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RUSH: We are being governed by an ever shrinking minority, and until these young bucks in the Republican Senate showed up, there was nobody willing to oppose them.

I don’t know about you. I can’t tell you the number of people last night who said to me, I had a bunch of e-mails, just this week I’ve been talking to callers who’ve called here and their hands are thrown up in frustration, “What can we do?” I said, “We’re beyond the point of words now. It’s gonna require an event that nobody knows is coming. An event is going to happen to wake people up, change their minds or do something else.” I was not talking about a cataclysmic event. I was talking about a political event. I wasn’t talking about a hurricane or some sort of climate disaster or an airplane accident. I was referring to a major political event that illustrates something that turns everything upside down.

This filibuster last night did. It was such an event.

I don’t know what kind of legs it’s gonna have. I don’t know, in and of itself, it’s not gonna be enough. But this Washington Post poll is just another bit of evidence that tells me — doesn’t tell me; it proves, we’re being governed by a minority. The majority of thinking in this country opposes Barack Obama. It’s just they don’t know it. It is really profound to me. This is not even close. Sixty-one to 33% support a 5% across-the-board budget cut except for defense in a Washington Post/ABC poll. Not 51-49, not 50-50. 61-33. It isn’t even close.

There is not majority opinion for growing the government the way it is growing. There is not majority opinion for slashing defense. But the guy who’s doing all that is escaping any tie to it. He’s escaping any association with it. The Limbaugh Theorem again. And so the Washington Post — I’m surprised they didn’t just spike the story. If they hadn’t run it, nobody woulda known other than their pollsters, that they had these results. They don’t report the numbers. You have to find the numbers I gave you, the 61-33, in their chart. In their story about their own poll is an attempt to undermine their own poll.

They point out that a Pew poll, a competing poll, in February found that there was no majority support for spending cuts. So they try to undercut their own poll with a previous month’s poll. They were so unhappy with the results of their own. It’s amazing. So if you want to take heart in anything, take heart in the fact that a sizeable majority of the American people oppose what’s happening here.

You have Rand Paul joined by Ted Cruz and Rubio last night, taking on this administration over the Constitution, over personal freedom, over liberty, and it invigorated people. That’s what the old guard in the Republican Party doesn’t understand. It’s what the establishment doesn’t understand. Obama and his policies were on display last night for 12 hours, they were under assault, and everybody who did it is alive today. And everybody who was involved in it is a hero today.

Nothing bad happened to them. They didn’t lose their fundraising. Nobody’s calling ’em racist. All the things the Republican establishment’s afraid of. Basically what happened was the country class showed up, had 12 hours in the Senate to speak last night, while the ruling class was out having dinner with Obama.

This is Andrew in Minneapolis. Andrew, I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Great. My name is Andrew. I’m from Brainerd, Minnesota, but I live in Minneapolis now, and boy, between last night and this morning, things have changed for me and a lot of my friends. A lot of friends that I have that are homosexual, very, very liberal, the pot smoking libertarian folks, they haven’t believed a word I’ve said up ’til now about Andrew Breitbart and listening to Rush Limbaugh. And my own political awakening and then my support of Romney. Overnight, literal overnight, e-mails, tweets, texts, Facebook messages from three or four of these people that are incredibly curious, shout-outs over Facebook saying, “Boy, you actually have a conservative guy who’s willing to stand up to the old republic and Lindsey Graham and John McCain and do something that we all believe in.” And I think they’re starting to see that they believe in some of the same things I do —

RUSH: Wait. Your liberal buddies had that to say?

CALLER: They did. Well, they think they’re liberal, but I don’t think they ever take the time to really investigate —

RUSH: Okay. I get it.


RUSH: But these are your libertarian gay guys and they don’t like McCain and that bunch and that’s who they associate with the Republican Party, so Rand Paul and the young guys show up and they have a change of heart? Is that what you heard?

CALLER: Yeah, and they have a new curiosity for what the Tea Party represents and, you know, they want to see Occupy Unmasked with me, which I’ve been trying to have them watch for ages.

RUSH: Well, now, see, Andrew, this is great. I thank you. This is, in a way, what I was talking about when I was telling callers this week, it’s going to take an event, that we’re beyond words now. Fifty years of words to people. It’s gonna take an event where there are illustrations of what we’ve been talking about, and last night was such an event. Again now, I don’t know how long its effects will be, how long its legs are, but it can’t be denied that it happened.

A brief time-out. Don’t go away focusing. Thanks again, Andrew.

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