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RUSH: This is Jennie in Hamilton, Montana. Jennie, one of my all-time top ten favorite female names. How are you?

CALLER: I’m good, but I’m sorry my name is Jeanine, which isn’t on your top ten.

RUSH: Jeanine?


RUSH: Jeanine, is that your name?

CALLER: That’s my name.

RUSH: Jeanine, sad, it’s not in the top ten. Well, it may, you never know.

CALLER: But here’s some good news. I called you years ago and described myself as moderate. Between you and Obama, I now describe myself as severely conservative.

RUSH: What changed?

CALLER: Oh, what hasn’t changed? I have some observations about Obama’s dinner show last night.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I think that you’d have to be so stupid to think that Obama has any intention of trying to build bridges or come to an agreement with these old guard guys. He was just using them as pawns to get past the sequester bad publicity and back on demagoguing them for being unwilling no matter how hard he tries to come to an agreement. And then to make it worse, McCain and Graham go on TV and go from being pawns to becoming useful idiots by eating their young on national TV. Talk about dumb as an ashtray.

RUSH: I think you’re exactly right. I think that Obama’s using these guys to create this optic of bipartisanship.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: And then these guys come back and I think Graham has said further, he’s commented further, he said, “Look, this paranoia that these libertarians have and some of these extreme leftists, is just absurd.” So he’s basically saying that Rand Paul is a libertarian and some of these left-wing extremists who think that we’re gonna start killing Americans with drones is literally absurd. It doesn’t deserve a half a minute of discussion. It’s absurd to accuse the president of it, and he resents it.

CALLER: And I resent him.

RUSH: Because you think he doesn’t get it.

CALLER: Oh, he clearly does not get it.

RUSH: Well, you were once a moderate and —

CALLER: I was once a liberal.

RUSH: And you were proud of it. I remember when you called you were proud of it. You were proud the way you positioned yourself between me and Obama and so forth.

CALLER: Yes. Let me tell you one other private story. When they tried to get you after Sandra Fluke, a local jeweler came out in support of you. I had broken my hand and had to really maul my wedding ring off. I had delayed getting it fixed ’cause it cost quite a bit. The day he came out and stood up for you, this local jeweler, I went and got my wedding ring fixed. So now when I look at my ring, I think of you and my husband.

RUSH: Well, God bless. God bless you. That is a wonderful, heartwarming story. Jeanine, now in the top ten all-time favorite female names. How can it not be, folks?

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