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RUSH: Obama went out and addressed the people at his campaign organization. It used to be called Organizing for America. The same bunch of people, the same leaders. They just changed the name. Organizing for Action. And it is nothing more than the continuation of the Obama campaign. He actually tells the people gathered at this meeting that he really doesn’t like this permanent campaign, at some point he’s gonna start governing. One more bit of evidence of the Limbaugh Theorem.

Let’s grab the sound bites. I had ’em put aside. It’s number one, two, and three. Here’s sound bite one. This is last night in Washington at the Organizing for Action dinner. Here’s President Obama.

OBAMA: This idea has been viewed with puzzle — some — both suspicion and — and people have been puzzled about what it is that we’re trying to do because the usual idea is, well, this must just be a mechanism to try to win the next election in 2014. And what we’ve tried to explain to people is is that, no, I actually just want to govern, at least for a couple of years. But I also want to make sure that the voices of ordinary people are heard in the debates that are gonna be taking place.

RUSH: What the hell ever that means. He admits here, “I actually just want to govern, at least for a couple years.” He has not started governing yet. He’s got this Organizing for Action thing, which is a continuation of the campaign, the perpetual campaign. Now, according to the Limbaugh Theorem, the purpose of the ongoing campaign is to position Obama outside Washington, to position him outside the arena where events are taking place. He’s outside and still fighting it all. He’s outside, still trying to fix it all. He’s outside. The people inside are the ones causing the problems: unemployment, plummeting home values, health care problem, whatever the problems are. They’re all happening because of the insiders, people that are in government every day. He’s outside still. He hasn’t governed. It’s a perception trick.

Of course he’s governing. Don’t misunderstand. I’m talking about the perception that he’s creating with the perpetual campaign, the perception among low-information voters. They think that Obama is still fighting these powerful forces that are doing great harm to the country. And he’s come up with idea after idea. He had the stimulus to try to fix the roads and bridges, and he promised that he’d do a health care plan that would lower everybody’s premiums, and he said that whatever program he did would never add a dime to the deficit, and people believed that. None of that happens, but it’s not tied to him, because he’s not seen as in charge of it. It’s the magic, the beauty of constantly running against something, in this case, the Republicans, or the bad news, or the sorry events that are taking place in the country.

The key for Obama and the low-information voters that vote Democrat is to make sure that he’s not seen as having any relationship to these events. This is where you and I for four years were pulling our hair out trying to figure out how in the world, with all of this bad news, with all this unemployment, the stagnant or plummeting economy, no increase in salary, no increase in disposable wages, none of this, no economic improvement at all, why does this guy continue to be popular and get reelected? And it’s because nobody associates him with the bad things happening in the country. And that’s why he will never come to an agreement with Republicans on, say, the fiscal cliff or the debt ceiling or the sequester.

There won’t be an agreement, because that puts his name on it, and that then connotes some measure of responsibility. A further proof of this is when the sequester finally went into effect, Obama then told everybody that was listening: Whatever bad economic news happened in the next month — the next two months, three months, six months — is because of this, because of this sequester.

They think he tried to stop it.

They think he tried to prevent it.

Well, this is what he wanted! They think that he was trying to save everybody from the upcoming pain, when in fact he was inflicting it. But it’s starting to backfire. I think that’s what this polling data means. It’s starting to backfire, and it’s the simple stuff that’s causing it to backfire, like the White House tours. That’s something simple. When people discover that, it’s easy to understand. Obama has been caught now. He’s out saying one thing. He’s out saying he’s got no control over it.

“The Secret Service, why, they make all these decisions, not me!” That’s further evidence, by the way, of the Limbaugh Theorem. Even when it comes to the White House, where he lives, he’s got no control over who gets in there! He’s got no control over when they get in there. That’s all up to the Secret Service, and the Secret Service said, “We’re shutting down the tours”? The Secret Service has people, retired people now, going on TV saying, “We can’t do that! Who does he think he is? The Secret Service can’t order the White House shut down!”

Jay Carney, the White House spokesman yesterday or the day before, said as much. So the wheels may be starting to come off. Maybe. But this polling data from Gallup here: “More Americans cite dissatisfaction with government as the biggest problem facing the country than at any other time since the months leading up to the Watergate scandal, a new poll finds.” The danger in that is that they are still gonna associate the Republicans with “government.” The media makes it plain that all these problems are caused by Bush.

