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RUSH: Dr. Benjamin Carson has taken the world by storm. Dr. Benjamin Carson from Johns Hopkins University took CPAC by storm. He was on Hannity last night. Anytime he speaks, he just dominates. Everybody loves Dr. Carson, and the reason they love Dr. Carson is he is able to articulate and explain conservatism in a way that is persuasive without raising his voice at all. He sounds like your dad talking to you — or not your dad, your best buddy talking to you at the table, or in a bar, or whatever the most-nonthreatening place you can be is.

You know, people throw out the idea of him running for office, and he’s not discouraging that. He said, “Well, you know, I am gonna retire in 130 days, two hours, five minutes, and four seconds. So who knows?” I think Dr. Benjamin Carson has probably got everybody in the Democrat Party scared to death. It’s gonna be really hard to demonize this guy — really, really hard — partially because of his race, but not just because he’s African-American.

It’s because you can call this guy all kinds of demonic names; he just doesn’t fit the bill. You can say he’s all these horrible things; then you hear him, see him, and listen to him, and it doesn’t click. He saves children. He saves children with his hands. He saves their little brains. He saves lit-tle children! He’s a ped-i-a-tric neu-ro-sur-geon. He saves the children, and he probably doesn’t exude the signs of overt wealth. There’s not a character in the TV series The Bible that looks like him.

By the way, this is funny. Don’t tell me that this outreach to the low-information clowns isn’t working. Grab sound bite number ten. Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Fallon, NBC last night. It goes by pretty fast, but here it is. It’s audio sound bites number ten.

FALLON: The guy who plays Satan on The Bible looks like President Obama. Even Rush Limbaugh was outraged. He was like, “How can you do that to Satan?”

AUDIENCE: (laughter)

FALLON: You know he thought about it. You know he thought about it.

RUSH: “How can you do that to Satan?” (laughing) See, we can laugh at ourselves here. Jimmy Fallon. So, anyway, Dr. Carson said something interesting. He was on with Hannity again last night, and he said, “If ever the mainstream media reaches a point where they recognize that, if we destroy this nation’s economy, they too will be destroyed, I think at that point they’re gonna start asking the tough questions and helping to move the population in the right direction.”

Dr. Carson did something fascinating in his CPAC speech. He said, “I’m gonna put myself in the Oval Office for a second here, and let’s pretend. What would I do if I wanted to destroy this nation?” (interruption) Well, I’ve said it. But, see, he’s insulated. He’s come outta nowhere, for one thing. I mean, in terms of the mainstream. He’s always been doing what he’s doing, and he’s always had an audience for what he’s doing.

He’s shown up at the prayer breakfasts, for example. People know who he is. But he broke out this year at the prayer breakfast because he took it right to Obama, although nobody even thought that’s what he was doing (which is my point). He basically, in a figurative sense here, just slapped Obama upside the head at the National Prayer Breakfast, but nobody saw it that way. All he said was, “On health care, you know what I would do?” and he offers a prescription that’s the exact opposite of what Obama is doing.

Nobody took it as an insult to Obama. Everybody took it solely within the universe of Ben Carson. So he did the same thing at CPAC. “Let’s pretend I’m in the White House. If I wanted to destroy this nation, what would I do?” and he proceeded to list everything Obama has done. His point was, as not very many others have said, that this nation is being purposely destroyed. Now, I’ve said it. I said it on Fox News Sunday. I’ve said it any number of places. I’ll be honest with you about this: I have not gotten any reaction to that at all.

Now, Snerdley, you back me up on this. Chris Wallace came down here and I did a Fox News Sunday interview. I went through the economic policy, I went through all the stuff, and I said to him, “Chris, I think it’s being done on purpose.” He responded, “Aw, Rush, Rush. ” I said, “No, I mean it.” He said, “Are you for real?” I said, “I really do. I think it’s being done on purpose.” That hasn’t been criticized. I mean, for all the things I get criticized for saying and for the way I say it, nobody’s touched that one.

I would think that would be made to order to characterize me as some wacko nutcase fruitcake that’s not worthy of being listened to. “Ha-ha! This guy thinks Obama is doing this on purpose!” Now, they criticize me for a bunch of other things, don’t misunderstand, but that one hasn’t been touched — and Carson hasn’t, either. When Ben Carson did his CPAC routine and essentially illustrated… Not accused. This is a key point: He illustrated how Obama is destroying the country.

Nobody said to him, “How dare you accuse a sitting president of trying to destroy the country!” Nobody has said that, and I found it fascinating. He’s done it here again in this little clip, this little statement he made with Hannity last night talking about the media. If ever the mainstream media reaches a point where they recognize that if we destroy this nation and destroy the economy, they, too, will be destroyed… So, once again, he’s making no bones about what he thinks is happening.

It’s not by quirk of fate that this stuff is happening; it is by design. He clearly believes that Obama’s policies are designed to destroy the country as founded. There’s always gonna be a country, don’t misunderstand, but destroy it as founded. Nobody’s calling him on that. Nobody’s saying, “That’s really, really below your dignity. That’s beneath your dignity, doctor, to accuse a sitting president of destroying the country.” Nobody’s saying that. I find it fascinating.

But what about the other point he’s making here? That the mainstream media will come around once they realize, too, that Obama is doing what he’s doing? ‘Cause what he’s saying here is, right now the media doesn’t get it. Right now it’s his opinion. The media really doesn’t see yet what’s going on. They don’t see the economy being destroyed right in front of their eyes. And when they do, that’s when they are going to change because that’s when they realize they will be destroyed, economically as individuals. They’ll start asking the tough questions and helping to move the population in the right direction. That’s what he predicted last night.

Now, Snerdley,’s in there shaking his head, “No, it’s never gonna happen.” I’ve mentioned this to a lot of other people, “Nah, never gonna happen. The media is never going to turn on Obama, no matter what.” I myself attach myself to that theory. I don’t think they’re gonna turn. I think some sort of event is gonna happen that’ll make the country turn. It’s not gonna be the media that turns the country. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I don’t mean a hurricane kind of event. I’m not talking about a natural disaster. I’m talking about a political event inconceivable right now. But something like the Cyprus business. If Obama were to ever just, “You know what, I’m taking 10% of your bank account.” Something like that, folks.


RUSH: Okay. I was gonna conclude with the Ben Carson thing and his belief the media will eventually see the light once they realize that they are being destroyed, too, economically. That they will do a 180 and start asking tough questions and help move the population of the country in the right direction. Most everybody I know disagrees with that. They think the media’s in the tank for Obama forever, for a host of reasons, and it’s logical to think that. The mainstream media is already going down the tubes, and they don’t seem to mind. They’re losing advertising dollars. They’re losing subscribers in their dead tree edition, the newspapers. They can’t figure out how to monetize the Internet, so they’re giving away the product there, for the most part.

Other than banner ads they don’t know how to make any money from it. They’re losing viewers on the Nightly News. The New York Times is way, way down. So this economic disaster is in place for the mainstream media. But most reporters are not management and as such they don’t care. Most reporters and editors resent management and think they ought to be exempt from bottom-line concerns anyway because it’s a badge of honor. The news business, the news division should lose money. As a matter of course it should lose money so we can show that we’re not motivated by evil corporatist profit. We only care about the objectivity of our presentation and all that rotgut.

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