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RUSH: I’m gonna make a prediction to you. You’re gonna think this is really wrong and totally erroneous and late and everything else. But it wasn’t that long ago — and don’t doubt me on this — it wasn’t that long ago where, in the case of the mainstream media, they really did not want the anchors and reporters to become news.

They really didn’t want them to ever become part of the story or to be the story. Today that’s out the window. They all love it now. It’s a major change. And my prediction to you is they’re gonna come to rue the day where they allowed that to happen. It’s just a gut instinct feel. I can’t predict something solid. I can’t tell you, “And here’s what’s gonna happen as a result of –” although they already are losing respect. I’ll tell you what it is. Illustration. I’ve always believed, because I’m a profound advocate of the Constitution. The Constitution granting a role to the media is very, very important and serious. None of this was a game to the founders. The founding of this country, the writing of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, none of it, the Revolutionary War, none of it was a game. It was dead serious.

They were about the creation and the maintenance, creating and maintaining forever a country governed by the Constitution. And I think when the lines blur and when the media becomes no different, when the media becomes part of the establishment, when the media is the story and when the management of media likes their journalist becoming part of the story, it actually creates a breakdown in credibility, moral authority, believability, and similar related things. It’s always bothered me, and I’m not proficient, I’m really not good at explaining this. I’ve tried explaining it any number of ways.

You remember, there was an incident in the World Series where Dusty Baker, his son or grandson was a ball boy, bat boy, ran out onto the field and nearly got killed, and he had no business being there. He was too young, and a player in the game had to forget what he was doing and scoop up the manager’s five-year-old, four-year-old son away from home plate to make sure the kid wasn’t killed in a play at the plate. And everybody, “Oh, this is so wonderful, look how cute.” And I said, “This is not wonderful. Kid shouldn’t have been there.” The baseball field is a stage, and you don’t let rank amateurs on the stage. There’s a reason people are in the audience and the performers are on the stage, and you don’t mix the two. The audience is always the audience.

And once those two things mingle and mix, then the arrangement’s blown to smithereens, and this is what’s happening in not just the media, but in almost every walk of life, where all these reality shows exist because so many average people just desire fame and fortune and define their whole happiness by having fame, which is a corrupting influence. I’m getting far away from the point that I really want to make with this. The bottom line here is that the media has become the story. In the old days, Cronkite becoming part of the story would have been a profound embarrassment and they would have done everything they could, CBS would have, to get him out of the story. There was a definite line of demarcation. The media was never the story.

Now the media is the story, and people from the media end up going to government. It’s a revolving door back and forth to the point now that there’s no distinction between the two. The media is no longer the media, particularly the Washington media. They’re just a branch of the Democrat Party in government. It’s had a corrupting influence, and it’s not good, and it’s created this low-information phenomenon. Because they’re advocates. And they’re advocates of a party and position that requires people not knowing very much but voting all the time, dumbing down kids in the education system so they really don’t know the roots and the history of this country. They don’t know how great a place that they inhabit. They don’t know what their citizenship responsibilities are to maintain this country. The subject isn’t even broached. In fact, that kind of thing is laughed at and made fun of. It’s kind of square to look at the country in that way.

It’s not good. It’s attacking all the traditions and institutions that have defined this country’s greatness, it’s blurring them and it’s subtracting what was special about things. Everything’s becoming average, nothing’s remarkable, nothing’s noteworthy, nothing that used to really be important and matter is, and now stuff that is inconsequential and is worth a laugh or two at best becomes life-alteringly important. And the real important stuff has been so watered down, so diluted and untaught that it has led to people investing in totally inconsequential things as substance, in their lives, in the country itself, country’s future.

It’s led to incredible phenomena you and I have to really stop and think to understand, such this phenomenon that 55 to 60% of the American people oppose everything Obama’s doing and reelect him because they don’t associate what he’s doing, his policies, with what’s happening in the country. How is that possible? How in the world is that possible? Well, the explanation is because he doesn’t own it. He’s constantly campaigning. He’s constantly running against all these problems. Yeah, I understand he’s created that impression, but how uninformed and detached do you have to be for that to work on you, is my point.

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