Obama agrees, blames the predecessor. The current House Republicans, they’re to blame. When, in fact, Obama has escaped it (i.e., Limbaugh Theorem.) But now I think it’s starting to turn. He may have Organizing for Action and he may continue this perpetual campaign. By the way, he was not even being honest with his own people here. The whole purpose of Organizing for Action is to win the House in 2014. Obama is the lead campaign dog, and as a perpetual campaigner, what are you doing?

You’re running against the status quo.

Well, if you’re running against the status quo, you can’t be running against yourself. This is the perception of the low-information voter. They think Obama’s still fighting for ’em. They think Obama’s still fighting all these oppressive, powerful, secretive forces that continue. “They’re so deeply embedded since the founding of this country, these intrinsic, deeply rooted problems. Poor Obama! He thought he could fix it in four years, but he’s running into more trouble than anybody knew!”

But I still think that it’s starting to turn. I don’t think he’s gonna be able to get away with it, especially now, folks, since we’ve lifted the lid on the strategy. We have lifted the lid with the explanation of the Limbaugh Theorem. People are now — everybody is now — ascribing the Limbaugh Theorem to what Obama’s doing. They’re just not calling it that. But whenever you hear media people refer to Obama’s never-ending/perpetual campaign, they’re simply citing the Limbaugh Theorem.

They’re explaining how it is that Obama continues to get away with being unattached to anything bad that happens.

More theorem proof: At the Organizing for Action dinner last night, Obama blamed himself a little bit for allowing the energy of the 2008 campaign to dissipate. He said, “We were playing an inside game,” which is a mistake. You can’t be seen as being on the inside to pull this off. It’s what he told the people in that Telemundo interview. If you remember, he said to them, “I learned that you can’t get anything done in Washington from the inside.” We all smirked. We all said, “What the hell kind…? What do you mean, you can’t get anything done the inside?”

Now I understand it.

He means you can only get something done if you’re perceived to be on the outside fighting all this stuff.


RUSH: So I checked the e-mail during the break. “Rush, what do you mean when you say Obama isn’t governing?” They reference the sound bite where Obama said, “I do want to govern for a couple of years.” I’ll tell you what that means. I’m gonna tell you exactly what that means. Obama is gonna stay in this outside campaign mode until he hopefully wins — the Democrats win — the House in 2014. The two years after that is when he says he’s gonna govern.

Now, what he means by “govern” is probably not what you think it means. When Obama says (impression), “I do, yeah! I want to govern,” he wants to rule. He can’t really rule until he gets total control of the legislative branch, and he’s not gonna have that until and unless the Democrats win the House in 2014. The fact that he denied that that’s what the objective is, is all I need to know that’s what it is. He’s talking to his own people!

He’s talking to Organizing for Action people and he’s saying (impression), “Well, saying out there is that all this is an effort to win in 2014. Hell, I don’t know! I wanna govern sometime.” He does. The last two years. He wants to win the House in 2014 — and then, in 2015 and 2016, rule. Those two years would be the first two years of his eight years in office where he would be actually governing. Now, I realize that this may sound odd because a lot of people say, “What do you mean, Rush? He’s in the White House now.

“He’s president. Of course he’s governing.”

Well, yes, but let me put this a different way.

Try this, because I really, really want to be understood on this. There are voters who still think that Democrats look at polls and focus groups to see what voters want. But that’s not what Democrats are looking at polls and focus groups to find out or to learn. I’m convinced Obama, for example, uses polls and focus groups to find out what voters can be made to believe — and this is an important distinction. It is a fundamental distinction to understand if you’re gonna understand the Limbaugh Theorem.

It isn’t hard.

It’s about the notion that politics is perception and that the perception is the reality. So Obama not scanning polls to determine that people approve of the Second Amendment. He knows that, and he’s unhappy about that. He also knows that people oppose Obamacare. He doesn’t need a poll. There are already polls that show that. He knows that people do not agree with him on the Second Amendment, they don’t agree with him on Obamacare, and they don’t agree with him on opening the borders or anything else.

What he’s doing, therefore, is investing in how to appear to be in favor of those things while he does the exact opposite. That is the trick. That is the secret to Obama. Obama doesn’t care what you think. The Democrats don’t, either except — except — to the extent that they can find out what you can be made to believe. So they’ll take a poll that shows that you oppose Obamacare and that you approve of the Second Amendment.

What they will really do then is take a poll to see what they can say and how they can behave to appear to also be in favor of those things, and sell the exact opposite. For example, voters say that they believe in bipartisanship. Voters want there to be bipartisanship. So what does Obama do? He gives them images that suggest bipartisanship. He takes Republicans to lunch. He has a trip up to Capitol Hill where he meets with Republicans.

