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RUSH: Over on PBS on their Sunday morning Inside Washington show, they had Washington Post columnist Colbert King, known to his friends in the DC establishment as Colby. They were having a discussion about the Republican Party. Nina Totenberg said, “When you look actually at what the Republican Party analysis of itself was –” this Reince Priebus thing, “– the fear was that the electorate is a different electorate. And it isnÂ’t just much more of a minority electorate. It is an electorate that wants some serious social and economic safety net that is different from what they are hearing from Republicans today.” And this is what Colbert King had to say.

KING: The guru of the Republican Party, the face of conservatism is Rush Limbaugh. We all agree to that. He puts down those results by saying Obama won with a low-information voters, low-information voters. What’s he mean by that? They’re sort of stupid. They don’t understand the issues.

RUSH: No, that’s not… nobody in the media, I don’t know what is so hard about getting me right. I’m on 15 hours a day. You don’t need a password to listen to this program. It’s free over the air. You can even listen to parts of this program at RushLimbaugh.com. You do not have to be a subscriber. You can access the text of this program at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s free. It’s everywhere. What is so hard to understand about what I say?

I have never said that low-information voters are stupid. I just said they don’t know what they think they know. They are prisoners to the media, which has dumbed them down. Low-information voters can be doctors. Low-information voters can be scientists. They can be among all walks of life. It has nothing to do with IQ. It has to do with what they don’t know because of their media sources. Low-information voters are clearly people that don’t have all the information available to make a voting choice. That’s all they are. And they’re all over the place. And most of them do vote Democrat.

Most of them did vote for Obama. It’s not a comment on their intelligence. It’s not that they’re stupid or don’t understand the issues. They just haven’t had it all explained to them. What Mr. King just did here is prove himself to be a low-information columnist. He probably a low-information voter himself. He probably closes off half of his mind to conservatism or anything else that he doesn’t agree with. Just amazing.


RUSH: By the way, Colbert King of Washington Post, I just want to remind you that the term “low-information voter,” I’m pretty sure that we coined it. I’m pretty sure that we made up that name, but we’re not the only ones to use it. Richard Stengel, the TIME Magazine editor, was explaining why Obama was named Person of the Year. Mr. King, do you remember what Mr. Stengel said? He went on TV and he also had a press release.

They named Obama the Person of the Year because no-information voters loved the guy, and it’s no-information people — low-information voters — who he said are transforming America. It’s remarkable! TIME Magazine said it. Obama is the guy that ended up being able to tap that block. He’s the first politician to get votes from people who don’t care about anything and who aren’t paying attention, and that was worth honoring the president as Person of the Year.

TIME Magazine, Mr. King.

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