the most well-endowed intellects in the court’s history, Antonin Scalia, was accused of sounding like me. I’m sure it’s a big day for him, too. This is one of these things that goes both ways. I know if I were Antonin Scalia, I would be honored just like I am honored to be compared to him.

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