That’s all he does.

He creates the optic, creates the picture.

“You want bipartisanship? Here it is!” Voters want to trust their doctors. So Obama goes out and finds some people that he can put white lab coats on and surround himself with to make it look like doctors support him. All the while, he’s undermining them. Obama’s presidency is not determining what you want and then getting your support by being on the same side as you. Obama’s presidency is about finding out what you will believe.

His presidency is about testing and polling and focus-grouping people to find out how to convince them that he is doing what they want while he isn’t. It’s Alinsky 101. It’s right out of Rules for Radicals. So Obama tells his own Organizing for Action, “They say this is set up as a perpetual campaign to win the House in 2014. No. I want to govern, at least for a couple of years!” He jokes about it. He does. The two years he wants to govern are after 2014, because then he won’t be governing.

He’s not gonna have to reach compromise with anybody. There won’t be anybody to compromise with. There won’t be an opposition party that he has to worry about if he succeeds in winning the House. He can rule, and that’s what he wants. In those last two years, if all this comes to fruition? In those last two years, Katie, bar the door, folks. That’s where Obama fulfills all that wish list, the bucket list, the dream list that he’s had for years with his union buddies.

We’ve played the audio sound bites. So in the Obama administration, here’s the key to understanding this: Voters don’t get results. You doubt me? Are there any? Look at the polling data. People are unhappy with the direction the country. The government is the source of most dissatisfaction in the country today. Voters don’t get results; they get imagery. They get promises. They end up being misled.

Obama is paying for research to best sell deceit. He’s a smooth, fully prepped manipulator, and he’s going to be successful as long as reality can be attached to others — and, at the same time, he maintains his trustworthiness or his likability. That’s all he’s gotta do. It really isn’t that complicated. It’s just tough to believe. It’s tough to accept that we have a guy in the White House for the fifth year who is not governing.

Image-wise. The image. Of course he’s governing!

Don’t misunderstand. Of course he’s in charge! The image is, “He hadn’t had time to govern yet. There’s still too many problems he’s trying to fix. He’s still working for people! He’s still trying to get even with the titans of Wall Street, the evil banks, the evil corporatists at Big Oil.” He’s still — he’s still! — trying to get even for you! He’s still out there trying to make sure the rich pay their fair share, but he’s running up against all kinds of obstacles. The Republicans!

The perception is that Obama does not have the power that he has. That’s the key to it. The perception is he doesn’t have the power that he has and is using. If that ever falls apart on him, he’s gonna be in deep trouble, because this is pure optics. It is pure imagery. They are not taking polls and focus groups to find out what you want. They’re doing all of that to find out what you will believe. So he is being totally honest with his Organizing for Action buddies, while denying what’s obvious to everybody paying attention. He’s in constant campaign mode and is gonna stay there. Tells these people he’s not. But he wasn’t even telling them. He was telling the cameras.

The Organizing for America folks or Organizing for Action, they’re in on this. They’re part of the ruse. They know what’s going on. Obama knows cameras that will videotape things to be shown to low-information voters are in that room, and Obama is denying the perpetual campaign. And he’s saying he does want to govern. Why is he even mentioning that, by the way? Could it be because there’s somebody out there accusing him of not governing, as in me? Could it be there’s somebody out there accusing him of a perpetual campaign, called the Limbaugh Theorem?

Why does he even mention that he wants to govern? Why does he even mention it? Because now people are starting to pay attention to it. The bloom’s off the rose, the Messiah’s gone. People are now beginning to ask questions they should have asked all during the 2008 campaign and all during the first four years. But if you want to understand this, you want bipartisanship, Obama takes Republicans to lunch. And that’s it. And, as an added bonus on the same night that he takes Republicans to dinner, Rand Paul does his filibuster, and what happens? Republicans rip into Rand Paul for interrupting the bipartisanship with the president. So he gets a twofer.

He doesn’t do anything but go to dinner and eat things Michelle will not let him eat, so he does have that bonus. He makes it look like he’s engaging in bipartisanship. The low-information voters who desperately want all that think now it’s happening, and then McCain helps it by getting upset at his own party for interrupting all the good vibes at dinner. So it isn’t about testing what you want. It isn’t about providing policy or governance that you want. It’s about him being able to continue to radicalize this country while polling aspects of what you will believe when you see it or when you hear it

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